Evo 4G and Epic 4G

Sprint has the first 4G smartphones on the market, and they're a couple of Android heavyweights. And it doesn't come as a surprise that a number of you are likely to jump from the HTC Evo 4G to the Samsung Epic 4G (or are considering it). Are you making the leap from 4.3 inches of Evo to 4-inches of keyboarded Epic? Let's hear it, folks.


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Poll: Did you ditch the Evo for the Epic?


I switched not just for everything else, but because I had a hard time using it with one hand. Reaching across the screen with my finger, my palm would touch the screen. The Evo is still a great phone. I will always miss the kick stand. Although the Epic is a better phone for myself.

I don't have either and I was planning on getting the EVO but now I'm thinking I'll get the Epic for a few reasons: Swype, physical keyboard, Samsung's gaming Center, and SAMOLED. Both awesome phones but the Epic is the winner in my eyes.

You can still get Swype on the Evo ...
And in terms of the screen; looks good but there is a sort of "screening" effect ... you will notice when you see it in person. In terms of watching movies, they look GREAT on the Evo as it is. In terms of gaming, if that is your thing, the Epic with CPU/GPU/Keyboard might suit your better it's not a deal breaker for most. There are people like me that don't play games on their phone ... simply because there are no decent games. Let us not kid ourselves.

The Evo is better than the Epic in every regard. And if you want the Epic for swype that pretty much makes the keyboard a moot point sans gaming. Unless you don't game. Swype is great because it relieves the need for physical keys. Not that stock touchscreen keyboards don't work .... I can still type out faster messages on stock keyboard than my friend can on his G1 keyboard. So if your interested in swype over physical keys ... why buy a phone with a physical keyboard? Unless, as said, for games. But that's a pretty weak excuse. SAMOLED is a lot of hype and I think a lot of people that have had hands on time with both will tell you that.

Winner in your eyes, but a loser in the majority of our eyes.

The Epic is a captivate with physical keys ... doesn't change the fact it is a Samsung Galaxy device. BUT, to be fair, one has to assume Samsung will provide better support for the galaxy s phones as they are now Samsung's staple devices.

Both solid phones, but the Evo easily has it beat.

I have had both phones. I had the Evo for 4 weeks. Most people commenting passionately have little to no experience with the other phone that they are comparing against. I do miss the extra 0.3" screen on the EVO and I did like sense UI just a little bit better...Other than that I am very happy I switched to the Epic. Although the screen on the EVO is nice, the one on the Epic is teriffic. The Epic is snappier in general and it isn't even a close comparison regarding the graphics performance. The Epic is much smoother in general and has no problem running anything you throw at it with a high frame rate.

Being a new phone there are some bugs that I would like to see addressed but in general Samsung did a very good job on the Epic.

I own an EVO and my two best friends just jumped on the Android train from Palm Pres to the Epic. Having spent a bunch of time setting up their phones and everything I feel I should clear up a couple things.

The camera on the Samsung is better than the EVO's, at least in low light, by far. Daytime the difference is not so vast, but in low light the pictures come out amazing and colorful like you would expect from Samsung. +1 Samsung.

As far as battery life goes, the Epic's battery drains just as quickly if not a tad faster as the EVO's from the time I spent with it, though the Epic's battery was not FULLY broken in. So battery drain should be about the same at the end of the day.

People! The Samsung screen has way better colors than the evo by far, but the resolution doesn't look as good! Do a side by side, I'm being completely serious. In all honesty, the pixels are a LOT more noticeable on the Samsung. I suspect this is because the actual pixels are smaller than the EVO's but the space between them is much much larger. I'm used to my EVO screen and it was the FIRST thing I noticed when I looked at the Samsung. Still an amazing screen regardless, but I'm spoiled by the EVO screen. Do the comparison yourself and see.

Not bashing, I LOVE both phones. Just pointing out a few things that haven't been noticed or brought up yet.

Yuuup, wouldn't trade it for the Epic. It had a nice keyboard but its basically the captivate with physical keyboard. Keyboards are out, and the galaxy phones aren't that sweet.

Comparing the evo to the epic is like comparing apples to slightly different apples. To almost anyone who's not "in to" phones, these are the exact same phone, except one has a keyboard and one doesn't. And yet people are divided, like it matters. In the end they are all high powered android phones, the differences are cosmetic and processors essentially.

Chances are whatever you own, you will like and find reasons to like more.

Ever since my iPhone 2G I have never went back to a physical keyboard. Don't want nor need it. Very happy with my EVO, Sense, Sprint, and Froyo.

Is there an economical way to switch? I haven't even considered it, because I just got my EVO a few months ago, and figured I was locked into to it because of the subsidy. (or are the AndroidCentral readers just very wealthy :) ?)

But I really like the EVO, and the only thing that would get me to switch would be a significantly better battery life on the Epic.

I think Ebay is the best choice - you can recoup much of the money for a purchase of a new phone, simply because the EVO is so new, in-demand, and can be purchased on Ebay without a new contract.

