Come June 3, we're changing the smartphone conversation

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Mobile Nations is proud to present Talk Mobile 2013! Yes, the almighty #tm13 finally gets a name. And a few faces. And, more important, a voice. Several voices, in fact. Actually, millions of voices. Our voices. Your voices. We're going to do this together.

Talk Mobile has been a long time coming, and for good reason. Just watch the trailer above, and we'll reconvene in 57 seconds.

Born out of the old Smartphone Round Robin, in which we'd borrow each other's smartphones for a spell and write about our experiences, Talk Mobile expands on the principle that there's so much more beyond any one phone or tablet -- or beyond any one platform, for that matter. And so for the next several months, we're going to change the conversation a bit. (Don't worry, all your usual Android Central news and reviews will keep on coming alongside Talk Mobile.) You'll be hearing from Android Central. And from the folks at CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral. You'll be hearing from our peers, our colleagues and other industry experts. 

And, yes. We'll be hearing from you. Come next week -- June 3, actually -- when we roll out the first of the weekly discussions, you'll be as much a part of the conversation as we are. We've built a new commenting system for Talk Mobile that will span all of our sites and promote and recognize the best comments, so your voice will be heard not just on Android Central, but across the network.

So stay tuned. Next week, it begins. And we're kicking things off with a launch party in New York City, open to the public, on June 6. Be sure to swing by to sign up, as we're giving away one trip to the Big Apple to hang with us for the night. (If you've already signed up, you're good to go.) And be sure to follow @TalkMobile on Twitter. And we've got a fancy press release if that's your thing.

Let's get the conversation started.

Mobile Nations launches Talk Mobile 2013, presented by BlackBerry

An industry-first online event that brings together the top smartphone experts and fans in meaningful conversations about mobile technology and how it affects our lives

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- (Marketwire - May 29, 2013) -- Mobile Nations, the leading online mobile news and community network -- Android CentralCrackBerryiMore, and Windows Phone Central -- announced today that Talk Mobile, an online event spanning all of the Mobile Nations sites and presented by BlackBerry®, will launch on June 3, 2013.

Talk Mobile will bring together mobile industry experts, influencers, pundits, enthusiasts, and fans from around the world to engage in meaningful conversations about important topics in mobile today. A total of 50 Talk Mobile features will be published over the next several months. Each day's feature will simultaneously reach each Mobile Nations site, with Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone communities each having an equal voice in the conversation.

“We have the largest, most knowledgeable, most passionate communities in mobile, but for most of the year we’re all focused on our own, specific platforms,” said Kevin Michaluk, Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations. “Talk Mobile lets us take off those platform-specific hats and engage in real, in-depth, industry-wide discussion. That’s why only Mobile Nations could do an event like Talk Mobile -- our sites are all biased by definition, but when we come together, the biases balance out, and we end up with the most amazing debates.”

Covering ten highly relevant topics, Talk Mobile will address the issues facing modern platform makers and manufacturers, carriers and service providers, developers and designers, and power users and casual users alike. Topics range from mobile gaming to photography to social to security.

“Over the last decade, smartphones have grown from niche technology to mainstream reality,” said Marcus Adolfsson, CEO of Mobile Nations. “We see that in our communities every day. It’s not just about tech specs anymore, but about health, family, entertainment, creativity, and connectivity. There’s a deeper conversation to be had about mobile and how it influences, enables, and affects our lives. That’s why we’re launching Talk Mobile.”

Each Talk Mobile feature will start with a roundtable discussion moderated by Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides of GeekBeat.TV, with Mobile Nations’ site editors Phil Nickinson, Kevin Michaluk, Rene Ritchie, and Daniel Rubino as panelists. The conversation will then be turned over to the community, where anyone and everyone can have their say, and the very best contributions will be featured.
Talk Mobile 2013 begins on June, 3, 2013. The first week will cover mobile gaming, its threat to consoles, its social implications, its ability to scale, and its future. Readers can join in the conversation by visiting their favorite Mobile Nations site.

Talk Mobile launch party

To celebrate the kickoff, Mobile Nations will be hosting a Talk Mobile 2013 launch party on Thursday, June 6, 2013, in New York City. Admission will be free, but venue space is limited. For more information and to RSVP, visit

Mobile Nations is also running a contest, in which readers can enter for the chance to win a free trip to New York City and guaranteed admission to the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party. For contest information, see and follow

About Mobile Nations

Mobile Nations is the leading network of mobile-focused online communities with more than 15 million readers and 55 million page views per month. Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central form the core of Mobile Nations.

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Press Contact:
Derek Kessler, Managing Editor, Talk Mobile


Reader comments

Presenting Talk Mobile 2013!


someone might have left something on youtube they shouldn't have I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Cant wait for the first topic this sounds like loads and loads of fun !

Cool beans. I'm a fan of all technology and it's easy to get compartmentalized into groups based on the tech you current own. Will be interesting to see topics with multiple perspectives.

Will this involve cross-platform commentary/interaction with the non-Editor folks or is it restricted to the main site editors?

Good question - and yes! A major part of Talk Mobile is a brand new commenting system where we'll be better able to highlight great commentary from our members

I'm really looking forward to this.
Being the geek that I am, I appreciate all the mobile platforms, although, currently Android is my mobile OS of choice. I love learning about all the other platforms as well.

Not interested.

