The folks at Popcap were at E3 2014 giving us a sneak peek at the next update for Plants Vs Zombies 2. They demoed it on iPad, but rest assured that the update is coming to Android as well. The Dark Ages Part 1 promises to include ten new levels, new zombies, and new plants. The mushrooms you know and love from the original game are back, offering a unique way to gather sunshine points at nighttime. Now the free mushroom attackers will wither away over time, but you also have a new plant which will make a zombie drop additional sunshine as it shambles towards your stalwart front line.

The plant food power-up mechanic introduced in PvZ 2 also applies to the new plants; when fed, the biggest of the mushrooms will unload a volley of spore attacks and push enemies far back to where they started. The hypnosis mushroom is making a comeback as a premium plant which can turn enemies against their former undead brethren.

Speaking of walkers, these zombies are all getting a medieval overhaul. One new special zombie in particular has donned full plate armor, making it one of the toughest zombies in the game to date. Seeing as this update is titled "part 1", I'm eager to see how else the medieval theme spreads through Plants Vs Zombies 2. Expect the update to arrive on June 26th. How many of you guys are still playing the game? Any thoughts on seeing the familiar mushrooms again?


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Popcap shows off new Dark Ages content for Plants vs. Zombies 2 at E3 2014


I play it every day, the pinata party levels are a good challenge... can't wait for new content.

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Yes, love the pinata parties! Keeps things fresh and interesting. So happy they are still doing them daily instead of just in May like they originally said.

It's still a daily play for me. Always try to beat my personal bests in the unlimited modes (highest is Level 78 in Egypt). Excited to see the new world!

Yes, but I play on a Moto X which doesn't have a beast processor. Thought that might be the reason why.

wanna love them, the trick is to have @ least 2 rows of the lightning reeds. Not only these will destroy them all instantly, it will destroy the hoard of zombies. Little secret, this is how I've managed to pass the majority of the levels.

Can't wait for the new levels. I still play every day and have only bought one plant (Jalapeno when it was 99 cents). Best game on mobile IMO.

I won't play this again. The Pinata parties are near impossible with the plants they give you, I'm assuming this is so you'll pay for coins or watch advertisements to buy power ups. Not to mention there's a decent number of plants you have to buy to access. I'd gladly have paid $10-$20 for the game without in app purchases. I've personally lost almost all interest in mobile gaming due to poor onscreen control schemes or IAPs with a few exceptions.

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@ 1st, I didn't like the new update for PvZ 2 but after a couple of plays and understanding when to use power plant food with the right flowers, this has become my favorite game. I have been able to obtain plentiful coins just by playing the piñata party. There has been times where I thought I'd have to use all my coins to beat the harder zombies but I just had to wait and allow the plants to do what they need to do. The bonus rounds are a way to go cause if the zombies eat you, simply start over. I'd prefer to play the bonus 1st and when I have collected enough prizes and coins, that's when I play each level that's not the bonus rounds and the piñata parties. By far the best game I've ever played on my phone, and it's the only game that I haven't removed and won't.