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Today's going to be one crazy day of news, so let's cover it in the most crazy way we can think of.

We're liveblogging all day, baby!

To see what time the Ice Cream Sandwich event starts where you live, head over here.

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piaband says:

doesnt work

biged214 says:

Ya I try to post something but it doesn't show, are they monitoring the chat?

-Confirmed YES

lexarjump says:

Can anyone tell me what time i will be able to watch the live stream of the Google event in the UK? Kind regards.

lexarjump says:

Cheers, but i still can't see what time i can view it in the UK.

Sniper1087 says:

the question is where can you live stream it? youtube?

Can't seem to Post...

It is so Ironic, that on a day that was suppose to "Unify" Android... I see more "Fragmentation" then ever...

I know each carrier is going to do their own thing to distinguish Android but for the Civilian, I'm sure they will be more confused then ever...

Grawbad says:

The beauty of Android is the simple fact that any company can make it their own. The fragmentation is a by product of that.
It is not Google's fault if each company in and of itself is not as inspired as another enough to make a truly great experience.

estebancam says:

Agreed 100%.

Bishounen says:

Just remember that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is a reason why Apple continues to do well, and why they have sold over 4 million iPhone 4S-es in a week. It's not because their phones are the best. It's because they are perceived as easy, because no matter where you get them from, they are the same.

Just like buying a Whirlpool washer, or a Ford F150, or a DeWalt power tool, or a John Deere tractor or a Singer sewing machine. You know exactly what you are getting beforehand, because no matter where you buy that make and model of item, it is always the same.

Android doesn't have this. Now, it's still doing well, but mostly because iPhone has been carrier restricted and because frankly, there really haven't been any better choices. WebOS struggled from the beginning with poor hardware and mystifying marketing and then was murdered by Apotheker and HP. RIM is slowly bleeding to death, Nokia is a non-factor in North America, Microsoft is just fiddling around the edges without getting serious, and everything else is feature phones.

Now that Apple is pretty much everywhere, expect to see them take the volume crown away from Android, and fast. Unless Google can get it's act together and force a unified experience from the carriers, Android is going to end up like RIM, dying a death of a thousand cuts. And that sucks, because I want to see Android continue to survive and thrive, and I freakin' loathe the Apple iPrison.

dtshakuras says:

So Android phones aren't doing well? Last I heard the total amount of Android phones being sold outstripped the iphone. "Fragmentation" is a over hyped issue. Do you even actually use a Android phone? Apparently not when you say there hasn't been any better choices than the iphone.

My rooted Droid X is superior to the iphone 4 in terms of performance AND ease of use and that is still true even if it was unrooted. All the high end Android phones released after the Droid X just increased the margin of how much they were better than the iphone 4.

Do yourself a favor and go try out the Samsung Galaxy SII and you'll see that it blows the iphone 4S out of the water. Now with the awesome phones like the RAZR and Nexus coming out, the iphone is left in oblivion.

There's a reason iOS5 copied so much features directly from Android, and that's because Android is supreme and so is Google.

Go slink back to your hole filled with CNET (or should I call it iNET) and Mac filth.

Grawbad says:

Well they wont talk to me up there. ;)

Seems like its running Gingerbread via the photos, but maybe they will announce ICS after google officially does.

Regardless I want the virgin android os, so Nexus will probably take the cake for me, but time will tell. Gotta sleep for work tonight and hope they announce before I have to leave.

engineer2001 says:

They won't post the questions they don't know the answers to, it seems. LOL! You ask, they ignore.

HuskerDad3 says:

Anybody else see the pic that Engadget snapped of Eric Schmidt playing with his phone. Looks like a new device. Galaxy Nexus..??

Grawbad says:

I want to say yes oh so bad, but look at the pic from AC:

The phone in his hand doesnt taper enough at the top and I don't spot the little dot above the side buttons.

pbizkit says:

yea I dont think so.. the phone on engadget looks like it has rocker volume buttons high on the right.. leaked nexus has volume buttons on the left

adrianq1029 says:

Hate to say it, but it definitely looks like the iPhone...

HuskerDad3 says:

Can't be, there are no buttons on the right side of the iPhone. And besides, its not flat on the back.

Mooem says:

No, pretty sure that his Blackberry Bold 9900 which he is known to use for...

Rem3Dy says:

That is a Blackberry Bold 9900 he is holding. you can see it here

tada1096 says:

what does it take to be able to comment. everyone else seams to be able to way what ever they want.

LifeIsRocky says:

same here...can read and that`s it. Posts are not postet

LifeIsRocky says:

same here...can read and that`s it. Posts are not postet

MarkSeven says:

When is this dumbass event gonna start??? (Getting impatient)

LifeIsRocky says:

your live chat thingy is bitchin ^^

en28so says:

Event was supposed to start here around 8:30pm, but nothing is happening.

DenverRalphy says:

Anybody else getting really crummy resolution?

Lito187 says:

Wow Samsung continues to impress.

h-cubed says:

WebOS LIVES thru ICS!!! lol

h-cubed says:

Nah Android ate WebOS!!

Wesley1 says:

Looks like ICS is mainly borrowing what Touchwiz and a some of Sense UI has already to make a better rounded stock Android.

Lock screen quick options, screenshot, resizeable widgets, music controls in the notification bar, better keyboard, better camera options, photo editing, better contacts options, facial recognition unlock, etc.

Not a great improvement over what is available from Samsung or HTC, but it is good.