Palm Mansion

OK, all you Palm defectors (and we know who you are). Listen up. Our pals at PreCentral broke the news that the boys and girls in Sunnyvale may be working on a keyboardless device, codenamed "Mansion." It's said to have a 480x800 resolution, and we'll go ahead and assume it'll launch with a next-gen version of Palm's webOS software.

So we put the question to you: If Palm comes out with a black-slab phone, would it be enough to get you off the likes of the Evo 4G or Droid Incredible or any of the other phones superior to the current Palm hardware? Let's hear it in the comments, folks. [PreCentral]


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Palm going black slab? [the competition]


I left my Palm Pre because of the lack of development with WebOS in comparison to Android. Even if a new Palm comes out its still WebOS (which I do love) with a fraction of apps available. I believe that WebOS could of been the greatest if their was more development and more hardware available.

WebOS blows android looks better handles multitasking better and while i lacks high numbers of apps id say 90% of android apps are crap launcher themes, soundboards, fart apps, and evil satanic porn! .lol...i like android and webos i just prefer webos, i only got the evo because well sprint premiere gives me a device upgrade every year and well im gonna take it.

I may not be first in line like i was with pre n evo(well more like 5 or 6) prevo...prenvo....anyway webos handles multitasking better but i like the custom roms of aos(android os) n well if hpalm conti ues adding developers and money n harware worth a damn i may get another hpalm....

On my pre with sprint i had mytether hotspot, for $10 one time fee, n webos internalz, preware were great!

Alert me when WebOS is fixed so that OOM's and application errors don't kill the whole damn system. Until then, it's garbage that will just as likely say "Too many cards" as anything else whenever you get serious about using it.

Jerry, you are a Palm hater. I have heard you take numerous stabs at them on the podcasts and I have only been listening to the Android Central ones for about 5 months. You are also a writer for this site, so in my opinion, you are biased. I can tell you that overclocking my Sprint Pre caused the "too many cards" error to go away. I have family and friends with the Pre Plus and they never get the error. Give them new hardware with more ram and a faster processor and the problem is solved. As for application errors, I get way more app errors on Android than I ever did on my Pre. That is a base problem for Android. Too many devices running different versions of Android running different UIs.

Damn right I hate WebOS. But you're misunderstanding me. I have issue with the fact that an application or OOM error can crash the entire OS, instead of just closing itself. No amount of memory can change that, it's just a bandaid -- which is exactly why Palm did it on the Pre and Pixie plus. We're not talking bad apps here, this is the way the OS was designed. If TMC ever happens during a life threatening emergency, and the right ambulance chaser lawyer gets wind that Palm knew it could, things will get very ugly.

It's also a huge security risk, bad coding, and unforgivable on any Linux based system. I have a computer here with a slower processor, and less RAM than a Pre that ran continuous for over 4 years before I had to shut it down and move it, and it does more than any Pre will ever do.

It has nothing to do with the GUI, or the dev community, or the users. I happen to like all three of those :) My issue is squarely with Palm. I still have a Pixie here that my daughter is using. As long as you don't try to use them hard, and don't depend on them, they can be fun.

I'm curious as to how you think this can be solved. Every multi-tasking operating system that I'm aware of shares memory. And they all run into serious problems when the demand for the shared memory is greater than the supply. Additionally, all computing systems have crashes from time to time. It's not like every single time you get a TMC it causes the phone to crash.

What solution can you think of that enables complete avoidance of the TMC problem without also introducing other problems? Android's solution of just killing the least used app does not strike me as problem free. What solution can you think of that completely avoids all OS crashes?

Matching sufficient hardware to typical usage is always and everywhere a critical factor in designing any computing system. The Palm Pre was under supplied with RAM. The Pre+ appears to have solved that problem. But even on a Pre, you just swipe away every app, and then you can make your emergency call. This problem is an annoyance for Pre users. And solved for Pre+ users.

I am a Pre owner, but I'm probably switching to an Evo or Epic with my upgrade (available as of Oct 1). My reason has *nothing* to do with this complaint. It has more to do with the lack of apps, the speed of WebOS, and battery life. Your complaint confuses me.

The only things I like better about Android are:

# of apps, Google apps and Google Voice Integration.

The email experience on Android is horrible! Even Gmail sucks on Android. Android doesn't truly multitask. I hate manufacturers building custom UIs on top of the OS slowing down the update process and mucking up the experience.

If Palm builds a great device with OS updates...I will be jumping ship back to Web OS. Web OS is better than Android in every other way as far as I'm concerned. I miss Palm Synergy, true multitasking, calendar layering, Web OS internals etc... Web OS just does everything right. Most of the apps built for both platforms run better and do more on Web OS. Gaming is far superior on Web OS. If you think Fruit Ninja is a cool game, you have problems!

