HTC America President Jason Mackenzie has taken to Twitter to give a rough date about the HTC Sense 6 update for the original M7 model HTC One. According to Mackenzie, users in the U.S. and Canada should expect to have received the update by the end of May.

There was no mention of when the rest of the world should expect the update, but previously HTC promised to have devices updated this spring. Get ready for another interesting round of sparring between HTC and the carriers to get these updates pushed out in time!


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Original HTC One to get Sense 6 by the end of May


That's cool, but I'll be rocking the new HTC One by the end of this week. I do plan on keeping my current HTC One as a backup though.

Just in case you're not being sarcastic.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE is released July 5, 2012 with 4.0 (ICS).

4.1 (JB) came out July 9, 2012

4.2 (JB) came out November 13, 2012

4.3 (JB) came out July 24, 2013

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE is still sitting on 4.0 (ICS)

Yeah, HTC sucks. I'll never buy another HTC phone.

The galaxy stellar is only one android 4.1 and came out around the same time. So according to your logic Samsung sucks too.

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Yeah pick a non-flagship phone, where is the sgs3 gonna be in a month?

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The HTC incredible 4G LTE is also a non flagship phone. Got to compare apples to apples. I mean oranges to oranges. Lol.

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Compare this to their record in the last 6 months, and their HTC Advantage program guaranteeing updates on their phones...that's a little bit like saying you'll never own a Chevy because your '72 Vega was a piece of crap. Give HTC some credit for hearing the upgrade concerns and fixing them recently

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The point though is that they ARE doing it which you can't say the sane of other OEMs

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I talked two people into getting the new one over gs5 yesterday and they were thanking me all day long. #truestory


Don't mind Nonexus he has a grudge with Htc he has to always come on an Htc post and bad mouth them, at first I was like you but I have given up in trying to talk sense in him in all honesty he knows his phones but for whatever reason he has to take every opportunity to bad mouth htc.

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+1 you did this world a huge favor! Every purchase counts long live htc and may more Samsung factories burn to the ground

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Perhaps HTC will make the Sense 6 upgrade for the M7 available via Google Play, if that's possible. Yet a preceeding OTA would probably be necessary to set up future updates via Google Play.

Given the amount of core apps that are to be updated this will definitely be OTA only, but as you said an update before this could make it so the individual apps could be updated via Play, but then that update would have to come OTA too.

Certain parts maybe but there would definitely need to be a core foundation first given how deep Sense is in the phone.

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Is it really the original One? As in, the One X from 2 years ago? The tweet doesn't specify that. I still have a One X as a spare.

Well it says original HTC One, should the HTC One(M7) in the pictures. So you you right it's probably the HTC One X...

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It said "original HTC One", not "original HTC One X" or "original HTC One V" or "original HTC One S". Why would you think it's anything other than the M7?

My poor old HTC Rezound (which I got 2 years ago) is sitting on Android 4.0.3 and Sense version 3.6!
It's a shame that this stuff never gets updated. A waste really. My phone functions fine and as my contract gets near the end of is 2 years, I'd love to be able to just keep the phone, got to a pay by month plan, and not have to sign up for another 2 years. But since there's pretty much no way they're going to update it ever, I'm pretty much stuck getting a new phone just so I can get fairly current software, etc.

Also loved everything about my Rezound...except the battery life! You have to realize though, that the Rezound is like 5-6 generations back (depending on how you count) so maybe it's a little unrealistic to expect it to be updated to current levels?

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I keep seeing people say that but I never had any issues with mine. I brought the extended life battery and almost never used it.

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Well at least now HTC is promising to support all new phones going forward for two years. If you buy a new one now, you'll get updates until the contract is up.

Planning to actually install a Sense 6 ROM on my M7 soon from XDA.
(Obviously it won't have all the bells and whistles of the actual HTC rom, but it works.)

Still, I'm very happy to hear this.

A nice refresher for those who's still using Sense 5.5.

From what I've seen, it's a welcome improvement and I'm ready to embrace it with open arms.

Not sure why you say that. They delivered getting 4.2.2 out by their self imposed deadline. I think a couple of carriers were delayed, but that was due to the carriers, not HTC

Why does HTC seem to be favouring the US for getting updates first, do they sell more HTC ones there than anywhere else?

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When will these company's realize it doesn't so much hurt their sales from upgrading the previous models to current firmwares.

I think it's the opposite people will see the company supports their products and are more likely to stay with that brand and eventually purchase the newer model. Apple gets it, with at least the last 2-3 gens getting the latest firmware update. Treat your customers good and they will keep coming back.

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So do we also get the motion launch features(the double tap to wake up the phone and all) to the M7 with this update?

My guess would be no to the motion features. The M8 has motion sensors built in to achieve the motion gestures. Unless the M7 has them which I don't think it does.

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All modern phones have accelerometers.

Motion launch capability is a processor function (unless you want massive battery drain)

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The SnapDragon 800/801 has a dedicated motion processor that allows the phone to support various forms of gestures (like LG's Knock Knock) without having a large impact on battery life.

You could port it to the M7, but because the SD 600 lacks that chip, you may notice a difference in battery life.

You could get swipe/touch to wake with a modified kernel that works based on interrupts so that battery drain is almost the same as not having it. Seems unlikely that HTC will do that much work though.

Hasn't it already? Or was that just an OS update. Either way it will almost certainly get it as its basically the same phone.

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I assume this is for unlocked version... the carrier version will probably take a bit longer

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Sweet! Glad to see HTC pushing forward with everything despite their problems. IMO they make the best phones in the business right now so I hope they can keep it going.

My Dell PC was top of the line when I bought it, but it still has Office 2010 and Windows 7! Dell is really lagging! I am never going to buy another Dell PC, their update schedule sucks! They didn't even upgrade my World of Warcraft from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria!

Oh well, at least I know KIA is going to upgrade the gas mileage on my Sorrento...and add the rear camera for free (for those of you with broken sarcasm sensors.....)

Seriously folks, smartphones are the only market I can think of where everyone has a fit when what they buy STAYS the same. I look at phone updates as a nice little bonus. A bonus which, by the way, HTC has gotten much better at providing lately. Funny thing is, the people that complain the most are the ones that will only keep the phone for a year or two anyway (length of contract) and then upgrade as soon as possible, whether it has been updated of not.

Dell might not upgrade your laptop, but you can go to the store and get a windows 8 install disk, or just download it to a USB drive, install it, and, almost always, you can find all the drivers you need and not run in to any issues. Phones are not that way. You are completely and totally dependent (not counting custom roms) on the manufacturer for updates. It would be as if Dell were actually putting locks on the BIOS so that you couldn't install any other operating systems, and only they could upgrade it. No one would buy a laptop if it were stuck on whatever version of windows it shipped with forever.

Looking forward to Sense 6, although I might upgrade before the end of May.

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