Pandora Lockscreen controls

Startup times also improved, along with the requisite 'bugfixes'

The latest update to Pandora brings a couple of new features that users have been wanting for some time now -- lockscreen controls and improved playback display. The former is a very simple (and standard by now) set of controls consisting of play/pause and next track buttons, along with a background of the current song's album art. Inside the app proper, you also now get time elapsed and time remaining for the track along with the progress bar, which is nice.

On the performance side, Pandora claims the latest update improved startup times (something the app has struggled with before) and fixed some random bugs. You can grab a download of the latest update from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

Pandora update adds lockscreen controls and a few visual tweaks


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Pretty much the same as the Lockscreen Widget without needing to swipe over to another Widget page.

When The Hell is Pandora going to add a sleep timer? My Tune In Radio Pro has it, but Pandora only gives you 40 hrs a month free and then you have to pay .99 for the rest of the month.

It's nice they finally took the time to add lock screen controls, but it would be nice to see expandable notification controls and maybe a full lock screen widget... I emailed Pandora support with these suggestions not too long after jellybean was release and all I got was an "OK we'll think about it."

Speaking of lockscreen controls, am I the only one who thinks the lockscreen music controls in 4.2 looks much uglier on phones than 4.0~4.1?