I also have both in my house, and perfer the EVO hands down.but of they were to put HTC sense on it, it would be more enticing.

On a side note I don't like how camera tests are done, they take pictures then show them on the phone that took them, of course it would look better on the epic, it has an amazing screen (the only thing I perfer on the epic), but if you take the pictures and e-mail them and do a comparison on an equal playing field the EVO does take better pics.

My wife had the Samsung Moment before she jumped to the EVO, and we dont like hard keyboard and the slider, I also had the Palm Pre so I have 3 EVO's and totally love them, my entire family is EVO crazy.

I bought my wife the epic n I've been playing with it a lot and let me tell u is a nice phone but ill never switch, imo the EVO still has it beat n the screen part I put my brightness to high n it looks lovely plus I have an extra battery n xtra charger and keeps my EVO going all day

I switched. Just not from the evo. I switched carriers from t mobile and left my almost new mytouch slide behind for the epic.

I switched for a day. Had to try it out but ultimately went back to the EVO. Spoiled by the big screen and thiness compared to the bulkier Epic.

I think the vote tally so far says it all. 70% who have the EVO wouldn't give it up even if they could, and it's the same reason that HTC can enjoy triple digit growth: Since the EVO's release, the iPhone 4, droid x, droid 2, G2 and 3 (soon 4) different galaxy S phones have come out. Even though each may have a superlative advantage over the others (even over the EVO) the EVO is the best total phone there is. It's the real deal, and it's STILL the one to beat. In the mobile world and with the selection that's come up the past 2-3 months, that's worth it's weight in gold. EVO for life.

I had the evo since the first day it came out it is a great phone wanted to see what the epic was about so I paid full price for it I love the screen and the keyboard but I think its a tie I would use both phones I love them both lol I cannot choose one

I switched, but not for the keyboard but the screen and the processor power of the epic, is a lot smoother on opening apps and switching from screen to screen, web browsing looks to be better on the epic, but i wish it didn't have the keyboard not a keyboard person.

my friend has the evo. He likes it. I like my epic. so much easier to txt with keyboard.

but HERE IS THE THING..on samsung.com it says the evo and epic have 512mb, so i tried seeing on the epic..found it in a round about way. Figed out that i could find the RAM SUPER FAST by just holding down the home key, then task manger, then summary AND IT SAID 325mb! not 512! I looked on my friends evo..COULD NOT FIND OUT HOW SEE HOW MUCH RAM IT HAD..looked for an 1hr going through all the setting,apps, features..nothing..

HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN SEEN!?! i am not yelling. haha but wtf..sprint just lied to us.

If I could use a bluetooth keyboard with the EVO there would be no reason to switch. Sometimes I miss having a keyboard for applications such as an SSH terminal.

The epic looks like a great phone and I have always loved a physical keyboard, however, the keyboards I like were not sliders. I had the palm pre and I liked the keyboard and hated the slide because I couldn't protect the phone like I wanted to. I love the EVO because there are no moving parts and cases fit very well.

Same here, I would take either in an instant. I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 with a cracked screen, sand and dust under the screen, a back plate and four corners that are scratched and beat up, and the mirror looking part at the top of the back plate that says BlackBerry is almost completely worn off to the point that it's black. My phone is beat to shit and the battery sucks for a Blackberry, and here we have people wanting both or saying they have 3 Evos. Seriously??? I have been trying to get an Evo 4G ever since it was released and just tried getting the Epic. I'm sick and tired of this. I'm a huge phone enthusiest and I love new technology, too bad I'm only a senior in high school and am not making $100,000 a year to buy the phone flat out


Buy protection on your phone (insurance) and then get your phone replaced. It runs $7 a month with Sprint, and sometimes they do not charge you the $50 for the deductible. Even if you can't get an upgrade (which sometimes you can if a model has been discontinued) at least you have a working phone in good condition.

I have a Droid X, but have played with both the Evo and the Epic. I personally feel that the Evo is just a better made phone as a whole, the Epics screen is very nice but the Evo just feels more solid and sturdy. Plus sense is a lot beter than touhwiz imo.

I binned touchwaz within 30 mins of getting the SGS and swapped it for ADW Launcher. That or Launcher Pro are miles ahead of the stock launcher, so Touchwhiz really isn't a reason to discount the Galaxy S devices. It takes all of five minutes to download and instal an alternative.

I switched from the EVO to Epic but I also had an iPhone 4 between the two. I made the sad mistake of leaving Sprint but I am back now. I love the Epic and its screen, the battery life and the keyboard. Even tho I am on my third Epic and this one finally works properly I was tempted to grab the EVO on my second swap. But nonetheless I am happy.

I will be upgrading from the Hero in less than a month. I am going with the Evo. The slide out keyboard is not my thing. I have played with both, and although the Epic has a faster processor, I'll still be going with the Evo. I love HTC!