I had a Pre for a year. I went to my EVO because (a) I didn't see developers giving webOS much attention and (b) I wanted some hardware that didn't make me want to hurl it into a wall every couple hours. Android and the EVO solved both those problems for spades.

However, one thing I truly miss is a physical keyboard. So, no, not having one is NOT going to make a new Palm phone more attractive to fact, it might make me really happy since I'll be a smidgen less curious about what webOS 2.0 has to offer.

Of course, I think they'll offer both keyboarded and slab form factors, for Palm has a thing for buttons...and that's not bad at all.

I came from my Pre Plus to the Droid X. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Pre. I was overclocked past 1 gHz, and the intuitiveness of the OS is simply elegant. However, there were too many drawbacks to keep me from switching over:
1) Tiny screen for a current-gen leading smart phone. While playing 3d games was very possible (as every iOS game made it to WebOS), it was too difficult to see anything to make the experience any fun.
2) ANEMIC battery life. Even stock my phone would barely last a day with minimal use. Not to mention the extended batteries made it look like you were in fact talking into one of those double stuff klondike bars.
3) Weak development. There were few quality developers that actively worked on WebOS. Plus ninety percent of apps were either from Appible or Brighthouse Labs.

Its true most of these could be solved with some real cutting edge hardware, but I'm not sure there is ever going to be enough developers willing to work on WebOS with all the competition from Android, iOS, and now WP7 (which hopefully dies along with the whole Windows Mobile department a la Kin).

Love WebOS, but I am not the type to continually change phones. If my Epic continues to work well then I will stay with it. WebOS has enough apps to make me happy, except for document editor, but like I said just paid for a new phone. Maybe next year.

Considering Palm's track record, I'd say their phone(s) will hit the shelves by 1st quarter, 2012. So I think you have some time. ;) It drove me nuts waiting for the Pre to hit Sprint.

yeah and it'll sport 400 x 800 res, with maybe a 1.2 ghz processor. running on 3g only.
(2012 expect dual core phones of course).

Without 3rd party companies going in full force building apps, this to will fail! Oh yeah FIRST!!!

I'm still using a palm pre right now because I am not eligible for upgrade yet. Pre is a piece of shit and unless they make some huge changes which couldn't possibly come through until I'm eligibe for another upgrade I am jumpin ship and not lookin back. I love webos and the just start typing system but everything on this pos breaks constantly and it sucks.

I hate to be a fanboy but I carry an EPIC and a PalmPre mostly because I like the way the Pre did stuff. It is a tinker-ers phone with an open and secure way to hack the thing. I think the OS would be viable if it had enough options on hardware to keep the developers involved. The sad part about the hardware is that the GPU that was built into this thing never even got used through the entire life of the hardware to make the UI snappy and impressive. I am still hoping for a Tablet with dualCore ARM and WebOS that would be a dream for in home media setups mostly because of the ability to completely skin and customize the thing without worry of Bricking the thing.

I came from a pre and there is no chance I am going back to palm. They let me down. Don't get me wrong the user interface was nice. I liked the true multitasking, but the pre's I owned (notice that is plural, because I went thru 5) were cheaply made. In the couple months I've owned an Evo I had already been thru 3 pre's. And of course the fact that Android is a giant.

Well that depends. The samsung Epic 4G got me off the Evo for good I like that amoled screen and it reallly makes a difference, I got experience with Palm my very first phone I ever got with sprint was the Palm Pre and I love the WebOS, but the fisical part of the Pre really sucked (I even had screws come out of my phone and that just took the last straw (I had problems before with the Pre) I guess this is what everyone is thinking, if the Pre comes out with a nice decent screen size and possibly (hopefully) it comes out with a amoled screen and not to forget if it comes out with 4G compatible then heck yes. I will get it, worst case scenario if it comes with 4G and a nice screen size I'm interested in buying the device, hands down.

WebOS was really solid but the hardware sucked which is why I am on an Epic... I have no allegiance to any brand, we'll see what Palm has to offer this time next year when I am back in my upgrade window...


but seriously, can I sling, printershare, docs2go, etc.

Also, didn't Palm screw over early Pre adopters by releasing the plus. At least my Evo is 4 months old and nothing new has come by that makes me jealous.

One more time, hahahahahahaah.

Yes! I went from a Pre Plus to a Droid X with like 2 days left in my 30 day return policy with Verizon. I absolutely loved my Pre. It is godsend device and WebOS is incredible. The only reason I switched is because the keyboard was a little difficult and you can't argue that the Droid X has a beautiful and amazing screen.

If HPalm comes out with a full touchscreen device I'll be purchasing it at retail price since I cant upgrade for another year and half with reduced pricing.

