Xperia X10 update

Sony Ericsson has posted a short video of the desktop environment from the long awaited update to the Xperia X10, and it says a lot.  Mostly what it says is -- "five months after its release [and nearly a year after its announcement], we still won't be providing Android 2.2".  The extra row of homescreen icons (the X10 will support 20 icons per screen vs. the standard 16) is a nice touch, as is the new calls widget, but I think I speak for everyone with an X10 when I say that development time might have been better spent getting Froyo working. 

To their credit, it looks like the folks at SE have made the already great camera on the X10 even better, so for many I guess not being current with the operating system is a fair trade.  We've got a video of the new desktop in action after the break, and hit the source link to see some demos from the new camera software.  [Sony Ericsson Product Blog]


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A peek at what's in the Xperia X10 update; and what's not [video]


wait, i'm confused. does it have 1.6 still or does it now have 2.1 or what, and is there a way to root it so i could put htc sense on it, please help

will alest AT&T's Android phones just got a hole lot better. I for one would pick this up if it had 2.2 over Samsung's Galaxy S phone on AT&T because of the Camera and I do not care about the skin I do not like pain android to me it is ugly.

I think I_Am_Incredibl...y stupid should stop with his stupidity.

The video is showing it running Android 2.1, However I don't see anything especially new or exciting from SE. So this just means that SE wasted our time for the better part of the year.

What about it? It is just a repackaging. What's full of shit about it? Just about every company that sell something will do this. Moreover, it is the telco's way of ridding itself of old stock, making way for the new HD packaging.

So who's the one full of shit?

What happened to the slide up xperia me and 100 of my friends from my school where going to give up our blackberry's for it now the xperia is ugly and to thin. id like this os on the old body style from the early model of it this is just junk and i hate it and will get the torch