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Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic


We picked up the Otterbox Defender case for the Motorola Droid Bionic recently, and let's give it the what-for. If you've never tried an Otterbox case, think of it as one of those nuclear waste disposal containers, only for smartphones. OK, maybe not quite that impenetrable, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anything that protects your phone better.

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Actually, when you're looking at an Otterbox case, you're looking at more than one layer of protection. In the case of the Droid Bionic Defender case, there's three. Let's break 'em down.

Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

First is a hard plastic shell. It nearly completely covers the phone, leaving room for the ports and buttons. There's also a plastic film that protects the screen, with cutouts for the front-facing camera and earpiece. On the back, there are cutouts for the camera and noise-cancelling mic.

 Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

On top of that goes a rubber skin. You'll want to work it a bit to make sure it fits just so. Once it's on, every button and port on the phone is covered, but still accessible. Flaps cover the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microUSB and HDMI ports -- be sure to reseat them properly when you're done with them.

 Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid BionicOtterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Otterbox Defender for Droid Bionic

Ad finally you have the hard plastic holster. It's got a sturdy belt clip that rotates, so you can wear the phone in any direction you want. You also can wear the phone either face-in or face-out -- it works just fine either way.

This should go without saying, but a slim case this is not. But you knew that, right? Instead, what you get in the Otterbox Defender is a bulky, sturdy skin, case and holster for your Droid Bionic. It's actually kind of fitting when you think about it. It's not a dainty phone, and this certainly is not a dainty case.


Reader comments

Otterbox Defender case for the Droid Bionic


I'm glad to see that Otterbox has finally realized that it would benefit them to have cases available at the launch of all popular phones & not just the iPhone.

It took about 6 months after the Droid X was released before they had cases on the market for it. I don't know how many times I emailed them wanting to know when they were coming & had almost gotten a case from Seidio because of their delay.

Totally agree. It took forever to get the defender for my evo 4g. When I had the iPhone 3g (back before I knew ant better) I got it on day one in store. Even when it was availesble for evo it was online only.

That said, I love otter but that case looks HUGE!!!! Never seen the bionic in person so maybe that phone is just bigger. Not sure.

All I know is I hope they have one for very quick for the epic touch and its a bit slimmer.

The Defender series is for serious protection. I have one for my son's iPhone 3G and you can literally drop it from a two-story building with no damage.

If you don't need the protection of the Defender series (and really, not many do), try the Commuter series. It's still a hell of a lot more protection than most people need, and it's considerably less bulky.

Yeah I got a defender for my Atrix originally but it was just so thick that I finally ordered a Commuter and am so much happier. The Defender while great for protection and yes over kill as well it is just way to thick and the rubber on the outside makes it very hard to deal with it going in and out of ones pocket.

Commuter for the win.

How could they possibly make it compatible with an extended battery considering the shell is custom fit to specific dimensions?

The extended battery for the Droid X is only about 1mm thicker. I think the extended battery for the Bionic adds more than that.

My friend got this. Makes the phone ugly as sin. And any kind of anti-glare screen protector makes a pentile matrix screen look likt total crap (even more so than people already believe).

I took my anti-glare's back to verizon and got a regular screen protector on my bionic and its wayyyy better. I actually like the screen on bionic.

Anyway, otterbox is way overpriced and wayyy ugly.

Good luck with that theory. One of my friends dropped his wifes phone from a low coffee table and it hit just right on the corner and shattered the glass. Had he had a the otterbox, there would have been no problem. Cheaper than the insurance they offer.

I got the otter box for my phone because I work construction. It is invaluable for that purpose. I don't think "sexy" really matters when you need it for functionality. And I agree the screen cover on the otter box definitely hinders the screen on the droid, especially in direct sunlight.

I ordered one when I ordered the Bionic. It is very bulky!
I RETURNED it as I didn't like the belt clip--phone fell off by belt.

I got the Otterbox for my Bionic last week and I really love it. Even though it is bulky, the Bionic is big enough that you really don't notice the extra bulk..OK I don't.

I was skeptical of the screen protector and it is a real grease attractor and any finger grease on the overlay is annoying- I think more annoying than with other displays. Maybe that is the display issue. So I find my self a lot fussier about wiping that screen than on my previous phone. FYI I'm coming from a Droid Eris.

Maybe maybe screen protectors seem unnecessary with Gorilla Glass, but I am outdoors a lot hiking and often encounter things that are harder than GG and could scratch.

I also thought that the rubberized covering would attract lint-it has a really cool velvety feel to it-but mine still looks fresh.

Ugly? Well maybe, but on this phone ugly works for me. Makes the Bionic seem like the the smart phone analog of a touring car.

You forgot to mention the belt clip acts as a stand when fully compressed. The case should be called an Otter Block. I had to apply for a CCW to use this thing. It makes a good anti car jacking device. It is rather big, but if you're hard on your device you shouldn't have much to worry about with this case.

Defender is overkill unless you work in an environment where you're phone is at risk. The Commuter series is a more practical case. I have one for my Dink. It's awesome.

Military here and I bumped,knocked, dropped from low and high places, leaned against and have accidently dropped AND kicked at the same time my last phone that was cased in an Otterbox defender and I just sent it off today to Verizon to recycle for $44 and it was sent without a scratch on it and fully functional. It may not be pretty but at least in my line of work and I know others in high impact (police, construction, emergency, military, etc) that it will save your phone over and over again. I bought it day one for my Bionic and for me and a lot of others it is money well spent.

Shoot the guy I work with who sold me on otterbox dropped his out of his unzipped backback while rock climbing 40ft off a shear face and when he rappelled down to get it all he had to do was dust off the case and the phone was not worse for the wear.

Yeah. I agree. It was the perfect case for my son's iPhone initially because I didn't trust that he wouldn't drop or otherwise abuse it. After he showed some responsibility I let him drop down to a Commuter.

Don't sweat the haters. It's like this on every product review. People feel the need to pipe in to say that an item is not appropriate for a purpose it was never intended for. I bet if the forum were about cars and discussing the Lincoln Navigator people would pipe in to say that it's too big or hard to parallel park.

The Defender Series cases from OtterBox are amazing. I bought one for my Evo 3D and a friend gave me hers because she's not as rugged with her phones.

All in all I used one case for testing and the other just in case I screwed up the first one.
I did the following test since I have total protection insurance :

1. Threw phone at least 10 feet in the air and let bounce in middle of street.
2. Threw phone into a brick wall from 10 feet away. (Really hard)
3. Ran over phone with both wheels of a bike 5 times. (I was riding)
4. Ran over phone with front and rear wheels of my car. (I'm crazy) (1 time)
5. Used phone as a chew-toy. (My pitbull)

Final analysis :
First case's hard shell slightly scratched, screen protector still in place, and rubbery outsole a little torn from my doggy.
Phone looks like I took it right out of the box, and acts the same too.

Using second case now. Really not trying to test my luck...

so, does the Defender case make the phone any more water-proof? I need such a gizmo for times I am out fishing on my kayak ...