Ditch the cables and charge wirelessly

Android Central @ CES

John and Rene talk to Fady Mishriki from PowerbyProxi about better ways to charge your mobile devices. Utilizing intelligent wireless charging pads PowerbyProxi is able to charge your devices just as fast as your wired charger, but allow you to move into the world of wireless charging.

PowerbyProxi hopes you will ditch your charging cables in favor of their wireless technology. Be sure to check out what Fady has to say to John and Rene in the 12 minute demo above.


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PowerbyProxi talks better ways to charge your devices #CESlive


How about a description of how it works instead of being lazy and just posting a video. Some of us would like the info and can't watch the video.

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Wonder how much wasted power being emitted from the device when something is charging or not charging. I wonder if the electro magnetic frequencies are high, which makes people sick sometimes. Wonder if it emits any type of radiation.

Makes no difference in charging. Both are 5 volt, 500 mA standards. USB 3.0 improves data speed, not power.

Besides speed, there is also a 80% bump in power. USB 2.0 = 500 mA, USB 3.0 = 900 mA.

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Wish that big mouth dope John V or what ever his name is would just shut the fuck up. He is so irritating. Always interrupting whoever they are interviewing. He thinks he's funny, he's not just irritating as hell. I wish Rene would just take over, John V or B or D what ever his name is, he's not needed. Get rid of that ass. Just my Opinion.

Yes, John hijacks the answers and nobody can get a word in. Rene is trying to ask some timely questions but cannot, and the guy they're interviewing can't finish a sentence.

Please tell me this uses the Qi standard. The last thing the world needs is another wireless charging standard jockeying for dominance.

If you were listening, he stated that there are three (3) wireless charging standards, and they were using the Qi wireless standard.

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I wish people would write, instead of talk. I could read the same content in about a minute, instead of having to waste time watching the entire video.

We're going to become a nation of illiterates.

Any known ill health effects from wireless charging? Any reason why we shouldn't simply implement it into an office desk perhaps?