Pebble Steel

Down to $229 in black and stainless options with leather strap only

A quick heads up for potential Pebble Steel buyers that it has received a bit of a price cut. Or at least it has if you can live without the metal band. With just the leather band in the box you can now grab a Pebble Steel in black or stainless for $229. It's only $20 less, but a saving is a saving.

It's on back-order at the moment, so you'll have to wait a few weeks. But if you're interested, head on over to Pebble at the link below and snap one up.

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Pebble Steel gets a price cut if you don't want the metal band


Agreed, pebble made it sound it was a good thing that android wear came out but they just got a huge competitor with a lot of resources.

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Because Apple *will* eventually release their own smartwatch, which will be a huge seller among Apple users. That device alone is probably as much of a concern for Pebble as all of Android Wear is.

What Apple "will" do is nothing more than speculation at this point. What Apple's sales will be of a device that is just speculation at this point, is just additional speculation. How Apple sales of a device that is just speculation at this point, will affect the sales, development, and growth of Pebble, is still, just speculation at this point. So again, why would Pebble be crapping?

Of course it's speculation. Speculation is how these companies operate. Do you think that companies - especially small, new tech companies - don't worry about about upcoming products from the biggest tech companies in the world? They would be stupid not to be worried about how that will affect their sales to iOS users.

I think Pebble has been developing what they do for 6 years, have a tremendous amount of experience, expertise, intelligence, focus, and understanding of who they are and what they want to do, and are not sitting around worrying about what someone else "might" do, with no knowledge of what exactly that is. They would actually be stupid to worry about a product that does not exist. People called doom and gloom for the Kindle, too, when the iPad was released, and that didn't happen either. I also think Pebble is excited for Android Wear, and not frightened, because that's what the CEO said, right from his own mouth.

I have a pebble and if this has been developed for the last 6 years as you say, they better start crapping.

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Really? Just because you say it? Thanks for the great information. My point is, YES, when it comes to what the CEO is thinking, I'd take HIS word about HIS thoughts over so RANDOM person, ie, YOU, about HIS thoughts, any day, all day. You're welcome.

Additonally, there's no way any of the Android Wear or iWatch options come close to the Pebble on battery life. They may also fall short on price. Pebble's cross-platform compatibility will also be a boon for them. The marketplace IS getting crowded, but Pebble still has a pretty good place in that market.

The battery life is the biggest thing for me. I don't care how awesome and pretty and useful any of these Android Wear watches are, if they require me to carry another charger around with me (and with my travel schedule, that means at LEAST three-day life on one charge), I am not buying.

Baseless speculation? In MY tech blog? It's more likely than you think.

But seriously, it will be a very pleasant and VERY big surprise to me if any of the initial batch of AW watches get half the Pebble's real-world single-charge life. If that ends up being the case, I will happily pay a lot of money for one.

What do I need a citation for? The pebble's e-ink displays inherently give it a better battery life than the full color screens of the pending Android/Apple devices. Would you demand a citation for me saying LCD watches get better battery life? Of course not, because to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Compare the battery life of a kindle to a Nexus 7. It's no contest.
A Pebble gets 3-7 days of battery life depending on usage patterns. A Galaxy Gear gets one day. Two if you're lucky. The likelihood of improving on that significantly with a full color screen is incredibly low, even with Moto's battery mojo.
In short, don't be an idiot.

I'll go on record right now. $20 says neither the LG G or the Moto 360 will have anticipated use times that hit 5 days. Pebble is marketed at 5-7. Are you willing to take that bet?

The Citation is for the battery life on the G or the 360. It is an unknown commodity so you cannot say that it would be better or worse than the Pebble. It would be a fools bet to say that it is going to be close or far off.

If there is some kinds of kinetic or solar power, and depending on the size of the battery, it is possible that you would lose the bet.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

No, it isn't possible.

Take a look at some of the solar and kinetic tech out there. Not just in watches, look at solar chargers for phones, kinetic chargers used for flashlights, look around the marketplace. The watches that use solar or kinetic tech are using tiny amounts of power. They're the types of watches that if they didn't have batteries, you'd wind a couple of times and be good to go for the day. Their power requirements are tiny. Kinetic and light are not feasible for these watches.

There is absolutely no way at all that the 360 or the G can approach the battery life of the Pebble. To get even half of the pebble battery life would take a tremendous innovation in power storage, power generation or screen power consumption for the 360 or the G to get even half the battery life of the pebble.