WebOS FTW!!!!

not likely... developers didn't go with webOS... I loved my Pre, and had it for a year, but my EVO, with Google Navigation and the 8mp camera, make it the one device I use all the time. Pre was easier to "root", and the OS was more intuitive, but I believe that Palm blew their chance... it was sad to see them fumble this one...

No, but only because I already have a Pre. If I didn't have a smartphone at all, I would be very tempted to get a Palm device. The Interface is vastly superior to androids, even though the hardware and underlying OS are lacking. If they fix the hardware and bring some speed/battery improvements to WebOS2.0 then I think HP will have a very successful product on their hands.

Also, ironically, I would not get it because I want a keyboard.

Pre + Epic will do me for now. Next year I will see how well WebOS 3.0 compares to Honeycomb.

Poor little guys just didn't really sell enough devices to interest developers. Developing on android might be a pain because of the multi device compatibility issues but the money is there to be made.

Uh, not really aLl or most of the top iphone 3d games have been on webos i.e gameloft games since july/august 2009...
They wont even touch the market cuz of the lack of money tobe made..i dont buy any android app i search the title followed by apk download n get it free from the interwebs

...sorry but quality over quantity...n 3/4 androids apps are junk i rarely look through the market on the other hand i do look through the ios app store....

webos is more open palm n hp are cool with the homebrew community, they dont care if you hack your phone, the pre was "rooted" out the box, alk you had to do was put it in developer mode kanomi code

A black slab would make me less, rather than more, likely to switch back. I liked the form factor, but mainly left due to lack of app development.

I'd consider moving back if they came out with a webOS device with bigger screen, while keeping the portrait slider, if there were sufficient developer interest.

I'm not claiming loyalty to any side (although you'll never catch me with an iPhone that doesn't belong to someone else), but I see strengths and attractions on both webOS and Android, which is why I'm still using both. I don't care about the "lack of apps" on webOS--quite frankly, having only ~5,000 to choose from is much less daunting than 50,000+ when you think about it. And development for Palm is as easy as development for Android, since they have multiple channels for application propgation (official catalog, beta feeds, homebrew, etc.), so if there isn't an app for that, you can always write one.

The biggest reason I came to Android is because of the hardware. I was up in the air about the EVO, but when the Epic came out, I jumped on it because of the keyboard. The Pre (I never got a Plus since my company is with Sprint) is a great phone and has a lot of awesome capabilities, but some of the hardware issues became too much of a hassle. I'm in a position where I need to be readily available for emergencies, and unfortunately my Pre failed me one too many times. The Epic (while still rather poor on battery life) has yet to miss a call or email due to device issues.

What I miss about webOS is just how "open" the architecture of the OS is. The fact I could put a web server with a php photo gallery on it without having to root it using some random hacker's tool was what made it worthwhile and fun. Face it, that's what Android rooting is; you're trusting code that's not officially sanctioned by Google to gain root access to the underlying OS. webOS doesn't need that; you have root by downloading a tool from Palm for the purpose of doing just that--officially sanctioned and blessed car keys from the developers of the product.

If I like the specs of the new device (the 800x480 screen sounds very nice), I may switch back. By the time the device launches my contract will probably be up. In the interim, I am looking forward to seeing what HP does with webOS on tablets, compared to Android on the same.

>you have root by downloading a tool from Palm

Actually, that is not correct. In WebOS you have root, simply by entering developer mode. It requires no additional software, nothing to download, nothing to install. You *can* use it with additional programs and interfaces, but it is not required.

And that "root" doesn't disappear when you reboot, or after upgrading the OS. The Pre/WebOS has a fantastic amount of hacks and patches (gotta love Preware). Other than swiping, it is the thing I miss most about moving to Android.

True, though to actually have access to the underlying OS as root you still need a tool, whether it be novaterm, ssh or the on-device terminal client. But regardless, the simple fact that Palm gives you those tools up front and lets you have at it without question or law suit or AUP violation or what-the-Apple-ever is what makes it unique.

Not anytime soon. As has been mentioned already, lack of development and the SLOWEST phone with the WORST battery ever. I loved my Treo. The Pre was pretty but it sucked. I wish Palm the best, but they won't be getting my money until I see marked improvement.

I got the Palm Pre as soon as it came out. It was just a tad weak on convenience and true integration. I use google for everything and the HTC Evo was just way too tempting.

Would I ever consider going back to Pam .. mmm maybe .. but don't hold your breath.

I stopped being a Palm customer 2 months ago after a nearly unbroken series of devices dating back to the USRobotics PalmPilot Personal in 1996. Yes, that's 14 years.

My devices along the way included the Personal, Vx (the single greatest PDA ever built), the 2nd-gen Kyocera Palm phone, Handspring Treo, Treo 650, and Centro.

I became a Palm customer because of the apps, and I left because of the apps. From the very beginning, PalmOS had a brilliant developer ecosystem. There are still a couple games I miss playing on my Captivate. (Anyone want to build a clone of the board game Acquire?)

