Pocket Casts

And we're not just saying that because it features the Greatest Android Podcast in the World. OK, maybe we are. Don't care.

Pocket Casts got an update and it now has a widget. And did we mention we're featured on it? Good deal. Download it now. And subscribe to our podcast. Do it today. Operators are standing by.

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Pocket Casts gets the best damned looking widget we've ever seen


I got Pocket Casts for free through Amazon's app store but they don't update that app anymore. That sucks.

I emailed them about 1.5 yrs. ago about this, and they said they are not upgrading the Amazon version anymore (I saw the dev on All About Android explain this awhile back), so I just bought the Google Play version, not regretting it.

I don't really see the point of these widgets anymore. I can access the player controls from the notification shade and from the lockscreen. I guess the vocal community of users demanding it on twitter are all on old versions of Android?

I'd assume so. I find the playback controls in the notification shade and lockscreen to be far superior to a homescreen widget. I'd hate to be on an old version of Android that didn't support these...

I'm sorry I requested for the widget return and I run the latest os jb 4.2.2 on my 3 nexus devises. What good is lock screen And notification app if app isn't running? Widget just makes it a lot easier to use

That's exactly why I prefer the lockscreen and notification shade widgets. They're only there when your using the app.

I'm one who requested and I'm on 4.2.2.

Honestly, I've got enough stuff filling up my notification area without having something else, so I wish I could turn some of it off.

Android is all about personalization. The Pocket Casts widget fits with the layout that I have designed for my devices, where I have a media and entertainment page. Having one again is useful.

Another really cool feature of the latest version is that it syncs to all your devices. I haven't tried it yet but I guess you can pause a podcast on one device and resume it on another. I might have to switch from Dogg Catcher

That sync feature is a bit wonky. Sometimes it syncs perfectly and other times it forgets that I have marked some podcasts as unplayed.

Pocket Casts was always the best of the podcast options on Android, but now it's so far ahead of the competition, it's not even funny. And it's cheaper.

The last update is awesome. Those of you holding on to your free Amazon version it's time to upgrade to the Google Playstore version.

Still trying to deal with the changes in the program - which I loved to start with.

Great looking app and now widget (glad they finally put it back), just some of the functionality now to get used to, just 'cause it's different - no other reason. I am sure this one is going to prove equally lovable.

I do like this update and I regularly try out BeyondPod and Doggcatcher between devices. I would rebuy PocketCasts for my Kindle Fire HD but I understand the developer's reluctance to work again with Amazon. I guess I could backup my nexus 7 app and move it over. :(

I'm hoping they fixed the bug I encountered where playing an audio podcast with the screen off was using 30% of my battery. This was happening on my N4 and N7, the devices were getting noticeably warm.

I have been using Pocket Casts for quite some time and love it. But I do think this update is cluttered and the new UI is meh. Plus there are some features that used to be easily available that are now either missing or hard to get to. They seem to still add old features with the updates. I mean the update was to a full new version, but with missing features? Really? I get that after a major update you need some bug fixes, but missing functionality is bad.

Some features that used to be easily available...

It used to be that you could long press a podcast feed and tell PocketCasts to Always download episodes, or only keep X many episodes in the queue, etc.

The only way you can do this now is put them in a "smart playlist". Often this means you have to have a smart playlist for each podcast series, just to get it treated the way you want.

And there is still no say to tell it to show only the 3 most recent episodes. (Some podcasts are time-sensitive, and there is no point in listening to ancient ones).

These functions used to be available, but now are either missing or clumsy to use.

I have the free version of podkicker and it has treated me way better than the previous version of pocket casts which I paid for.

I couldn't sync any of my podcasts a couple of months after I got the program (including android central's podcast). So I guess it is good they are endorsing you now with the new version because the old one they didn't want to sync any of your new casts on my tablet!

Ill stick with podkicker thank you very much. lol

It looks good, but navigating it is a mess. There's no way to skip to the next podcast? Is that for real?

Yeah, its tricky. You have to tap the podcast, then on the pop-up that appears, press the semicircle with checkmark to mark it played. Or else just tap another podcast.

Even headset controls don't seem to work for skipping forward.

purchased last night. would not download casts for offline listening. wrote developer this morning he said there was an update. updated still no downloads. wrote again & no response. it even says in the “whats new” section that there have been downloads issues. good UI, but if a podcast app does not download podcasts, it’s like having a browser that can not execute google searches. very recent new design, so the high ratings refers to previous version. newer reviews are also negative. i called google play and got a refund.

this is a pre-bata app.

To cause it to ALWAYS download podcasts for off line listening, you have to put them in a play list, and then change the settings of that play list to always download.

To download any given podcast on demand, simply tap it in the episode list and press download on the pop-up that appears. Make sure you have download allowed when on 3g, otherwise it will only download on wifi.

Doing an on-demand download is actually easier with the new version.
Setting up an "Always download" is actually much harder.

The update was really pretty, but it completely broke the app. It's unusable. I spent 20 minutes yesterday migrating back to dogcatcher. It's a shame, because I love the Pocketcasts interface so much more. A few details of problems: there are no options for downloading apps. It's bizzare, they're totally missing. Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. This is basically a stream only app now, unless you manually force downloads on each podcast episode. I even emailed the developer, and they sent me an autoreply saying that they're swamped with emails since their release (I wonder why).

This app finally got me to stop using my ye old unsupported Google Listen for my podcasts. Great in every way. I tend not to use widgets, but after reading this article I decided to make a audio home screen on an unused side homescreen. I have one home screen with Pocketcasts, Google Music, Songza, and Audible's widgets stacked. Might make switching what I'm listening to easier. We shall see.