The difference in power consumption between a color LED/AMOLED screen and an e-ink device is massive.
A Kindle Paperwhite has a 1420 mah battery and gets more than 20 hours of reading time.
A Nexus 7 has a 4325 mah battery, and if you can get even 10 hours of reading time with everything else turned off, it would be a miracle.

So unless Motorola or LG find a way to fit about 6 times as much battery into their watches as there is in the Pebble, then no, these devices won't be approaching the Pebble for power consumption. There is no magic rabbit about to come out of the hat.

Anything is possible. The sheer fact that you, yourself, interspersed amongst your claims that it's not possible, listed 3 ways it could be possible, shows that it is possible. You can say you are doubtful, but you can not say it's not possible.

"Anything is possible."
No, actually, it's not. Don't delude yourself with flowery motivational language. It's not possible with current technology. To even increase the efficiency of a battery, screen or power generation system by 20% would be a big deal. Motorola and LG would need to do many times that to even come close to the battery life of the Pebble.
There is as much possibility of Moto or LG launching a color AMOLED/LED smartwatch that can match the Pebble in battery life as there is of someone announcing a working teleporter tomorrow.
In other words...
Not. Possible.

Anything IS possible.
Motorola has not announced that they are "launching a color AMOLD/LED smartwatch," nor have they announced how their device will be powered and or charged. So what are you talking about? The point of my argument, is you speculating on what Motorola is doing when you have no actual knowledge of WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing it, is silly. Once it comes out, then I'd be more than happy listening to how wrong you were or how right you were. But believing your speculative thoughts are the be all and end all is the only thing here that is delusional. Yes, anything is possible. Not intended to motivate you, it has been proven time and time again. "It's not possible with current technology." Whenever that is the case, you know what happens? People invent NEW technology. "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. - Steve Ballmer, USA Today, April 30, 2007. "A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth's atmosphere." -The New York Times, January 13, 1920. "A former RIM employee claimed to have heard from former RIM colleagues that multiple ''all-hands'' meetings were held on January 10, 2007, a day after the iPhone was unveiled on stage by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In a nutshell, RIM believed Apple's new wonder device could not possibly live up to the hype, with employees allegedly stating that the iPhone would need an ''insanely power hungry processor'' to run what was then version 1.0 of iOS (then known as iPhone OS).
''Imagine their surprise [at RIM] when they disassembled an iPhone for the first time and found that the phone was battery with a tiny logic board strapped to it,'' he said.

Couldn't have said it better myself: "Motorola design chief Jim Wicks doesn’t seem worried — he says Motorola took the hard road and wound up better for it. "The normal thing to do is take the technology that exists," he says, "and create something based on what you technically can do. We took a different approach, and said, ‘Okay what do we think this should be?’ Then we figured out how we could achieve it.""
"Motorola said that "all the core components are technically brand new.""

I easily get a week of battery life on the Pebble. I even will get 2 if I turn it off at night. I never worry about charging it even on trips.

I get five to seven days, real world use. I've had this since Christmas, and battery life has been consistent.

I do turn Bluetooth off on my phone overnight, though, so it's only actually connected to my phone 18 hours a day.

But remember, a device like the Moto 360 offers much more functionality than the Pebble, so it would be used much more. If you don't care for the functionality, and length of tiime between charges is what's most important to you, then yes, the Moto 360 or other Android Wear devices will probably not be the best choice for you. And there are many like you, which further supports my views as to why Pebble, at this point, has nothing to worry about.

It's marketed at 5-7 days. Actual use tends to be 3-7 days in my limited experience. A Galaxy Gear won't last even one day if you don't have it set to sleep its screen.

Hey, Brendilon: Bet accepted. Moto 360 will. How will I get my $20?

"I'll go on record right now. $20 says neither the LG G or the Moto 360 will have anticipated use times that hit 5 days. Pebble is marketed at 5-7. Are you willing to take that bet?" -Brendilon

Yea it's speculation. But just look at what iPhone did with the 8gb iPhone 5c. Even though it's a horrible idea to buy it people will still buy it and make Apple a bunch of money anyway. So yes, pebble does have a lot to worry about.

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I'm sorry...last story I read, Apple had 3 million iPhone 5Cs sitting in a warehouse that they can not sell. And there won't be a follow up 5C. And they just dropped the price of the 5C in other markets to off-load them. Apple is making their money off the 5S, and other non "C" devices. Like I said before, and will continue to say, Amazon had nothing to worry about with Apple, their Kindle line is doing just fine, and I don't think at this point, Pebble has anything to worry about either.