For me horizontal keyboard is a waste of space. I came from Blackberry and swype has converted me from needing a keyboard anymore. But if I where going to purchase a Android phone with a keyboard it would be for one like the Charm. Although I feel the keyboard is nice the screen is still a wee bit small. The charm is close but just not quite there yet. No the EVO wins hands down.

Went with the Epic instead of the Evo. Love how the Epic plays Avi files and recordes in 5.1. I also like the camera software on the Epic better than the Evos. I do miss having Sense a little bit though I've gotten use to Touchwiz. Hands down I like the option of either using a keyboard or the touchscreen and the processing power of the Epic is well EPIC lol

They are both great phones tho.

I was gonna roll with the EVO at first, but i'm gonna give the Epic a shot. I wont totally give up my EVO yet. I might keep both and just switch up every now and then. I have another line eligible for upgrade. Not to mention, I was able to get it from Best Buy( $100 instant rebate by the way), and I was also able to get it for $199,the EVO pricing for anyone that has been unable to get an EVO, being that it is still sold out many places. So, Im going to use that upgrade to get the Epic and then activate it on the EVO line. I'm gonna give the EVO a little break while I try the Epic out, I have thirty days after all..I do love my EVO, but I have to know..if I don't, I already know it will bug me, that what if feeling.... I think most people are staying with their EVO's because most just signed up(or re-upped)for two years with Sprint, no upgrade for at least 12 mos....I hav a sneakin suspicion that if peeps were eligible for upgrade, that Super AMOLED would be lookin pretty tempting right about now...the fact that there is even this debate is good for all...really can't lose either way in my opinion.....

Rooted Evo used it for 2 days and the battery was still at 40%. Root your Evo and it's more epic then the epic.

Was basically on a 2 day drinking binge, phone was on for 50+ hours with minimal use (calls / texts no browsing or anything just regular phone use) and I probably could have set the phone down the third day and still made it through.
Yeah, I know, it's minimal use but the way some people talk you wouldn't think the Evo could make it through 12 hours with NO use at all. I am rooted, am running CM6 (Stock kernel) so 26 or whatever hours it was with 3.5 -4 hours of screen on time was amazing. I love my Evo. My next phone better be the most bad ass phone EVAR.

How come side-by-side pictures of the two always show the Evo with the carbon fiber background, and the Epic with that desert scene shot? Duh, no wonder the Epic screen looks more vibrant in pictures! Not to say that it isn't, but the different backgrounds are vastly different and hardly showcase the Evo's screen. Anyway, both phones take the iphone to school, but it's still the Evo for me.

If you look at the pic, there is glare across the entire Evo screen and a diagonal stripe of the same glare across the top right of the Epic. It is the different angles they are sitting.

It is unfortunate that the picture keeps being reused when it isn't "fair". Oh well.

I noticed the pictures as well. Sprint did this same thing in their video touting the Epic as the "better" phone. Why they would bash one of their own phones to sell another is beyond me. If Epic had come out before the Evo I probably would have gotten it. I did miss having a physical keyboard after my blackberry...but I'm digging the Evo. More excited to see the next generation once this flux of similar technology dies down.

I've owned the Epic for about 3 days now and I must say that it's an impressive phone. I gave the wife my EVO and although I miss the larger screen, the overall fastness and better screen quality of the Epic make it a good choice for me. I also like the option of having swype and a real keyboard. I've installed launcher pro plus and beautiful widgets and this phone is a beast. Overall I'd give it a slight edge over the EVO.

Anyone who thinks the evo is a better phone is a complete moron. better screen, better processor, and better camera (i know ignorant people are going to argue the 8mp is better but its not). Only thing evo has is hdmi but the epic one upped it with wireless dlna.

To each his own, but the Epic is too chunky, more expensive, and it feels cheap. Its keyboard slider makes the one on my original Pre feel like a precision work of art. But hey, if that toots the horn of "geniuses" like yourself, knock yourself out. And I won't even get into a couple of the other things you brought up, because speaking of ignorant....

They're both very nice phones, and anyone who thinks it's a clear slam dunk for either one is...a complete moron.

The screen is just brighter, it's that simple. Colors look over saturated, you have a screen door effect on it at times as well. And that blue push? You notice these things more at certain times than others, and yeah, it does LOOK alright but when you notice these little things they become an eyesore.

The Evo was, is, and forever will be the better phone. Samsung will no doubt show more support for their Galaxy S phones and they are their flagship devices now, but that still doesn't mean much until they prove it. Not to mention TouchWiz is almost as bad as that moto-what-the-F-ever and isn't nearly as good as Sense. That said, Cm6 user here but not because I hate Sense, I just don't need it.

Keyboards are a thing of the past BUT the Epic does sport a good one. I'd give the Epic more points for the keyboard than the screen. And the majority of people would agree with that statement.

Oh, and yes, I love Sprint great coverage here so all in all I am happy to see two SOLID devices for each.

