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The gang's all here and we're talking Nexus 5 rumors and leaks, great big Android phones, Aviate privacy blunders and more. Also this week we have some great listener email!


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Android Central 156: Petting a $3,000 Goat


Listened to it live.
Phil's stuffed goat story near the beginning was interesting and funny.

Learned a lot more about HTC, the HTC Max, Nexus 5 and 7, the further endorsement of the HTC One, Samsung's gear watch current and potential future capabilities for the technology, certain US carriers, answers to some emailed questions, and much more in a refreshing, knowledgeable, professional environment not polluted by unsubstantiated fanboy forum chatter. Looking forward to Nexus 5 specs and review, especially the camera which is important to me.

Your podcasts are a great venue for legitimate current information.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Consider renting or borrowing it for the next podcast. Perhaps your wife won't mind if you immediately gave her back. The goat, that is.

I think the issue with Aviate is going to help them in the long run. I never really gave them a second glance when I first heard of them but this news of them sending personal info in the clear made me look at them again. l am looking forward to trying this launcher out (does anyone have an invite?) and seeing if this will help other people with the issue of "android is too complicated".

Posted via Android Central App

I have 3 aviate invites left. Go to the aviate community on g±& request an invite. Myself or someone else will find you.

Posted via Android Central App

Never mind. I picked up a new skill today called reading the entire comment. Thanks for the info

Posted via Android Central App

I had no idea the N5 was smaller than the N4... Sweet.

Excellent point made by Jerry about the features on the other phones needing to be addressed by stock Android. Multiple apps on screen at once seems like a no brainer. Imagine rearranging and resizing apps like we do widgets.

I would love a watch...

Posted via Android Central App

Yup! everyone's just been assuming that because it's loosely based on the G2 that the N5 is another big phone. I'm looking forward to it being comfortably-sized like the N4.

Hi. Greatly enjoy all these podcasts.

Could you please keep a standard format in the meta data for the files? It helps to make it nice and ordered in my music player.

Thanks and keep up the good work :)

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