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Google Currents is finally live, 10 days of 10-cent apps celebrate 10 billion downloads, and we throw a massive Samsung Galaxy Nexus Q&A. Listen in!

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Android Central Podcast Ep. 81: Google Currents, 10-cent apps and a Galaxy Nexus Q&A


At around minute 43 Ice Cream Sandwitch has a much better built in usage monitor that shows every app's usage, etc. It can even graph it and control it to the point of limiting certain apps to only so much bandwidth or capping overall usage. The Verizon stuff is just using system resources for no reason=JUNK!

At around 45 minutes. The lightflow app needs to read your email because it can actually use different colors for certain people in email, sms, etc. For example, if I get a voicemail, missed call, email, sms, tweet, etc. from my wife it uses bright red. For the rest of the world missed calls are green, all forms of messaging are various shades of magenta and lilac, appointments are blue, systems messages such as loss of signal, low battery, charging are various shades of yellow and orange. I realize there are a lot of settings, but after about 2 minutes of thought for a logical way to do it and about 15 minutes of actual setting, it is awesome. It fully supports my phone (Photon 4G) and is a really great app.

You guys ought to add me to your podcast since I am an old dude that has kept up on technology and can add a different perspective to your podcast.

I was a little taken aback by the lack of caring on sound notifications on the nexus - namely separating notifications from ring sounds. I forget who was trying to say it was important to be able to separate these things but hell yes it is. Alarm, Notification, and Ring all need to be separated. When I go to bed at night my phone is set to Alarm sound and Ring only. All notifications are cut off. I am always on call so I need my phone to ring but I sure as hell don't want to here dings from Gmail all night. I'm hoping I can separate these when I get my Nexus but this is a genuine problem that has me worried on this phone.

I asked the question here and on the forum. It is the one thing holding me back from picking up a Nexus. Hopefully someone finds a solution to this soon.