And lets not mention Dev support, but the Evo is really shining there. Time will tell with the Epic, but until then; we have a proven and a yet to be proven.

first off, the keyboard is the best physical keyboard I've ever used, but second (and more important), the screen size of the evo is nice sometimes, but I don't want a tablet in my pocket all the time. Some of my pants give me a hard time with larger objects (i.e. my psp) and the evo just got stuck and was heavy and just unpleasantly sized. I think by taking away the .3 inches the epic was made as a perfectly sized phone. Size matters. And 4 inches is the perfect medium. Thanks samsung for finally getting something right! Now enable the headphone tv out already!

I am a devout Evo-lutionist, and while my wife loves most of the Evo's features she would complain about the size of the screen and how she preferred a physical keyboard. The Epic basically gives my wife a smaller Evo whose screen isn't compromised in landscape mode.

I've played with the Epic and to me it wasn't the best feeling phone.
Felt kinda plastic and cheap. The Evo feels solid to me. I didn't think the Epic was faster but I guess the screen was nice. I'll be sticking with my HTC EVO.

That's HTC for you!
Just imagine if the Epic was an HTC device with Sense ... man, that keyboard would be even BETTER. They really do make the best keyboards. But the Epic one is nice too.

I got the Evo on the first day of release. And the sprint rep kept telling me ways to save the battery life. Which felt funny thats the only thing she was talking about. Anyway I kept it for 29 days and returned it so I could get the Epic 4g. Yes its a little thicker. And I dont absolutely need a keyboard. But its shorter and less wide than the Evo. Better screen, better camera, Better processor and much better gpu. Also the great codec support. Avi, Divx, MKV, Wmv, Mp4 whatever you need. And smoothly, the evo you waste time converting files and it cant play hd. Getting better battery life on my Epic as well

Saw a battery test and the Evo scored just under average with the Samsung Galaxy devices scoring lower than the Evo.

Originally the battery qualms on the Evo were warranted, but not anymore. And, yes, naturally; using the hell out of your device will drain the battery.

If my friend left me his Epic to play with in the afternoon I could kill the battery just as fast as with the Evo.

Funny- in the photo, it is the exact same height (because there is more wasted bezel space on the Epic), so how can it be "shorter" than the Evo?

If the MKV playback ability is true I'll sooooooooooooooooooo not need to get a new mobile phone for some time when I get it.

After giving my lady my EVO and using my Epic for a few days, I have to say there are things that I like about both of them. For the Epic, keyboard is a plus, as well as the noticable bump in performance. Also the screen is amazing as we already know. What I like more about the EVO is actually the HTC layout for the OS. There are little things that bug me about the Epic. For example, not being able to switch to the next track without unlocking the phone. I could do that from the lock screen on my EVO. In the end, BOTH are awesome phones that can be appreciated in there own way after a bit a use. For me, I will be keeping the Epic and letting my lady enjoy the Evo.

Sorry but going to have to do MUCH better than the Epic in order to get me to give up my Evo.

  • AMOLED....looks nice but is overrated IMO
  • Hardware keyboard...to each his own, I personally have no need for one
  • Touchwiz....prefer Sense
  • The epic hardware is less than confidence inspiring, that slide is wimpy when compared to other. Luckily I got a good quality evo from the get go, but my friends week old epic already has a wobbly screen. Not to mention I have more faith in htc to keep up with software and os updates.

    Im a trader lol
    I have to admit that the Eclair/2.1 powered Epic is faster, smoother and plays games alot better then the Froyo/2.2 powered EVO and I think that has alot to do with the EVO's Sence UI, and the Super Amoled screen is amazing to look, the colors are brilliant.

    As far as the EVO i miss the custom roms and the kickstand

    They are both great phones on the best network

    Evo and droid x 'nuff said. Sammy has a winning product. But not to out do the evo or the x! I just don't see it. I own the evo and the x. Ill wait for sammy's tablet, maybe.
    Others have mentioned. If u are into serious gaming, well android has no 'seriou$' gaming yet but okay, i can see the appeal. But overall the evo is simply elegant all the way around, and snappy with froyo! The x is urs perfect mate i can't wait for it to get froyo it is, well a beast, it's a power machine. I don't fault anyone for going with the galaxy s.that's like taking a play off caliber team, just not the overall champs. And i have swype on my evo and x(out of the box on x)
    So, there wil be phones coming out in Q2 & Q2 next year that are real winners that i will leave x and evo for. Not yet though.

    I wasn't impressed enough to ditch my Evo for the Epic. The Epic is cool but I'm liking the Evo the most.

    LMBO at everyone "proving" how their phone is better than the next person's! Whether you chose the EVO or the EPIC, you chose a bad a$$ phone! I have an EPIC, but to all the EVO owners, damn that's a great phone. It took me 2 hours of playing with both phones in the store to decide. I actually had more time with the EVO because 2 of my coworkers have them and would let me play with theirs. Congrats to all that have either phone! :-)

    The option that isn't on there is: I waited after the Evo came out so I could have an epic. (as in there was no switching. As in we saw the epic coming and said screw the evo, it's just a place holder for something better.)

    but ... wait ... that isn't true! lol jk

    anyone who knows anything is still waiting for Evo stock in stores.
    sprint stores are selling out of their Evo re-supplies while Epics sit in the back. people are still waiting for the Evo.

    no one in their right mind saw an Epic announcment and said "OMG F the Evo I'm waiting for the Epic." Well, maybe a couple.