Early on in webOS's life, it became clear the new Palm didn't think developers or an app ecosystem were a priority. Webapps weren't going to cut it, and the true SDK was so long in coming that by the time the device actually landed (on only one network), it was clear webOS wasn't going to have a viable app ecosystem.

So I bailed, and am about 90% happy with Android.

Maybe HP can change that. Maybe HP will beat Google to the punch on a tablet-friendly SDK. Maybe a future PalmPad will entice developers back into the fold, and that love will trickle down to their phones.

Then I might consider going back. Until then, webOS is a very very good feature phone platform, but not a viable smartphone.

I was a huge a Palm Pre supporter for a long time and then their wasn't enough support from developers to make a lot more apps for the phone. As the competition became more great and increasly fast with other smartphones rising up and making strong hardware and awesome software Android became me and my wife's. No. 1choice. We don't plan on looking back either. We both have the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G and is very please with it's performance.

how can I answer this politely & respectfully.....HELL NO! I'm still on my Pre Plus waiting for my upgrade date (11 days and counting). I do love so much about webOS, but the Droid X is so much better both hardware & software-wise. After reading the stickied thread for people coming over from Palm & the article on where developers are focusing their attention, I'm done with Palm. And most of that started with the HP purchase. I wish them well, however.

I'm sure all these "im done with PALM" guys will be back on Feb 9, 2011! What you wrote back in October probably doesn't ring so true anymore!! I'm just sayin.... :) ...see you guys back at PreCentral!!

hmm. maybe if that slab came with top end hardware specs, a great battery life, a large optical lens camera (not just megapix) WITH flash, full adobe flash support, and a promise to throw oodles of cash into app development, I would give it a try. Appart from all of that.. NOPE.

I think I support you on that remixfa. I have an evo now and my last replaced palm pre in very good condition.There are functions my pre are capable of which other phones (including my evo) are not. To me, webOS is the most powerful smartphone OS. It will even be better if it comes with a improved hardware and software. I like my evo because of its speed and size but the battery life is about the same with my pre. if HPalm releases a phone with improved hardware, software and speed, I will definitely get one. Forget the # of apps because if the hardware and software are good enough, developers are going to develop apps quickly.As a mater of fact, I have more apps on my pre than on my evo because the memory on my evo is already full so I can not download any more apps unless I delete some. Also, as mentioned, apps from other platforms (Android & IPHONE) are easier to port to webOS.

yes i would, i love the webos, i get back to it if they implement all of the missing features like visual voice mail etc.

WebOS is great, but I have no confidence that Palm will be a viable and supported platform beyond the next few years. I don't really have any desire to switch over and then switch back in two years, so no, no Palm for me unless HP shows real commitment to make Palm a real player.

Nope! No so much because I didn't like webOS. I actually think it's a great OS. The reason I wouldn't go back at this point is webOS isn't offering anything that I'm not getting with Android. Why go through the trouble of switching if I'm not getting anything extra??? I'll stick with my EVO (and Android in the long run).

I supported WebOS tooth and nail. I love my evo too much to consider switching back. This phone rocks! Especially after recent update. What I miss most about WebOS is the multi-tasking and Preware! I'll be watchin' out for it though! Black slab is a good move imo.

I have had a dozen different PalmOS phones. And, of course, I had a Pre on day one of release. I loved WebOS, in general, and still think it has a number of advantages over Android. (Notifications, swiping, not having to "root", etc).

I left the Pre because I wanted a big screen, higher res, fast processor, more memory, voice controls, and more apps. All of that the Evo gave me, immediately. Like many others, I was in my upgrade window, and Sprint still didn't even offer the Pre Plus!!!

At this point I am unlikely to go back. They just waited too long and let customers like me slide away. But more importantly, since the HP buyout, I have lost confidence in Palm/WebOS's ability to survive or flourish.

WebOS is a beautiful UI and very intuitive. If they come up with a winning hardware that will match up the UI I might go back.

Leave my Evo for Palm? Don't get me wrong, WebOS is great, but my 4.3" screen and the availability of ROMs is enough for me to say no.

If the hardware is comparable to my EVO, I would switch in a heart beat.

The only thing I didn't like about my Pre' was the hardware. The software was awesome. I know that everyone always complains about the lack of development for webOS, but I didn't find it an issue at all. I had all the software I needed to do my daily tasks, and the games I had were way better then what I have on my EVO. So I'm not sure about people complaining about the development.

The hardware HAS to be there though. That's why I left. The Pre hardware just wasn't good.

I'm still using a Palm Pre and am considering switching to the Evo or Epic (probably Evo). This new rumor has given me pause, though. I *love* WebOS; it's the hardware that is mediocre.

