For those interested, the Australian G1 or we guess, the HTC Dream, has been photographed under seductive light and well, surprise! it looks the same. Well, other than the HTC logo being under the speaker instead of the T-Mobile branding, this is the G1 you know and love.

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[tb tech via engadget]

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Optus HTC Dream Photographed, Looks the Same


Does anybody know about the update path in Australia? I got the HTC from Optus but it looks like the firmware is a little behind and I can't find anything about the update schedule.

Nope, Optus have no idea what they're doing with this phone in my opinion.

still no word on the update nearly 2 and a half months after it's been available to the rest of the world.

Toying with the idea of sending my phone and contact back to them and getting the Magic or Hero with another carrier.