    Everything is a place holder for something better ... and none of the galaxy s phones touch the Evo. so instantly the galaxy s phones don't even provide a "place holder" until something better.

    like I said in my last comment, not a whole lot of people want a giant phone. Sorry godzillaphone, I'd rather have something more reasonable.

    LOL! Godzilla phone! You do realize that the Epic is both TALLER and THICKER than the EVO, right? Only its width is less than the EVO... by one mere millimeter.

    I'm an SGS rather than an Epic user. However, I'd be interested to know how many of those proclaiming the Evo as the winner regularly use their phones outdoors? Purely from a 'usability in everyday conditions' perspective, the Epic has to win, doesn't it? Comments about over saturation and banding aside, the simple fact remains that one of these devices is usable in sunlight and the other isn't. Don't get me wrong, the imported Evo I played with was a beautiful piece of kit, but despite a crappy UI and lacking a pointer control, this diference was the main reason I chose an SGS over the HTC Desire.

    Actually, I use my EVO outside every day and with the brightness at 100%, it is actually perfectly legible and almost equal to Super AMOLED screens. I know this as fact because I bought my mom a Captivate and spent ample time setting it up and showing her how to use it. The EVO's screen really is amazing considering it's not an AMOLED.

    As for this article, I have to say I'm perfectly content with my EVO. I played with the Captivate and it was DEFINITELY captivating. I enjoyed it a lot and the screen is gorgeous in the dark. Unfortunately, TouchWiz isn't that great and although I can hide it with launcherPro, there are just a lot of things that come with Sense that I would miss. Samsung's widgets also suck compared to HTC's. I was trying to set up a simple calendar widget for my mom on one of her homescreens and THERE WAS NONE.

    All that said, the Galaxy S devices ARE very nice. The Captivate definitely impressed me more than I thought it would. But after playing with an Epic in store, the build quality seemed cheap compared to the EVO, I don't much care for physical keyboards after using a 4.3inch screen with swype, TouchWiz lacks too many things that I would miss from Sense, the camera isn't as great in my experience, no kickstand (yes, I actually use the kickstand quite often for web browsing and movie watching). I don't really NEED a bunch of extra processing power since my EVO is still speedy and I don't game. The EVO's screen is excellent in sunlight (though admittedly not as crisp). There just aren't enough enticing features to convince me to drop my EVO for an Epic, though I'm sure it will still please many people. To anyone who switched to an Epic, more power to them, but I'm perfectly content with my EVO. At least until the EVO2 or Galaxy... T? comes along.

    I switched because my biggest complaint about the EVO was its speed. I love games. Every time I hear about a new game I just have to try it out. The EVO was pretty choppy on some 3D games compared to my iPod Touch... and I really missed that smoothness. With the Epic, every game is butter.

    I also love the screen and the keyboard is very handy. I still like the EVO and I didn't get rid of it. But I find myself using my Epic a LOT more than I used my EVO. I don't know how I would get by without my spare battery\charger because I drain my Epic so fast with the constant use.

    well its a good thing games don't mean shit. Its a phone, games are garbage on phones. No ifs ands or buts. guess its a good thing the epic nails the game thing...since it is not important.

    games are one of the reasons I bought the palm pre, and was sorely disappointed with the moment and hero. Games on android generally suck, but with the epic games have been like butter and I've even reinstated some of my favorite 3d phone games, like glyder 2.

    In a world where gaming is one of the biggest money-making industries, it only makes sense that gamers (milllllions of gamers) would want to continue to play awesome games when they go out and away from their ps3's and xbox 360's.

    It's a good thing your reply doesn't mean shit. Some people like games on the phone. I run into all sorts of situations where I would love to be able to pull out my phone and play a game to pass the time.

    Who are you to decide what is or isn't important for me?

    I don't need the physical keyboard, but the Epic is just snapier and faster to me,and it's not even running 2.2 yet. Can you imagine how this beast is gonna fly once it has Froyo on it. I'm keeping my Epic.

    Indeed. The snapdragon was already outdated before the EVO was released. The reason games on android aren't nearly as good as they are for the iPhone is because we keep getting phones with subpar hardware. Until the Droid X\Galaxy S phones were released, android didn't have a faster phone than the iPhone 3G\iPod Touch 2G.

    I think this poll is being misinterpreted by some. It's not asking whether you HAVE the epic or evo. It's asking whether you have switched/would switch from the Evo to Epic.

    And if 30% of people *with* Evos have either switched already, are planning on switching, or are very tempted to switch, that is an ENORMOUS percentage... especially considering that many with Evos have had them for over 30 days.