But it IS just a rumor, and even if it's true, who knows how long until it's actually going to be released? I can probably get the Evo now and not miss out on the new Palm by much -- I get a new phone every year, and this new Palm probably won't launch until at least 2Q 2011, so I'll be able to get it (or hopefully even it's successor) next October. Win/win. I hope. :)


If youre into rooting and roms and the option of stock or sense, and sense hd coming along nicely..go with the htc device akways! There seems to be more development ie xda behind htc devices...

If youre into rooting and roms and the option of stock or sense, and sense hd coming along nicely..go with the htc device akways! There seems to be more development ie xda behind htc devices...

If the hardware is significantly better i would go back in a heartbeat. You just cant beat the webos community, or its multitasking. Half the crap you need root for on android you can get through homebrew with hardly any effort.

Dont get me wrong i am absolutely loving my EVO and Android. But if WEBOS 2.0 brings big changes and a new phone comes out with an omap 4 or tegra or something newer then im all over it. I still got an upgrade =D

Palm has to support their legacy users PROPERLY. Palm Pre was a gut punch to the loyalists:

Classic was months away and was TERRIBLE in the implementation (small screen on pre didn't help - neither did the lack of an optical pad for running older palm apps).

The complete lack of any sync or import from Palm Desktop killed other users.

Not allowing developers access to the core databases- addressbook, datebook, notes (oh no notes app!) and tasks (terrible- doesn't sync!) really killed Pre for any serious business use.

They took the loyal Palm fanbase- and gave them a casual user phone experience.

It was the OPEN nature of the previous Palm generation that created the fan following: strong business applications like Agendus and similar sync with other powerful contact/calendar applications that were industry supported were left by the wayside with the CLOSED nature of Web OS CORE databases for pre.

Android has other apps and widgets along with ACCESS given to developers to create apps like Jorte and Touchdown that just plain didn't exist in the 1st year of pre ... Palm shot themselves in the foot- and now - their loyal fans- have moved on.

Palm & HP are really gonna have to hit a home run to catch up with iOS, Android, and even WP7 adoption at this point... Yeah I'm aware that WP7 devices aren't even out, but we're like two months away and Palm seems unlikely to launch anything before then, and MS has deep pockets and plenty of hardware launch partners.

Don't get me wrong, one of my best friends has a Pre and I do like the OS... I realize it's got a lot of upsides compared to Android, but one of the reasons that Android has done so well has absolutely nothing to do with the OS itself... If you want an Android device you've got a myriad of choices; keyboard, no keyboard, landscape, portrait, 3.5", 3.7", 4.0", 4.3", front cam, HDMI out, etc.

Even AT&T has at 'least two or three very different Android devices in their lineup and they've got the smallest lineup by far (Aria, Captivate, Backflip...). That's something that WP7 will enjoy too, even if the OS itself is more locked down. If Palm releases only one type of device, and doesn't even manage to get it on all four major carriers, they're gonna fail. Plain and simple.

To put it simply, you can't beat Apple at their own game, i.e. one centralized vision, either buy into it or go elsewhere. Google and MS realize this, so they've gone the other way and given consumers that don't buy into that one vision plenty of choices.

P.S. Currently I own an EVO, but I actually like the Pre's form factor and really really wanted one before more recent Android devices started to come out and Palm's future became murkier. I still think they need to diversify and release multiple devices, fast... Or WebOS is just gonna end up as a tablet OS exclusively, and I'm not sure HP would shed a tear.

I currently own a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon, but am looking to jump on The Android platform very soon. The Pre has an awesome UI experince and is simple to use, but just lacks the developer intrest to keep it going. As said above the Hardware is sub par when compared to the High end smartphones of today. The screen is to small. the keyboard is cramped, and dont even get me started on the amount of apps availabe for it.

Also when HP bought out Palm most of the big players that made webos great jumped ship or got canned. So who knows what this new iteration of webos will be like.I wish I could say its worth toughing it out for, but when awesome phones are almost coming out on a monthly basis Palm has lost ground, and not been aggresive enough to keep its share in hte market. That is why I'm eagerly awaiting the HTC Merge. It seems to have everything i want. A bigger screen, and from what the reviews say a way better keyboard than my duty old pre. Sorry Palm.

Jumped on the Evo launch day without hesitating although webos was visually appealing it didn't do anything I couldn't do on my Evo. I rarely opened more than one thing at a time so the multi-tasking was more of a novelty for me. The only new hardware I'm looking forward to is an Evo 2 with gingerbread, possibly honeycomb with the new sense UI.

