G2 Pro

If the 5.9-inch screen and Snapdragon 800 didn't grab your eye, maybe back buttons and subtle design will

It seems that LG is pulling out all the stops with the G Pro 2. A big bold display, 3GB of RAM, 4K video, and a speedy Snapdragon 800 round out the hardware specs, but we don't want to miss the design.

Like the G2 and G Flex before it, the GPro 2 sports the unique back button assembly that has many folks endeared — and many unimpressed. The Korean model (pictured) also sports an antenna connector! We like the design of the G Pro 2, and can't wait to get out hands on one.

For now, pictures will have to suffice.


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In pictures: The LG G Pro 2


More than 10% bump from new CPU's but many ROMs & developers won't have software good enough to utilize the newer CPU hardware so it's good for now

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5.9 inches is way too big. That's bigger than the Note 3 and that's about the max a phone should be...

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I personally like my note 2 & now seeing phones about the same size but much less bezel, allowing for bigger screens in similar footprints to my note 2 . I'm def gonna be looking at this & the HTC One Max especially if the next HTC One Max 2 includes on screen buttons & boomsound speakers with less bezel

Hell I would get the HTC One Max, now if Verizon offered up the black version on its network seeing that OK could steal a family members upgrade of I wanted to lol

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didn't HP just release a 7 inch "voice tablet?"

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That phone doesn't even matter. They sold like 5 of those phones. The note is the best selling phablet, because the size is perfect....

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Slimmer Bezels will make it note size, plus the shape will make it nice in the hand.

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Mark my words, in a few years, someone will make the statement that 12 inches is the "sweet spot" in smartphone screens, and anything less is utterly unusable.

How about you stick to phones you like & others with big hands like me & want ,more screen real estate will choose big phones like this

Let the marketplace determine the screen sizes

That's the great thing about capitalism, the market will cater to the market demands & clearly LG sees that the market wants bigger screened phones

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Such a monster device on all the specs and then that tiny rear speaker. Someone tell LG it is ok to have dual speakers on their devices even if Samsung does not...

I am thinking the same, really not liking the speaker on back. Hoping it turns out to be a nice quality.

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Will be great to read a review, until then I will reserve judgement. That said in pics it looks the part and in space grey aswel hmm que Apple lol

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