    The EVO vs EPIC arguments are really annoying. Why do people feel the need to defend the EVO so much? It starts fights similar to Android vs iPhone. We should all be happy we have such awesome android phones. Choose the one that's best for you. That's what makes android so great.

    iPhone users are probably reading through the comments here and laughing at us.

    Amen. Awesomely said. I agree. The most current post is mine at the bottom of the page and I add somewhat to what you're saying here, neoenigma. :)

    For the same reason people feel the need to defend the Epic so much. Or the iPhone. Or the Droid X. Or the Droid 2. Or the Droid Incredible. Or the Blackberry Whatever. They want to justify their purchase. And can you really blame the EVO vs. Epic arguments on the commenters, considering that this article was pure flamebait from the get-go?

    Personally, I have no reason to justify my purchase of the EVO. It's an amazing device that does everything I need it to do, when I need it to do it and exactly how I want it done. I don't believe in loyalty to one brand/device. I'll go to whomever can provide the best experience for me. At the moment that is HTC and the EVO, after playing around with both the Captivate AND Epic extensively. Likewise, I don't think most people here feel any hostility or the NEED to justify/defend their purchase. Just answering the question in the poll and providing reasons why they're keeping the EVO and don't want the Epic.

    At the end of the day, it's about whatever works best for you. For many people, the EVO is just the better device for them. It doesn't make the Epic a bad phone. In fact, Galaxy S phones are great. I enjoyed the Captivate, but when placed next to an EVO in comparison, it doesn't cut it for me. That's all, really. *shrug*

    Poll: Did you ditch the Evo for the Epic?

    No. But I ditched Sprint for Captivate

    and I have NO REGRETS because I don't want a keyboard
    and I dont use 3g hardly at all.. much less 4g

    and I LOVE the Captivate
    and ATT works fine for me in Seattle area

    And how many that switched realized they made a mistake and returned it or are on their 2nd or 3rd Epic like 2 I know personally. I was playing with the Epic for hours today. A. little "prettier" screen? I have a portable game system for games when im in mood, downloaded an awesome kb for the evo, dont want physical one. Hate touchwiz. I could go on. I admit I considered switching. A few hours with epic and then I was getting my great invisi shield redone for my evo then added the largest gb card it takes and a badazz new case. I ordered the beast 3500 batt for road trips/camping and the snap on case for it and will use it at times. Those who love hummingbird? 1.5 and 2ghz are around the corner. Epic felt so cheap and 50 doll more? Great screen though: ) Evo by 1000!

    Not tempted in the least. And I'll be able to upgrade 3 months earlier than all these Epic suckers.

    SCAM ONLY 340MB OF RAM Sorry but your wrong about the 512mb of ram.Samsung is running a scam and people need to start posting all over the web about it.
    The phone only comes with 340mb of available ram.I know because I own 2(mine and my fiances).They decided to use the other 172mb for a ram disk it seems.Devs are trying to figure out why.I didnt realize this until I got home and used an app that shows available ram.
    There is a few apps you can use to test this.I first noticed it
    when using Memory Booster Lite.Please post this information where ever you can they should not be able to get away with this.

    I'd think that they did that to optimize performance. My Pre has 128 MB or so of RAM and for most things it operates just fine. Interesting find though. This won't deter me from getting this device though. I've legit fallen in love with it and will be getting it when I can afford it.

    Can you please paste proof of this?

    How are you checking?

    From a console? Using the 'free' linux command? did you try 'mount' to see if its a 'tmpfs' ramdisk?

    I'd be *very* interested, to know exactly what brought you to this conclusion.

    Personally, Ive still got an aging G1 on T-Mobile; They claim it has 192 megs of ram; they don't tell you that a good 80 megs of that or so is reserved for the second-core inside the MSM7201 chipset--the software radio. Linux only can access at most 103 megs of ram without digging into some of the video framebuffer.

    Here is the proof you asked for.


    They really aren't a hundred percent sure why Samsung did this. They think it might have been an attempt to fix the lag that the other galaxy s devices are experiencing.From what I
    can tell they are not sure if they are using it as ram disk or not.I think its downright shady to sell the epic as a phone with 340mb of ram when its supposed to come with 512mb of ram.
    You can check a phone in a sprint store with the previous app mentioned and many others from the marketplace if you dont believe.If the phone needed more ram to remove the lag then they should have recalled the phones and changed the necessary hardware.

    And to Shiggitay wether or not it was done for performance reasons they shouldn't be selling it as a phone with 512mb.That lack of 172mb affects performance as well.This should be a major factor in deciding which phone to get.It leaves a lack of options for tweeking the phone for performance because there is no extra memory to use as ram.You wont be able to add a mod like devs designed for the other galaxy s phones by taking available memory and using it as ram.