Bingo. The Pebble will...
...have better battery life (guaranteed). cross platform.
...Probably have a better price.
There is a place for the Pebble.

See but this is just a bit apples to oranges. If it is amoled, it could fare well with secondary system for charging. Led won't. But comparing either to e ink is dumb. Of course it will not be 5-7 days, but give the consumer 2, and Pebble is toast
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

We know the Moto 360 won't. Motorola said it will work with Android devices running 4.3 and above. As for other devices, we know that the Android Wear Developer's Kit only makes reference to Android apps.

Not that much of a deal. Bought a Galaxy Gear in Toronto for $100. Will be waiting for the Moto 360 myself.

Seems this is now the only option. Leather band only is showing as back ordered, the option with a steel band is showing as unavailable. Problem in the supply chain perhaps?


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

All of this "Pebble is Dead," nonsense is extremely premature. Android fanatics seem to forget there is a whole other, somewhat significant OS that the Pebble works on...called iOS, which Android Wear does not. Additionally, the Pebble and Android Wear devices, are completely different, for different types of people with different use cases. Did the Kindle/Amazon die after the iPad was released? Um...the answer would be no.

understandable, but if rumors hold true on an iwatch it will be dead. They just cannot compete on that level. I own a pebble and I love it, but the instant apple comes out with their own this is trashed. Thankfully, I have not had to RMA one or deal much with customer service. I contacted them once and it was 2 weeks for a response.

Again, the Kindle did not die with the iPad. Not everyone wants and needs all the functionality a so called iWatch will provide. Not everyone will like the style of this so called iWatch. And also, not everyone can afford, or be willing to pay the insane amount of money this so called iWatch will cost. Additionally, people are acting like while all this new technology and innovation takes place, Pebble will for some reason, stay exactly the same and no longer grow and adapt and innovate. Different strokes, for Different folks, and there is no reason why Pebble can not continue to co-exist.

The kindle sells at no profit or maybe even a loss. Pebble cannot afford to do that. Sounds like you work for pebble. If so, you better get back to work.

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What the alleged profit for the seller is, is irrelevant to the consumer. The Pebble sells for $150-$250. The Kindle sells for $69-$379. (And when the iPad was released, that lower end of pricing did not exist). My point is Amazon has been able to keep the Kindle a viable entity in its own right. It actually sounds like YOU work for Pebble since you are privy to information regarding what Pebble can afford.

Who has the money to blow, and then make it back on selling ebooks? Pebble or Amazon?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Do you really think, the ONLY reason the Kindle's have remained popular is because Amazon offers sub $150 versions?

Just give it up. Unless pebble improves dramatically they are in for a world of hurt. And people who use pebble aren't using it because they love it so much. Their using it because up until now nothing was worth using.

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There's nothing to give up, but the barrage of pessimistic, negative thoughts of doom and gloom based on pure speculation. The only thing that is actually correct, is what I'm saying: this announcement does NOT necessarily mean the death of Pebble. That is correct. That is not speculation. That's not me assuming what "might" happen, or pretending to be psychic and saying what "will" happen. Everything else, is just chatter. And fyi, the people planning to use the Moto 360, or any other Android Wear device over Pebble, to quote you, aren't going to use "it because they love it so much," either...because they haven't used it. It hasn't been released. So they don't actually know whether they love it or not. For all we know, it could look fantastic and be a sluggish mess. Until, things play out we should bite our tongues and let innovators innovate. Come summer, Pebble could STILL be the only smartwatch worth using.

Eh, let's wait and see. It's definitely really bad news for them, but unless Moto, LG, et all are doing something radically different with batteries and charging, Pebble's still going to have an enormous advantage in terms of battery life.

I'm as excited about the 360 as everyone else, but if that thing can't last a full business trip, I'm not buying it. I'm not willing to carry yet another charger in my bag, and my Pebble lasts five or six days with regular use.

Pebbles about to get hit from all angles. Android Wear and the mythical iWatch. Rough times.
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I love how folks are just chopping down every smart watch now because of Android Wear. That watch is easily going to be priced at $350+. That premium build, the on board storage, etc...cmon now.

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And the price will be worth it in the end. Pebble is finished. You too Galaxy Gear.

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well we all know samsung has the ability to keep up. The issue with pebble is that they cannot keep up in a market with little competition (cannot fill orders, horrid customer service). They will crumble within the year.

At the very least, they can continue to throw money at advertising and a new product or two until they get something that sticks. Even if the Gear 2 and Neo don't work out any better than the original Gear, it's not like Samsung is on the ropes in this market.