I love my EVO but I have always said that if the EVO ran WebOS it would be the best phone on the market. In my opinion WebOS is the best mobile OS out there, hands down! They just need the hardware to go with it. I'm patiently waiting for a device worthy of WebOS. Hopefully it will be a reality by the time I can upgrade in July 2011

I got a Pre (Sprint) on day1. Bought an Evo last month and will probably not go back. The Pre was beautiful but poorly made. Many cool feature but slow. I can't tell you how many emails I accidently swiped into oblivion because the Pre was too slow in deleting the previous one. I really thought I'd miss the keyboard, but that has not been an issue. On a separate note, I see the Android OS dominating the market in a few years. Because there are several manufacturers making these devices (compared to ONLY 1 for the other 3), there is greater competition and faster improvement

Imo wheN ya got a 4.3 incher not having a physical keyboard isnt missed...especially with swype or the htc keyboard.

Yeah, before I bought my first smartphone (EVO), I actually wanted a portrait keyboard like the Pre... Seemed like a good compromise between usability and size, and I hated the keyboard on my iPod touch. I was still unsure whether I made the right choice when I got the EVO but Swype made me a convert. With the amount of reading I do on my phone's screen, I doubt I'd ever opt for a smaller (or bulkier) phone just to gain a keyboard. If anything I just want an even skinnier EVO!

WP7 will have plenty of different manufacturers building devices for it... So it's got that going for itself as well. Altho it seems the overall design will be more controlled (as far as hardware buttons, no microSD slots even, etc.). I think you're right tho, this is one of Android's greatest strengths and it has little to do with the OS itself, just the way Google manages it.

I wasnt really much of a phone person when I got my Pre, I had a brick before that couldnt even ring... So when I got the pre I thought it was the best phone ever, but as I started getting into things more there were alot of things that I didnt like about palm. All the main features I wanted that led me to buy one, Palm kept saying it will be on the next update and it wasnt! They still arent! after a year of me waiting, I decided to leave and get an EVO. NO way am I going back to Palm! Or whatever they become since HP bought them.

I've been debating this since I came from WebOS and was a littler scared about the transition. BUT THE FACT IS.. screw palm, they'll just release a phone that will be behind the curve. a "revamped" WebOS 2.0 would be awesome, I truly loved the operating system.. but if it's not kicking out 960 x 640 resolution, who's going to care? If they release with a 1ghz processor..whos going to care.. I thought I would, but it's been almost two years since the Palm Pre was announced, and since then it's been "plus'ed" (BIG FREAKIN DEAL). I just cant trust Palm to deliver the hardware or performance that I'm getting out of my Evo.

LOL, that article may, if proven to be fact, will send me to Sprint to purchase an Epic!

There is absolutely no way that I'd purchase a phone without a keyboard, sorry EVO!

I'm on my fourth Palm device & recently had a screw fall into my hand. WTH?? Since the phone still operates, I'm willing to hold off until an offical word is released from HPalm with specs on it's next device.

I may be reading this site more now and may be amongst you Android lovers by Christmas.

I must warn you that the landscape keyboards on Android suck! I have had my Epic now since day 1 launch and never use the keyboard because it is so bad. Trying to view information on the screen in landscape sucks. I use the swype keyboard and it is good, but you can't beat a good portrait slider hard keyboard. Yes, the Pre keyboard wasn't as good as my Blackberry one, but I liked it. Just don't buy an Epic for the keyboard, you will be disappointed. The Super AMOLED screen with gorilla glass is enough of a reason to buy it over the EVO in my opinion. I actually prefer the Samsung Touch Wiz UI over HTC sense, but I know I'm in the minority on that view. HTC does seem to support their devices with OS updates quicker than Samsung. I just hope Android 3.0 gets rid of the whole 3rd party UI on top so we can all get updates at one time when the carrier pushes them out. I'm rooting for Matias Duerte to give Android the Palm touch!


Please don't misunderstand me, I am not buying an Epic because I prefer it's keyboard. I have spent countless hours researching and playing with an Epic. I too, love WebOS and think it is without a doubt THE best mobile platform in the market! My reason for leaving Palm behind is for one reason and only one reason: the hardware sucks! I don't care for 500K useless apps, don't care about developers not flocking to the device, or any other reason many have defected from Palm. I wish I could place WebOS on an Epic-like device, it would be the best of both worlds, superior hardware with a superior operating system.

I like my overclocked/patched Pre that is customized to my needs! If my current Pre could last another six months, I'd stick around to see what HPalm releases, but it will not last until the end of the year. So, if I don't hear something I like from them, and I don't like it so farm then I am Android bound despite my fondness for WebOS.

