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We're back from Mobile World Congress! So let's talk more about Mobile World Congress! Specifically we'll get takes on the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, the HTC Vive virtual reality stuff, and tons more — from the guys back and home who weren't bogged down in the mix. This should be a fun perspective!

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Android Central 226: MWC Postmortem


I didn't see nor hear anything about the rumored Xperia Z4 or Z4-U. That could possibly be because of the SD810 chip processing delay (I think I heard about) or Sony moving more towards other non-smartphone departments. Either way, I'm still hoping to hear something by the summer. The Sony Z Ultra GPe came out shortly after the N5 release, so I wasn't able to jump on that train. However, if they have a Z4-U option later this year, I'll be a Day 1 buyer. Other than that, I wasn't thrilled about this years MWC. I guess I was too hype about it, and then noticed the plethora of VR sets around.... that and wearables.

Sony fired 1K last october in their mobile division and another 1K a month ago in the same mobile division. Sony seems to be getting out of the smart phone market all together.

Didn't hear nothing about SD Card? With Samsung S6 and S6 Edge. or the 16 mp camera, same as S5. or The S5 having a larger battery then S6.

16 mp camera, yes, but not even remotely same as S5, aperture is much higher, OIS, and a much better sensor and optimizations, to where it even bests the note 4 a bit, which is a MUCH better camera than S5. Battery, meh, on paper it looks bad but no one can say anything until its actually tried out in the real world. If it lasts the way we want it to, who cares what the paper says? Sdcard, they've expressed this in previous articles, SD tends to be sacrificed for build quality most of the time, and starting at 32gb makes the S6 not really need an SD anyway, especially if the entry level device will cost same as the plastic, 16gb S5.

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You guys seem so sure that the the QHD screen will use more power. Guess you guys don't know that the note 4 QHD screen is more efficient than the the note 3 1080p screen. So I'm pretty sure the QHD screen on the s6 is just as efficient as the note 4 if not more as it's much smaller too. Also we know the QHD s5 edition didn't suffer in battery life when compared to the normal s5. I would have thought you technical guys would have mentioned that instead of straight up saying QHD display will use more battery.

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A QHD display will use more power than an FHD display using the same screen technology. You're suggesting that Samsung would have used older tech had they not bumped the resolution.

But test done with the 1080p amoled of the note 3 and QHD amoled of the note 4 have shown that the note 4 much higher res display is actually more battery efficient than the note 3. So it's very much possible to go more resolution but actually use less power. It's no different to cpu's imo every year they get more powerful but more efficient at the same time. I'm just making a point because someone on the show said the QHD display will not be using less battery but the note 3 and note 4 show with improvement in tech you can so to count out the s6 display being more power hungry is wrong as Samsung have proved they can go higher res but go more efficient at the same time.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I have a few wireless chargers but I don't use them anymore. I almost replaced all my regular chargers with QC2.0 chargers. It will be wonderful if there's a battery pack with QC2.0.