Stand-alone gaming console isn't going away, but you may just see the ecosystem grow to more devices soon

Since launching its Android-powered gaming console to the public in the middle of last year, OUYA hasn't exactly been in the spotlight. Taking to its official blog, the OUYA team wanted to give us an update on what's been happening at the company and of course to tease something new. In the last year, the OUYA store has grown to hold 675 games — 10 times what the console launched with — and over 30,000 developers have downloaded the OUYA Development Kit to date. Add to that the fact that OUYA has received 10 software updates in 11 months and you'll know there are some busy folks over there.

"OUYA is about games and game developers, not about the way you get it."

But OUYA isn't stopping there, the gaming company is teasing a new initiative it calls "OUYA Everywhere," a way to get the OUYA platform onto more devices and games into more people's hands no matter where they are. It's hard to tell at this point whether this will be new purpose-built gaming hardware, mobile gaming rigs or just OUYA software on your standard phones and tablets, but it surely is exciting. Everyone's trying to find a place in mobile gaming, and while it may not be the biggest, OUYA certainly has made a name for itself.

Apparently the company is in discussions with "a handful of partners" currently, but the point was also made that the stand-alone OUYA console isn't going away with this new plan to expand the ecosystem reach.

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OUYA lets us know what it's been up to, teases 'OUYA Everywhere' platform on new devices


I always seem to forget about the ouya but when I see it I really want one. Other finances though sadly

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i was thinking maybe Smart TV's that have the capability to run games like Ouya. Like having the system built in if that's possible?

I forgot about the Ouya. When I wasted my money on that Wii U I could've gotten an Ouya instead.

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It's cool. I like Wii U (my favorite of this gen so far), but I would not mind having an OUYA. If not for Amazing Frog? alone!

Posted through my Nexus 7!

My wife thought I was insane watching me play Amazing Frog! My son loved it!!

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biggest mistake ouya made was not having Google play service which meant if you purchased a game already on Google play and wanted to play it on ouya, you would have to purchase again.

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It would not surprise me if Google is one of the partners that it's talking to. This could be Google's way into the Console market and further into the Living room's.

Ouya, Google Play and a built in Chromecast.... Hmmmm....

I use my kick start Ouya to run XBMC... Its perfect as long as you use a wired network connection... Add the XBMC Remote for your Android phone and its a great little entertainment system... a little disappointed in the lack of "Hackable" support they offer, but all in all its does the trick

i use my ouya almost exclusively for xbmc... i have no issues with wireless networks, though.
it almost has chromecast capabilities with the ouya remote on my phone (via sharing to xbmc) and a chrome extension on my pc

Hopefully I'll get my Kickstarter one soon. Just in time for the new one to come out. Full disclosure, they didn't have my address and I forgot about them until recently... But hopefully it's on it's way now. :D