I understand brother. Web OS is great, but the Pre hardware sucks. Picked up my Epic day 1 and overall the hardware is awesome. You won't be sorry about the build quality. My BIG complaint is e-mail on Android. Mine doesn't get email real time. I have to launch the e-mail app and then it downloads my e-mail. If I forward e-mail on Android it won't forward: HTML format and a lot of the time it won't forward basic text. You also can't go in and delete prior senders contact info from your e-mail. Cut and paste sucks compared to Web OS too. I don't know how they think Android will ever catch on with business users with such a poor e-mail experience. It's a good thing I carry a Blackberry for business and my Epic and prior Palm Pre are personal devices. My friend was trying to tell me e-mail on his EVO is better than his Pre. I sent him an e-mail at dinner one night. It came instantly on his Pre, the EVO didn't get it the entire meal. He finally opened his e-mail app after dinner and the EVO got the e-mail. I thought it was an Epic problem or Android 2.1, but he's running Froyo on his EVO and same problem.

Everyone raves about Web OS. But underneath the cool cards and notification system, there's some serious flaws:

-3 minute boot-up time
-Slow... like wait 10 seconds for your phone to respond slow (and don't blame hardware since I overclocked it to 1 Ghz)
-Limited video support out of the box (not that anyone want to watch anything on that screen

I'm done w/ Palm. Epic runs good and I don't need to carry a spare battery like I did w/ the Pre.

You forgot the Oreo effect, the power button issues and overheating. Not to mention the fact that if you hold an EVO then pick up a Pre, it feels like cheap toy.

I'll admit, I thought it was going to be the greatest thing ever, but the fact that the hardware was completely lacking and zero dev support, means I left as soon as I could (Thank you Sprint for 1yr upgrades). In a dream world it would be great to see WebOS as a UI over Android...but that will never happen.

I ditched my Palm Pre last week for an Evo. I'd used Palm devices since the Palm III. It just got to the point that I was too frustrated with the phone.

I was on a business trip in Texas a couple months ago and I'm trying to take a picture of something with the phone and the camera just won't work. I would get the "too many cards" warning repeatedly -- when there were no cards open.

I've had the Evo for 6 days and I'd never go back. The Evo does so much, so well that I can honestly use it instead of a netbook.

I thought I'd miss the physical keyboard. I don't. The screen is big enough that I think my typing is actually better on the Evo than it was on Pre's small buttons.

The only thing I do miss is the card view for switching between open applications. I can have plenty of applications open on the Evo, but copying, pasting and navigating between them is a few extra screen presses.

HPalm, listen closely. You better have some serious hardware in the works that will persuade the consumers to give you another try! Don't waste the time or money on a sub-par device like the Pre or it will be a HUGE embarrasement for Palm and HP alike! Let this be a lesson learned. WebOs is great but at launch it lacked some of the most basic features that cheap flip phones have. You will need to put WebOs on a SERIOUS piece of hardware!!! 4.0" or larger glass AMOLED screen, light/proximity sensors, 1.5+ ghz processor (preferrably dual core), 8mp or higher HD camera WITH HD video recording, hdmi output for ALL phones features, front facing camera for video calls is a MUST, different form factors with and without physical keyboard, dual stereo speakers, 4G/LTE is a MUST, built with high quality that feels solid and not cheap, slide keyboard needs to close smoothly without that loud clacking plastic sound, and last launch the devices on all major US carriers if possible. Anything less than this will result in another failure. Listen to your consumers or be stupid and listen to the tooth fairy... your choice HPalm.

Screw them, hope they fail. I was a palm user (three of them ) they have a poor loyal ethics toward their costumers.
Never again will buy their product, and will discorege any one from spend a cent in palm.

I first bought a Palm Pre Plus because I was loving the $49.00 price tag from Verizon, but then got jealous of my brother's HTC Evo. Now, being a fan of Verizon for 6 years now I sure as hell did not want to give up on my great service area (Cleveland, OH). So, I bought a used Motorola Droid (A855) and in the beginning it was awesome. The apps galore are great, especially combining my Garmin, ipod touch, and cell phone into one great device. But even after hacking (rooting) my A855 the performance sucks. It is still lagging eventhough overclocked at 1ghz, capable of 1.25. I still have my Pre, I was staying hopeful that HP/Palm would come up with some great stuff. Still don't have Google Maps with Navigation beta (sorry but Navit for 1.4.5 sucks ass). But I am sticking by my Pre and my Android to see who's updates are better. I am not a hacker or developer by any means but I know my way around Windows and Linux systems. WebOS is by far a more superior linux OS but just needs the developers to come around and make some great apps. If you could port Android market into WebOS (I know not really possible, but I can dream) would be the perfect OS. I think Palm with HP is the perfect marriage because I love HP products also.

Over 1 hour to remove and exchange account, 5 hours to sync it. It can take days to properly diagnose exchange problems with these phones.
It was a beautiful phone but ridiculously underpowered. Even simple tasks like opening the calendar can take 10 seconds once launched.
I don't know, I was very excited to get a Pre, after working on 4 others and the numerous exchange bugs. I decided to wait it out after hearing rumors of the Motorola Shadow.
Palm will need a supercharged processor, tons of memory, and very responsive OS, no physical keyboard or one that doesn't freak out after a few months of use before I would ever recommend it again.

