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Get your livebloggin' boots ready, boys and girls. Pebble plans to announce "something special" next week at CES in Las Vegas.

We're not quite what's in store just yet. The general consensus is some sort of second-generation hardware, as the original design will be closing in on a year of availability this spring. That's speculation, however, and it's important to remember that Pebble's still way more of a startup than the tech companies that pump out iteration after iteration, year after year. On the other hand, Pebble has already announced its upcoming app store, so maybe new hardware makes sense. We'll just have to see.

For those of you not lucky enough to be in Vegas for all the fun next week, Pebble plans to livestream its announcement. Stay tuned. And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes feature with Pebble.

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Pebble announcing 'something special' next week at CES


That would be cool. I still only KIND of want a smartwatch but I can't commit until I see one that seems like it has a long term chance and that I could develop for it (aka an Android standalone Google watch)

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While cool, this would kind of stink. I just bought mine this week. I hope it the 2.0 software and the Pebble app store.

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Yeah. Me, too. I'm still waiting for mine to come in the mail.

Ordered it a couple of weeks back and it hasn't made its way to my place yet. I guess the Philippine Postal service had a holiday break, too.

Anyway, though I would definitely like to own the next gen, it probably won't be available for another couple of months from CES. So I don't really mind if they announce a new one.

I'm hoping to get to enjoy the software update the moment it becomes available, though.

It would be a bummer if they start following the phone OEM style of testing and releasing the software updates on new models first so it doesn't hurt the sales numbers of their most current crops.

If it's a hardware revision, I doubt it's major. It wasn't that long ago that they even got production entirely ramped up for the first run.

My money is on the official announcement of the app store.

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The app store HAS been officially announced. It hasn't been launched yet and maybe that's it, but I doubt it.
My hunch is something partnering them with Google/Android to get added functionality into the Pebble.

I don't see the reason why they'd want to create a separate app store if they intend to woo Google into making that partnership.

Why would Samsung make a separate app store? Making an app store is the cool thing to do.
Also, they could conceivably release two products. Pebble v.2 which will have the Pebble app store and an Android/Google Pebble.

I would like it if they made a more adult version. If the hardware works fine as is, keep it, but give me a watch I can wear to more than a 3 year olds birthday party.

I also hate the app store fad. More username/passwords/chances for my credit card to get stolen.

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With all the competition heading into the smartest market, I suspect they've been working like crazy on a hardware iteration.

Personally, I'd love it if they incorporated a fitness tracker, but other than that, I don't feel like they should be trying to expand the feature set and try to be like the Galaxy Gear.

I could also see them releasing some other designs. The Pebble is the nicest-looking smartwatch I've seen, but it's not something I'd be wild about wearing in public.

It's gonna be the finalization of SDK2.0 and their app store I'm sure. No way is it a new hardware announcement. As the Pebble is still fairly new in mass production. I'm excited for an App store

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Why does every manufacturer feel the need to have their own app store. It's like the entertainment industry having to have 20 different stores, each their own, to sell/watch digital music and video.

The only interesting thing Pebble could announce is that they were wrong, their dropping the idiotic watch concept and going into producing something else.

I'm as skeptical of the 'smartwatch' fad as it gets and not even I would suggest Pebble was 'wrong' in some way. They've been HUGELY successful as a company with this product. Even if it turns out to be a flash-in-the-pan, they've been an unqualified success to this point.

Mine arrives in the mail today. So I hope it's not a hardware refresh. I guess that 30 day return window is worth having.

That did it.
I'm not getting a Galaxy Gear.
Pebble is half the price and works with almost everything.

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I love how it has been insisted that they wouldn't even consider new hardware out of commitment to continued software development. If this is a new watch, I'll be glad I didn't listen to the advice to buy now since nothing new is on the way.

Without a price drop, I don't think anything out there is worth owning just yet. Slight hardware improvement for Pebble would completely change my mind on that, though.

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Spot on, all the way around.

This is too new a category to be out there buying the first couple. In 6 months you will be regretting that you bought ___________.

It will have to be pretty darn spiffy for me to get any smartwatch to be honest, but even so I just do not see it this year at any rate.

You are very welcome. Your question did not require more than one word to answer.

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1. they said recently they were going to focus on software and not hardware so i don't expect hardware 2.0. App Store or software tweaks alone will be lame.
2. if they want to excite the market price it at $75 or less. not sure they can make a profit at this level. BUT they could gain mindshare - even if they run at a loss - and bet on being acquired by Google or Apple or Amazon or even Samsung etc.
3. LOTS of competition coming to this space - they will get crushed - can't compete with the deep deep pockets of the tech gorillas . if i was Migicovsky i would be actively trying to get acquired. pocket a BILLION $ and move on to your next dream!
4. kudos to Migicovsky. he's the Jeff Hawkins (PalmPilot) of the smartwatch era - not the first to do it - but the first to do it right - simple and effective. and his fate will probably be the same - and there's nothing wrong with that.

Completely agree with you on point three, unfortunately. The Pebble is popular among geeks and has great word of mouth buzz, but their entire annual operating budget is probably about what Samsung's going to spend on Super Bowl ads this year. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

I just *really* hope that they don't get bought by a company who goes totally proprietary with it. I like the fact that it supports both Android and iOS, and I hope they roll out Windows Phone support, too.

Maybe Best Buy knows something about this since they just dropped the price of the Sony Smartwatch 2 to $159.99. Could it be an indication something else is coming down the pipe? I don't know but with the $50 BB credit I had I just couldn't pass up the Sony.

Well, aren't you a badass... saying such hurtful words to those poor little smartwatches. What did they ever do to you? LOL!

Seriously, though, they're special to some people, too.

This is more like a leech which feeds on a host. Nothing 'smart' about the watch.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Ive had mine since last march so im open to a new version id most likely still wait to i/o just in case google makes something

My guess is that it will be a smartphone that seamlessly integrates with the Pebble. It will be called the Boulder

Didn't the pebble start shipping in early 2013 after the kickerstarter, then get picked up for ATT and bestbuy stores? I wouldnt be surprised for a new pebble 2.0 watch to go along with the new app store. It has been a year since the release of the first watch. Or who knows maybe its an activity tracker or something like the fitbit.

Or perhaps some kind of fitness thingy for those health enthusiasts lol

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I just got mine, so I'm hoping for no major hardware announcements. Probably just the official release of 2.0 and the app store

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I will never understand how or why a person decides to bash a product or the people that genuinely like that product just because its not their cup of tea. If you wouldn't own a smart watch or don't like the idea, I have an idea, don't s&%t on it or the people that do. I love my Pebble because its advantageous to me and I'm pretty sure the people here discussing the future of the Pebble/smart watch tech don't care if you won't ever own this or that one. Trolls be gone, go find a person or a group of people like you s&-%%$#g on something you are excited about.

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We need Jerry to go seduce Myriam Joire in order to get the whole scoop. Or maybe Phil... He's a little more feminine than Jerry after all :D

WHY DID YOU PUT THAT IMAGE IN MY HEAD. BAD. THATS A NO NO. I need to go clense my mind of that image.

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I have been debating on getting the Galaxy Gear, but as a "backer" for the Pebble, I have decided to remain a Pebble owner. If they have another hardware to fling out, I am willing to purchase it and continue to back them.