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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 didn't just launch here in Germany in black or white. As we heard at Unpacked, Samsung has a third way for the Note 3; Blush Pink. Samsung isn't a stranger to selling pink smartphones either, with previous Note devices as well as other Galaxy range phones being made available in various shades of pink over the years. But, since it's here at IFA 2013, we figured you might like a closer look. 

Click on past the break for more shots of the Blush Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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There are 21 comments

jwyche007 says:

No surprise here. In my experience women love this phone.


rd_nest says:


Gearu says:

Once again hospital pink instead of hot pink.

shelly x says:

Shut it, We love this baby pink! <3

twilite2000 says:

I love it. I want one pretty pleeeease!!!!!

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NoNexus says:

I consider the note more of a business phone, at least for my usage. I couldn't take someone all that seriously if they whipped that out at a meeting. I know that is wrong thinking but there it is

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Nev says:

I'd rock the shit out of that pink phone. Probably go see my nail tech for a pedicure with it too.

Posted via the TARDIS.

Man, this doesn't appeal to me at all.

Oh yes. I am waiting on it. I need that pink one. Come on October.

anscarlett says:

Has no one posted any samples of the camera quality?

sheba510 says:

Checked the Verizon pre-order page and there is no pink Note 3. I wonder if Verizon is ever going to get the pink one? May have to settle for white.

br3ndo702 says:

Will this color come to the US? I would like to get this for my fiancé.

Sent from my HTC ONE.

i have to have that in pink. US better get it

OK seriously... I have Google's it several times and still can't figure out if they are releasing the note 2 in blush pink in the US? I need to know! I know they have it in other countries but I need it here. Anyone have an idea if they are going to have the pink one in the US or not??? Thanks :-)

jeanem says:

They are NOT releasing it in the US in blush pink - at least not immediately. Samsung rep told me that no, it was only being released in black and white, but could get a pink case - not the same thing - bummer...

Yes please come out with that pink note 3 please need that dont want the black or white one its all about the pink right now so until it comes I will keep the phone I have so get it in October im att costumer

Vida Jones says:

I agree I will be taking my white one back today,just to wait on the pink.

Whats the pricing for it in pink

Vida Jones says:

I need to know does blush pink come with the carrier sprint,I have white but is a must I get favorite color.

hi, where is this in the USA? also, I see an alarm, what alarm is this and where can I buy it?

The SPCS Guy says:

OK Google! BBM Me: 7B725FA9