    Most people don't seem to care about the lack of 340 MB of RAM. I used it at one of my local Sprint retail stores and it ran smooth as anything, despite your claim you make here. Also, countless reviews on Sprint's Epic 4G page say that it runs really well, and the only bad thing they say about it is the battery life, which actually is said to be not too bad, compared to say, the Evo 4G or the stock battery in the Palm Pre.

    Yes, it's not right to market it as having 512 MB of RAM, but for what it is it performs excellently, and that's all that matters. Don't worry so much about something that doesn't matter so much.

    I want the Epic I think. Ordered one from amazon on launch day but it hasn't shipped yet. I reactivated my Palm Pre and put my EVO up for sale on Ebay. By the time the EVO sells and/or I get the Epic in hand I might say screw em both and keep the Pre.

    If you're coming from a Pre like I am, I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the Epic. It has the physical keyboard, like the Pre, and a slew and bevy of other features that make the Pre a child's toy in comparison. :)

    I have a Palm Pre at the moment and I'm due for an upgrade (mind you I love my Pre, but it lacks the support that Android devices have had since they came out). I really like both the Epic and the Evo, but the deciding factor for me is that the Epic can play so many video files without the need to transcode from one format to another. I'm an avid Japanese anime fan, and I have a lot of anime files in the MKV format. It's nice to know that I'll be able to (once I buy an Epic 4G in the coming weeks/months) watch my episodes on the go without being late to work, late to a bus etc waiting for Handbrake or a similar transcoder program to convert the MKV to an MP4 or similar format that most smartphones can play back.

    The keyboard and Super AMOLED display are amazing. I spent at least 2 hrs playing with the Epic 4G, and a clerk said "You'd better like that phone!" to which I responded "I love it!". I think he was trying to get at I was sort of hogging it, not allowing other customers to play with it. XD

    I had some hands-on time with the Evo 4G as well, but it was annoying because of the way the Sprint store has it on display: they have a zip-tie thing across the front of the device, making it annoying to scroll around, as well as unlock the screen. The Epic 4G, on the other hand, is free of such annoyances, and it was a pleasure to use.

    I was pleased with the Epic 4G's performance. It was snappier than my Palm Pre with a custom kernel with its CPU overclocked to 1 GHz. The WiMax network speeds blew me away. I'm super happy that the 4G network is finally available in the Boston metro area where I live. It's going to be a joy using it while on the bus, though I wonder if I'll get at least 3G on my Epic 4G when on the subways... That has yet to be known. Anyone here in the Boston area that travels on the T, and has an Epic 4G done what I'm thinking of?

    Also, I agree with those that say that "Evo is better than Epic" arguments are silly. They are both great devices. Get the one that appeals to you more, and the one that suits your needs better. I've gotten really used to physical keyboards starting with my Pre, so it's a natural progression for me to go to the Epic 4G, among other reasons partially touched upon above.

    I'm still laughing at jordanetodd for calling the evo a godzilla phone. The epic is longer, and thicker. The epic has a lot of wasted space, almost as much as the iphone. Jordanetodd, please know what you are talking about before bashing.

    EVO - 4.8 x 2.6 x .5 - 6 oz.
    EPIC - 4.91 x 2.54 x .56 - 5.5 oz.

    Isn't it funny that the EVO's screen is .3 bigger, but the EPIC is .1 longer in size. Just sayin.

    I had both. I loved the Evo for all it got right, but its 3d performance was bad. So I actually switched back to the palm pre.

    Using the epic is like holding a rocket. The sheer speed of it is unrivaled. On wifi the browser is as fast as a netbook. Its really a phone with so few compromises (battery- charge it daily, gps- wonky right now), that you can't help but be impressed.

    The form factor of the evo is ideal to me, but try the epic out for a day and you'll see what its got under the hood is amazing.

    The Evo is a powerful phone and has a great dev community. But I could never love the red accenting on the phone.

    The Epic's screen is just the right size and the Evo's screen doesn't even come close to S.amoled.

    I was so sick of touchscreen keyboard after my Nexus One. I use Swype one handed, but to be able to text/aim, send emails and tweet at full speed I need a hard keyboard.

    Hardware buttons are a lifesaver for gaming and emulators, not to mention the HARDWARE CAMERA BUTTON which so few phones have these days.

    My friend has the EVO and loves it dearly and they are equally amazing phones! :)

    i upgraded to the evo 2 weeks ago, got the epic on launch day, returned the epic 2 days later and got my white evo back from best buy lol i really REALLY hated giving up the nice screen and AMAZING photo and video quality of the epic BUT i missed htc sense, froyo, and just a massive screen and better build quality. but SERIOUSLY the epic has an EPIC camera compared to the evo = (

    I jumped to android from blackberry last week and had hard time choosing between these two phones. Went with Evo and happy I did.

    some people believe this is the problem with Android,,,too many choices...and to those with that opinion, I say hogwash. It's no one's fault but your own that you can't make a decision and then live with it...Personally, I love it. I'm happy with what I have, whatever it is, and if something comes out that I think is better, then I will get it or not....Hopefully, its around the time I'm eligible for upgrade....

