Personal Capital Investing

Coming into the holiday season, its important to keep your personal finances in order while the spending starts ramping up. The Personal Capital Investing app is hoping to stand out from the set of financial apps that have been available for some time on Android. You create an account and link to it your other accounts from banks, credit cards and financial institutions so that everything is available in one place (similar to Mint if you're familiar). You can keep track of spending, help budget monthly allowances and track your investments all with one interface.

Its pretty handy if you're feeling overwhelmed with the number of different accounts you have. You can give it a try for free at the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Personal Capital Investing helps you keep your finances in order


It has some advantages, but if you have any GE Capital Cards, or loans through banks good luck getting them to work. I tried it as an alternative to Pageonce and while it charted things nicer for me, it wouldn't pull my loans.