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We could tell something was up when a bunch of leading applications suddenly appeared on the Android Market for just 49 cents. And now we know why -- Google is celebrating the launch of its new Google Play content portal by offering a 25 leading Android apps for 49 cents each (49p in the UK). There also seems to be a new daily "Play of the Day" promotion running, in which one app has its price slashed to just 25 cents -- or 20p if you're in the UK.

The first Play of the Day is Where's My Water, and the top 25, 49-cent apps include top-tier games and programs like World of Goo, Osmos HD, SoundHound, Dead Space and SwiftKey X. There's a lot of great stuff on there that usually sells for a much higher price, so if you're after a few new games or apps, hit the source link to browse through the top 25.

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Pick up 25 top Android apps for 49 cents each on Google Play


Somebody is pulling an Apple move and renaming an existing service in order to promote "new" services... this is no different than the Market but with a killer sale at the moment.

Let's see what they try to announce tomorrow. I would assume something will come out of the Android world on the day the iPad 3 is announced officially.

Bummer... I purchased Asphalt 6 from my HP Touchpad with cyanogenmod ICS, and the app said th edevice wasn't supported... Oh well, I guess I didn't need to waste my time on a game. But I did upgrade my Tune in Radio to the Pro version for 0.49, so I guess I'm happy.

Does anyone know why Asphalt 6 wouldn't be supporetd? or any other app for that matter on the Touchpad with ICS?


You have to change you build prop and many games start working perfectly on HP touch pad search for reverendkjr you tube channel he has a video of it somewhere in there or Google how to change build prop for HP touch pad

Couldn't refuse SwiftKey X at this price, even though I'm married to Swype. Not making SwiftKey my new default, but it's still welcome to have the option.

Anyone else notice that EA's Sims game ad/image seems to be appearing on other apps' image galleries? Is that "kosher?"

Ah, different $0.49 apps each day? Dang, I'd better buy while I can. People at work recommend Paper Camera pretty highly. Thanks, Google.

It's like they knew exactly what games I wanted to buy. Cash my change in at the bank bought 5 games with enough left over for a 5 dollar Zen purchase on zennonia 4

I posted this in the other post's comments as well... market thinks I own some of these apps and I don't (at least not through Google). Anyway I can get the market straight?

Why can't I get nova2 to show up in Google play on my EVO3d but I can buy it on gamelofts mobile site? When I go to Google play on my computer or touchpad it shows up as $0.49.

NOVA 2 might be more tablet optimized, because I can't get it for my HTC Rezound but I could get it for my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The Market (google play) shows every app I have ever installed (and uninstalled) on any device. I currently have 5 devices associated with google play, 2 of which are active. Even if I "hide" them from the install menus, it still looks like I have 100's of apps installed. What a mess, and this has been a problem from day 1. Anyone have a fix? Google obviously doesn't care about it.

I bought both Shadowgun and Dead Space yesterday. (w00t!!!) Looks like no change (yet) today. The same apps are being offered.

New items have been posted for today...

Inglourious Basterds - .25 Rental
Fight Club - .25 Book
Lil' Wayne Tha Carter IV - .25 Album
Flick Golf Extreme - .25 Game