The Pre was a good device for its time but its time past once the Droid came out 7/2009 & did everything
It did but better. Then with all the new additions with the WEB OS update the hardware could no longer efficiently handle the software. So naturally they should of hard a new more powerful webOS device by June 2010, but that never happen & that's where Palm lost me.

Plus the webOS software support is very poor. Not enough good useful apps & way too expensive. Documents to go was supposed to be available for the pre since summer 09, never happened, then in a key not presentation on YouTube they announced that flash support was coming Feb2010, that never happened. So even with a bigger faster new palm device you'll still have webOS2x... .. but it will have even less apps & no flash support. So this is why I researched and switched to the EVO & I'm loving it. Palm needs to used the HP money & step it up by a million. They've totally lost my trust, I change phones once a yr to stay current with mobile tech advances & palm is certainly not up to speed right now. What kills me is they see what's out there so keep up. Palm lost their spot in the mobile ranks, & to think Documents-to-go 1st appearance was on a palm device so how did they screw that up. Palm used to own the corporate market & the lost it to RIM. They're in a nose dive & I didn't want to be on board when they crashed & burn. Android is growing fast & strong

my wife and i love my palm. over clocked and preware is great. i recently grabbed a hero for my wife to use as a Ginny pig who also had a pre. its going back and she wants my pre lol... great phone but i have to say that webOS just works. Yes the app store is dust compared to apple or android but they work just fine. now with HP ( money bags ) i know there will alway be a palm device in out home. Im getting EVO cause i think thats a great phone as well. I'd love to see webOS ported the EVO :) I'd marry it then lol

There is no questioWebOS is the superior operating system. Its not even close. I get soo frustrated daily trying to do the simplest of tasks on my Epic because of the lack of true multi-tasking. Id switch back in a heartbeat. I haven't bee impressed with the android markket either. Document editing solutions are the only thing lacking in the palm catalog. Email is simply brutal on android. I have to pinch to resize every email so I can see the whole thing when its html where as webOS defaulted to an entire view. Miss synergy and the layered calendar......I could go on.....not impressed at all with android.

I still have a palm pre in the top drawer. The problem I had was that it kept going to "Phone Offline" because where I am (highlands of Scotland) there is a different signal strength around every corner where some glens have 3G and others 2G and so on. The Palm Pre wasn't able to switch bands without crashing the phone application every now and then when travelling. So sometimes callers would go to voice mail until I looked at the device to realise that it had gone into Phone Offline mode. That's really not good enough for me, I missed loads of important calls until I figured that out.

A lot of O2 UK users got upset with the Palm Pre and their forums have loads of complaints with faulty handsets and the appalling service they offer to palm users.

I bought an android phone out of contract (expensive) and then ended up becoming a developer for android because it is such an amazing platform.

I gave WebOS a year of my life after using and loving Palm products for almost 10 years. I'm gone now with no regrets after suffering through Palm's total blow-off of their long-time users complaints about the pathetic calendar application. So many of the functions available for keeping track of who I had met with and when just disappeared with the move from PalmOS to WebOS, and there seemed to be no interest at Palm for beefing the calendar back up.

I'm on to the Epic 4G, which I'm still getting used to. Right from the door, however, it was clear that Android is doing much better with those basics. I liked many things about the Pre, not least of which was how compact it was. But I'm so much less annoyed at my phone right now, and still so incredulous that Palm seemed to care so little for holding on to their long-time customers, that I'm pretty much done with considering Palm as an option any more.

In a word "absofuckinglutely!!!" My Epic is an interesting device but much more cumbersone to use for simple everyday task. I miss a lot of the things about my Pre and if come July they have fixed the lack of editing and upgraded the hardware I am absolutely going back. I heard about the vaunted Market so much that I thought it would be worth the switch but most of the real needs I found were met by the Homebrew's work anyway!

If you don't know me your dead...I am TeckieGirl and I am going thru palm withdrawl. I still have my Pre but the reason i went droid was because of the lack of a new webos device for sprint...for 2 FREAKING YEARS!!! I got my Pre opening day. Then a long time after that we got 1.4 in March last year then the droid invasion happened with better hardware and apps. We waited forever for 1.4.5. and then straw broke the camels back with no new Pre. The Pre 2 is coming to Verizon and AT&T.

That was IF the Pre matches the hardware, specs with a better app store I will go back. Remember, you are not dealing with just palm anymore...its HP. But for now I am nuts about the epic...its all i wanted and hoped for. Love the media hub, you have the same apps as apple. Someone needs to clean up your apps store...or call the police. If I had not just got the media store, I would have left because of that.

All in all I am happy with my choice...for now.