Pudding Monsters: City Tour

ZeptoLab, the fine folks behind the likes of Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters, announced today that Pudding Monsters: City Tour will be released Feb. 21 on Android and iOS. The gist is the same as the original -- you build Mega Monsters (out of pudding) to fight the angry Fridge Owner. This sequel adds 25 new levels set against the backdrop of skyscrapers and city streets. 

Look for a link tomorrow. The new game costs 99 cents. The app costs 99 cents, but the update is free.


Reader comments

Pudding Monsters: City Tour lands tomorrow


I am glad for you update at the end there. I would have not been happy if they were releasing this as a stand alone pay-us-again game.

The first release of pudding monsters was great, but lacking in length and levels.

Can't wait for the update to hit!