    Having many choices is good for the industry and the consumers alike. No one is tied to one device, like with the iPhone. The iPhone hasn't changed enough for me to go back to AT&T when my Sprint contract ends next September. I got bored of it. Android devices are releasing to me what seems like monthly or bi-monthly, and the iPhone releases one a year if that. Now, with the recent release of the Samsung Captivate on AT&T such has improved a little bit. But that doesn't change the fact that the iPhone is a top seller both at Apple stores and AT&T stores. I'm not saying that the iPhone is a bad device. I'm saying that being that I had the 1st gen (2007 model) and between then and now nothing has changed much, I've gotten bored of it and I'm ready to go from webOS (which is what I started my Sprint fanboyism with) to Android with either the Evo or the Epic.

    The Epic screen is way too saturated for me. I compared both side by side. I actually like the Evo screen better. Just saying...

    Even though it's only a 0.3" difference between the screens of the Evo 4G and Epic 4G, I feel that the Epic 4G has the perfect form factor for a mobile phone/device. The Evo 4G is a great device and all, but it's way too big for my hands. The Epic 4G is just that much smaller and it fits in my hands perfectly fine.

    I still have some time to decide which phone I want, since I don't have the money for either at the moment. Right now I'm leaning more towards the Epic because of the physical keyboard and its first party CPU. I'm not saying that the Qualcomm CPU is bad, but I think it's great that Samsung not only makes the phone device itself, but also the CPU. It's really compatible and reliable like that. For some reason when I used my friend's Evo it seemed a little laggy, though maybe that was because of all the apps and crap he had loaded on it, but who knows. A lot of benchmarks have also said that Samsung's Hummingbird CPU is faster than the Snapdragon if even by a little bit. That little bit is enough for me to go Epic at this point in time.

    I prefer the calendar appearance on the Epic over the EVO. The Day, Week, Month buttons across the top as well as the hours of the day down the left side. Does anyone know if you can get type of calendar on the EVO as either an additional program or an upgrade of some sort. I am new to Android so your help is appreciated.

    Yes, but remember that even if it has 512 MB physical RAM some of it is going to be used by the OS, and the remaining amount is free to run apps and widgets and so on. That's how it works for all modern computerized devices. 172 MB is more than enough to run apps and widgets and so on. Stop your whining. :P

    You really dont know much do you?Check an evo or pretty much any other phone and run a program like memory booster and you will see it state the total available system ram.On the evo which I have had 2 and other devices that claim 512mb of ram,the total available ram will be upwards around 500.On the epic its only 340.

    And I think the devs over at xda no a little more about it than you do.This link is all about the issue.found it after I noticed It on my phone


    That link you provided talks about alleviating the lag on the Vibrant/Captivate and I assume Fascinate. The Epic 4G doesn't suffer such lag. If you have any of those three devices then that lag fix is for you. The Epic 4G, as stated in that thread, doesn't suffer such.

    Like I said, you're making a big deal over nothing. I've used a floor model Epic 4G, and it performed more than well enough. 340 MB of RAM is more than enough to run your stuff. You should read what people write. If that sounded offensive and obnoxious, I'm sorry. I don't mean it to sound like that at all. I know how devices work, and I was applying that knowledge to Android devices.

    Evo has objectively and measurably better GPS and 3G performance than Epic.

    I like the Epic but Samsung released this phone with two major problems.

    Anyone who has both can objectively test the 3G speeds, the Epics are always, always worse.

    How does it have better gps?
    examples please. I have used my EPIC for nav so much,not one problem. Sometimes it gives me a wrong street in the starting process but after <4sec it finds where its at it smooth sailing. If Evo does not have that small small hick up..then hats off for the evo,but that does cause the evo to be better..insignificant.

    I'm sticking with my Intercept...it does everything I need in a phone & will save me about $500 this year!

    I switched from the Palm Pre. I do like having a physical keyboard because I text, email, and do quite a bit of word-processing. I also like to play games on my phone so the physical keyboard and gpu are what sold me but to be honest, I did a TON of homework. The two phones are remarkably similar and once the Epic gets the 2.2 update (or I root the thing) I don't think there will be much difference. The EVO has a higher quality camera (8 mpxl) but for some reason doesn't take quite as good quality pictures or video as the Epic (5 mpxl). I tried both and watched them (and other comparisons) on a computer monitor so I wasn't comparing the screen quality. The Epic also has better noise cancellation so if you're using your phone for video recording, you'll be happy. I feel like as of this moment, the EVO has the better OS so that's going to be a stand-out but Samsung and the folks at Sprint say the OS on the Epic is ready to roll out hopefully before the end of the year.
    Both are great phones and I'm satisfied with my purchase. I think with a couple of updates and a bit more support from Samsung (and I believe they will be on the ball with this one) the Epic will be "more bang for my buck" but overall, I think anyone who knows phones would be very happy with either. My biggest issue was leaving WebOS for Android...but I'm getting used to it.