Samsung needs to come up with something that works for ALL Android devices, and maybe even iOS, if they want to stay in this race... not just a limited amount of Samsung devices... imo

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Without a doubt +1. They could get away with it early but with aw that ship is sailed

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

For jewelry? You could even go to Walmart and be proven wrong. Plus, the moto 360 has got to be just as expensive as a moto x to manufacture.

Personally I think it will turn into the next status symbol.

via moto x.

This is not diamonds to get you out of trouble with the wife, this is a mostly unnecessary gadget. I would say that the X is way more expense to manufacture.

Small screen, lower processor, less RAM, lower storage requirements. Easily costs are half of the Phone.

It's not diamonds, but it is a fashion accessory, ie, jewelry. Many tech enthusiasts don't seem to get that. People wear high end watches as jewelry, and this is high end jewelry with technology inside.

If I was looking for a fashion accessory a smartwatch isn't it. Function over form,

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

But that's the beauty of Android, the beauty of jewelry, the beauty of America: choice. You most certainly don't have to look to a smartwatch as a fashion accessory. I, along with many, many others, will. Most people don't want an ugly, but functional thing on their wrists. I'd bet most people want Function AND Form, NOT Function OVER Form.

While I mostly agree with you, 350$ will do nothing for them

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Really? Then why are you excited about the 360? Functionally it's no different than the G. People are excited about the 360 because form does matter. Good design matters. Apple knows that, it's part of why they're the juggernaut that they are.
The 360 is going to be $300, minimum, at launch.

Because in my opinion it is the first one to come close to marrying both form and function at a Decent price

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

You have no idea what the price on the 360 will be. There's been no announcement on pricing. It's all conjecture.

We don't know that. My guess is that for these first versions, they will. Then they'll monitor how users utilize their devices and tweak or skin from there.

Just like android phone their will be cheap watches like the pebble and expensive watches. Its the nice thing about have options.

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I think it's fanboyism; Google can't fail to them. Everything that they do is perfect and nothing else matters if Google is involved. I'm looking forward to all of the new competition in the smartwatch arena. Competition brings innovation! I think that Pebble will just have to adapt and I think that they will.

I really wanted a Pebble Steel, but now seeing Android Wear and the Moto 360, I feel that I can get a more functional watch with a metal band to keep the desired professional look while at work. I think Pebble needs to change directions or they may be in trouble. First option should be for them to really slash prices to get people to jump on board and get into the Pebble ecosystem before everyone adapts Android Wear or whatever Apple is launching. I'm thinking somewhere in the $100-150 range, although I know that's extremely unlikely.

My order page says order ready to ship, but no tracking number or charge to my account. How long is the wait before it actually ships when that message says order ready to ship?

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The Moto 360 is gonna make them lower the price to $50 and force them to upgrade and update the pebble line a lot faster than they thought.

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My price predictions after Android Wear devices become available:

Pebble will be forced to cut prices... $89.99 for original $ 149.99 for steel. These will be the price point of all future successors of these lines.

LG G Watch: $249.99

Whatever HTC releases: $249.99

Moto 360: $349.99

Samsung will slash prices of gear 2 devices

Gear 2: $229.99
Gear 2 Neo: $199.99
Gear fit: $ 149.99

Apple iWatch: $299.99

Pebble will eventually get into the Android Wear device (Think Kindle Fire) alongside is traditional models.

Price : $249.99

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iWatch I think will be at $400. Why? Because Apple fans WILL pay it. In droves.
Whatever Apple eventually comes in at, everyone else will make sure their device costs less.

I agree that Pebble has to slash prices. But even so, I think they need to rethink having own ecosystem. Blackberry tried that against the iPhone and they are just hanging on now. And Blackberry was hugely successful when the iPhone came out.

As for pricing, it's going to be a big range. The Moto 360 will be interesting. Motorola's recent phones (Moto X and G) are very good, but they also priced them aggressively off-contract. I would say under $300, maybe $250? Samsung will probably come out with 50 watches ranging from $150-$400. For Apple, we know they will come out with a watch eventually. $350 sounds right. Maybe more given the premium they like to charge. They'll throw in some new heartbeat monitor or something to justify it.

No thanks. For me, that style looks outdated. Abit old, could be from 80's-90's. I could imagine my grandma sitting on the couch, reading a book and wearing that watch or similar non-smart watch and I wouldnt see any difference between this and watches on that time.

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