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Plume for Twitter updated its main app to closely tie into Android's new design guidelines many months ago, but its widget still lacked the new visual holo flare until today. The new widget is the same as far as functionality goes, but has received a drastic facelift. It is now a "holo dark" theme, with buttons and colors that more closely match that of the actual app. You still get a great visual representation of tweets, mentions and messages, as well as direct compose, refresh and search keys.

There are also several other improvements as part of this update. You can now make multiple columns in both the app and widget that specify between accounts -- which is a huge deal for multiple account users -- and Facebook accounts can now display in the widget as well. There's also now smoother scrolling, resend dialogues when picture uploads fail and fixes with pull-to-refresh.

That's a whole bunch of notable updates that should keep Plume users happy. If you've yet to try out Plume, you can head the Play Store link at the top of this post to check it out.


Reader comments

Plume for Twitter updates widget design, adds new features


Are you kidding? Carbon doesn't have half the features Plume does! Sure, it looks smoother and animations are cute, but functionality-wise it's soooooo lacking. I mean, you can't even set a custom ringtone or interval checking?!

Totally serious. I understand why others prefer the features but, for Twitter, I want it simple and clean. Carbon does that for me. I will say that I would like to have some notification options but I am assuming that will be coming soon.

Carbon is nice, but I think Plume has a lot more functionality especially the way it displays pictures inline, the widget, Facebook integration, etc. Carbon takes a couple of extra clicks to see a picture in it's "native" format (not a cropped version) unless you use the long press. What Carbon does great is showing conversations, the UI is really slick in that regard.

Anyway Plume is still my favorite on my Nexus 4 so I'm glad for today's update :)

Looks like the official Twitter app for Android got an update today as well (I'm guessing to follow along with the iOS release).

Carbon and it's crazy animations got pretty annoying after a few hours. Went back to Falcon but maybe I will give Plume another try, it was my default twitter app for a looooong time. That widget looks good.

I just hate the new 2x1 widget went from being cute and nearly unobstrussive to an ugly, it'll-get-in-your-way black block. I liked the column inclussion for the larger widgets, though.

This looks very complete. Its a little heavy for my needs. (I use tweakdeck which is 1/4th the size of Plume) Since I mostly use twitter to follow news and web sites I probably don't need most of these features.

What is the "Live Streaming in app" feature that is mentioned on the Play store page?

My understanding is that Plume's "Live Stream" mode is that as tweets come in, they're automatically loaded into the timeline. Meaning your twitter feed is always 100% up to date, and you don't have to wait for a sync interval or use pull-to-refresh.

That's exactly what it does...when it works, of course. It's sort of like when you're in Twitter's webpage or the new Facebook site/app; whenever something 'new' is posted to your timeline, it shows you that someone has JUST posted something and lets you scroll up to see it.

However, it only works while the app is open and in the foreground. Close the app or send it to the background and the Live Stream stops (which is good since using this option keeps an open, constant data connection while in use). So, this is not a Push service, just a constant polling.

I'm a bit torn between Plume and Carbon. I love the way I can see conversations in Carbon. I love the widget and in-line features of plume.
As it stands. I have Plume running as a widget on a home screen. I have Carbon installed. If I want to do a quick glance at what's going on, I use the Plume widget. If I want to spend some time in Twitter I open up Carbon.

Plume and Carbon are both cool. Currently using both but would ideally like to use just one. Hopefully Carbon will integrate some of Plumes best features...

I'm a cheapskate I guess and I used the free version of Plume. Thank GOD Carbon came along right as Plume changed their ad model to allow crazy videos and crap to run in the foreground all big and stuff... Crazy.