OUYA teardown

With just a few common tools you can have your new OUYA torn apart and spread all over your desk

The $99 OUYA console is gradually making its way into the hands of Kickstarter backers, so the folks over at iFixit had to do what they do best -- tear it apart. The news is good here, and if you're the type who regularly has their electronics all over a workbench in multiple pieces, you'll appreciate the internal design and engineering.

The casing of both the console itself and the controller are simple to crack open, and extracting the big pieces is easy. No special tools are necessary, and you can put away that heat gun as you'll only need hex and Phillips head drivers to completely disassemble both parts. In fact, the only "difficult" user-servicable part to remove is the CPU heat sink, which is soldered in place versus using metallic clips.

Now we don't expect (nor do we recommend) that the average user will get out a set of screwdrivers and tear apart their new OUYA. But it's nice to know that if you ever need to do something like replace a dust-choked fan, or the circuit board of the joysticks, it's easy to do yourself or to have someone else do it for you. Hit the source link for a complete walkthrough of the process, chock full of part numbers and pictures.

Source: iFixit


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The OUYA gets an iFixit teardown, rates 9 of 10 for repairability


thats good, I am hoping Google release Nexus Q as a gaming device like this with streaming feature announced last year.

When your product looks like it was built by a college freshman out of an Electronics Project kit, yeah, your teardown process will be easy as pie... ¬¬

That's good. I like the idea of easy replacement, just like I prefer to have a car with cheap replacement parts. We don't all drive Lexus and BMW model vehicles.