Microsoft's Outlook app for Android has some new tools to go with a new set of colors

Microsoft has updated the Outlook app for Android, and with the new version they have brought some changes that they think will make for a better mail experience. The bullet points here are server-side search, improved offline mail storage, new app colors, vacation replies and account aliases. It's a healthy update to an app that serves millions of users.

The biggest change for power-users is the server-side searching. Previously, if you wanted to find something in your mailbox you had to make sure it was downloaded. With today's update, both your local mailbox and Microsoft's storage can be searched. The addition of a new color scheme, and things like account aliases should also be welcome.

We still say Gmail is the best way to get your mail on your Android, but if you're tied to Outlook, things just got a little bit better. You can grab the app or the update via the Google Play link above.

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wmayfield says:

This isn't an Outlook app, it's an Outlook.com app. Outlook is the Windows email client that goes with the Exchange server while Outlook.com is the successor to Hotmail.

I understand wanting to get away from the Hotmail name, but I really wish they hadn't confused it with Outlook.

StuartV says:

Thank you for posting that! I was about to install it.

pckocher says:

Ditto. I was confused, too. Having run a home business doing tech support for a while, I was disappointed when MS decided to begin the "Outlook" confusion for my clients.

rudyy50 says:

Gmail will be usable when they give it a dark theme.

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15israellai says:

Because colours are a deal breaker, lol.

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ConTejas says:

LOL seriously. But but I have an OLED display and can save .00000001% battery...

OptimusL says:

Haha yeah I always see those types of comments.

dmw_4814 says:

Because the white theme at night is BLINDING!!

I drive a tractor-trailer for a living, and I do a lot of driving at night.

ScottJ says:

You must be from the crowd that would ask for a dark theme for a whiteboard app. Silliness beyond measure.

outlooker says:

Gmail already lets you choose themes in the desktop version.

aitt says:

Sad to see MS willing to work with Android on MS apps, yet Google wants to be asses on release a rich app of YouTube for WP, or even letting MS release their rich app.

ConTejas says:

MS willing?! I don't think so. More like they have to as there's probably more Android users using their app than on WP. Hoping to wow potential new customers.

ScottJ says:

It's about time that Microsoft has to "kiss the ring" of another tech company. They certainly demanded it so many others over the years. Paybacks are a bitch.

doomtuba says:

I have both Android and MS products and it pisses me off that Google won't make any apps for them. Their pettiness is screwing over us, as the consumer. I switched to outlook.com email because they didn't offer a WP8/W8 app. Not everybody is a devoted fanboy. I like using my Nexus 7 as well as my Lumia.

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brendilon says:

Why should Google spend time and money developing apps for a platform that has an insignificant number of users? There's a reason Microsoft's app store is so small, no one wants to develop for a tiny platform. MS had to buy Nokia to keep them from jumping ship to Android.
Besides' it's not as though MS has actually developed any useful apps for Android, such as MS Office.
The difference between Windows Phone and WebOS is that MS had the money to keep throwing at a failing OS, while Palm did not.

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kullkid92x says:

"There's a reason Microsoft's app store is so small, no one wants to develop for a tiny platform." It's no longer 'tiny' actually lol it has around 175k apps

Lets not forget Android hit 200k apps in late 2011, three years after its release in October 2008. That's just for prospective cause I'm one of those that doesn't give much weight to app count, but instead quality. C'mon we all remember here in AC when android got 150k apps we all complained they were 90% crap and not such good quality lol but hey you gotta start somewhere...

That's where the hatred from users who use multiple platforms (this case, WP and Android) come towards Google. If you follow both AC and WPcentral you would know that Google really has no justification for not supporting their customers, even if its a couple million.

We are on the edge of losing Blackberry as a competitor in the consumer market, why cheer for a two horse race? Its sad really. Look how Apple had to get their shit together because Android IS a threat. It would be awesome if we can at least have 3 competitors getting their shit together.

Bjspina1101 says:

One addition in the update is a preview of new mail in the notification bar. Now I can at least see if it is worth going to the app to see the email.

LL HUGH J says:

The number 1 relevant thing in the update IMO. Unbelievable it took this long to implement that.

DavidJ726 says:

While I'm not a big fan of MS, when it comes to e-mail, Google has a long way to go before it catches up with Outlook.

If You're talking about Outlook.com / Hotmail, that might be a different story.

ScottJ says:

Outlook is shit. I suffered with that application for a decade and an half. My new company (90K employees) ditched all MS products except Windows and is a Google-only shop now. I'm very happpy.

TeknoBug says:

Is Microsoft+Seven really Microsoft? The Outlook app isn't all that great anyways, stock email (well HTC one on my HTC One X) is more than good enough.

hmmm says:

I think K9 is better than either option. I still get my push gmail (and Hotmail which is forwarding to my gmail acount) and I don't have to use the ugly, clunky conversation view.

wickets says:

In settings outlook has a conversation view option. I'm either thick as a brick, or conversation view means something different over at yhoo Vs. goog, because I cant get it to show. Those cards goog has now are just sooooooooo hard to give up

l_t_freeman says:

I wish they had a trash can to empty deleted messages. Usually I have to delete one at a time!

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deltatux says:

I still fail to understand why I need to use a separate app for just Outlook.com (aka Hotmail), I use the standard email client and it works perfectly. All Outlook.com accounts have Microsoft ActiveSync support and just use the Microsoft Exchange option on the Android device and you're good to go.

With the outlook.com app, you can have your emails organized with threaded conversations. I believe the send to JUNK email filter works here too, like the web interface.

conanheath says:

I will take outlook over Gmail any day. Interface is so much cleaner and easier to use. I don't have to reach all the way to top, past all the bs to delete, move, etc. Only reason I have a Gmail is for android. If I want complicated I will get on my computer. Gmail interface is too busy and they just keep adding crap and advertisements.

ATT Note 3

Wish it had thread support, like most email apps. Like if I reply the person, and he replies back, and we have a conversation by replying, it would be threaded, and not listing each email.

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Gmail is not the best way to go on android!! I don't even get notifications for gmail on my Samsung note.
Outlook is better for me

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