A. Sponsored by BlackBerry? You have to admit, that throws humongous red flags. Even if it doesn't affect journalistic integrity, it could very easily impact which "industry experts" come to talk.
B. There's been several conferences and talks about these sorts of subjects, I don't understand what makes this special.
C. I'd argue that the most important people to talk to are also the ones that aren't going to really reveal any useful information. Jonny Ive, Matias Duarte, I mean, even if you get interviews with these guys, you're not going to get anything except PR-filtered brand pushing. Yet they're the ones with the knowledge.
D. The fact that none of the "industry experts" were even announced makes me question the importance of this at all.

I appreciate Mobile Nations working as a group for once, but I just don't see this as being a worthwhile venture at all, with many poor decisions being made.

A. Except the sponsorship didn't affect the editorial side at all that I noticed. And I was there.

B. It's us. That's what makes it special.

C-D. Um, OK. But I'd wait and watch before assuming anything. :)

What you should have asked is how a member of Mobiles nation would allows in open threads about stealing paid apps to be side loaded.

Patience, my friend.
A. See Phil's comment above.
B. Again, patience. I'm sure we'll realize the answer to this question as more details come out.
C. Jonny Ive and Matias Duarte in a room talking about designing software? Yes, please. Say it's true, Mobile Nations!
D. Once more, have patience. Names will be named, but all in good time.

Just a voice from another similar perspective: this is exactly what I was thinking, too. Or perhaps this is BB recognizing their irrelevance and trying to get their feet into the last doorway that they can before being condemned to obsolescence: "Hey! I wanna hang out with the cool kids too!"

Matthew - Phil already said it, but I wanted to chime in as well. John P and I moderated the discussions, and I can assure you the conversations weren't affected by the sponsorship, and they brought in a variety of experts, not just BB ones. Putting on events like this takes money... heck, all business ventures do! But Kevin from Crackberry pointed out in comments on his site that BlackBerry came into this knowing that everything that would be posted would be editorial and not swayed by $$.

One other thing to think about. I know that seeing some BIG event or series being sponsored can be a little jarring, but the implementations, from what I've seen are quite laid back. And every article you read on this site is also being supported with ads. There's just no way to run a business like they do, and like we do over at GeekBeat.TV, without it. But none of the content you read on a daily basis is affected by those sponsorships.

Hope that helps explain it! :)

This was actually what I was hoping for when we were asked to guess about it earlier. Smart move. Too many clever people associated with Mobile Nations to spend all their time stuck covering just one platform.

i thought you guys were launching your own product line. the youtube ad with the weird music in the background screamed apple or google product launch lol

Good luck with the new venture.

One question, were you all held at gunpoint while making this video? I can only imagine that is why you all look so stiff. Either that or Cali Lewis is much more menacing than her on camera persona.

Congrats to everyone on the Mobile Nations teams as Talk Mobile '13 revs up for launch next week.

I'm excited to see how this will all work from a members standpoint and look forward to participating in as much discussion as possible.

Congrats again!

Sweet, it's about time this went live. Too bad admission looks all reserved for now or I'd find a way to get to New York for the 6th. There's gotta be a need for a forum mod there, right? :P lol

Really though, this is great news for Android Central and the rest of the Mobile Nations network. Gonna be fun.

I guess I day thinking the same as some of the other comments. I thought you guys were going to do something really cool. Like turn android central into everything Google. Or imore into everything apple. - this is.... Well Idk. I'll save judgement I guess. This is why the verge always leads. Hope this is worth while.

This is gonna be a cool deal. I hope you fi d a way to make Jerry a part of it. And I wonder how grumpy Phil will be on a such a big stage? Lol.

This project sounds wonderful, but I'm most interested in what they plan to do with the comments.

Even in spaces where most folks agree on a brand, it gets severely childish after just a little while.

A comment system where multiple fans of different brands are going to be together? Well, I'd watch the movie "Idiocracy" to see what that's going to be like. The first 5 minutes should be enough...

Good luck - I'm hoping this space works!

we're aware of this issue too and are putting tools in place to lift up the best commentary and to help curate the conversations. 

Congrats - it's about time you did something more often than your too infrequent Mobile Nation's podcasts - they were always enjoyable. And I subscribe and listen to your mobile nation compatriots - iMore, WPCentral, Crackberry, and still miss the WebOS (had a short but actually useful dalliance with a Palm Pixi on VZW - still have them). Looking forward to it.

Oh man! I think this is a fantastic idea. Handled properly and given the right spirit it should be very cool to talk about mobility in general opposed to trashing another platform to make "mine" look better as so often happens on enthusiast sites.

May I suggest one of the early topics be.....Discuss your favorite feature from a platform you don't use.

Add me to those who are disappointed that any smartphone manufacturer was allowed to sponsor this event and I would say that about Samsung, Nokia, Apple or any other.

I am certain that detached from these proceedings you would understand the skepticism of "trust me, the sponsorship had no affect on the editorial content", when it could and should have been avoided all together. I guess Phil, you have now fully recovered from your journalism affliction.

I was really looking forward to this as I have been a member of CrackBerry since 2007 and loved the round robins and was hoping for their return. I am no longer.

I'm in NYC on the Upper East Side. Is the event already sold out? Will it be filled with BB fans only?

Well what do you think is involved when you are discussing topics of being mobile with electronics these days. You are talking about gadgets. So Talk Mobile makes sense to me.

I am a major tech geek dating back to my first smartphone Samsung I760 running Windows Mobile 5. I still have to say my favorite windows phone of that time.