Oppo N1 Mini

As we expected, Oppo today has officially unveiled the N1 Mini. The Mini is sporting a 5-inch screen, 720p HD display and running on Color OS 1.4. It does have LTE bands as well, along with a beefy 13MP camera. No other details were given as far as internal hardware, but Oppo is holding an event on June 10th where we should get all the goods.

While it's called a "mini", it's not necessarily a small device. The Mini tag comes from the fact that it's smaller that the 6-inch N1. It's still somewhat of an odd looking device as well, but that could make it appealing to some users.

The Oppo N1 Mini will be available in select regions starting June 11th.

What do you think of the N1 Mini? Freakishly ugly or amazingly cool? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Oppo; Via: G4Games


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Oppo officially announces the N1 Mini, revealing some specifications


Oppo seem to be really trying, i quite like em a lot.

One thing that does make me chuckle though......

Mini....5 Inch Screen lol

It really isn't that big of a deal. I had a 5" 720p screen on a device and it looked pretty great to me. I personally can't tell the difference.

I get that, but it's at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other phones with similar form factors
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Yep and it's especially bad with the white case surrounding it, makes it look like R2D2.

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No, it has plenty of meaning, but it doesn't mean what it should. It should mean it's a small device, and that's it. Instead, it just means it's smaller than some other phone and has much worse specs.

The word, and concept, of "mini" has been ruined in phones. This is yet another "mini" device that merely brings it down to last year's flagship size which was ALREADY too large for a lot of people. Really getting tired of this. My girlfriend seems perfectly content with the Nexus 4 I gave her, except for hating the size. She misses her iPhone for that. Everyone seems content to ignore her.

The Moto X has better specs than the Nexus 4, has a very similar experience, and is quite a bit smaller (5mm shorter, 3.5mm narrower) and easier to hold. You should sell the 4 and get her an X.

I've considered it, but it's a tough case for a non-guarantee. Also, with the X+1 around the corner, or whatever it ends up being, I don't want to jump yet.

It's adorable, but I wouldn't call that "mini" by any stretch of the imagination.

I think the term "Mini" has morphed into just meaning "smaller than the bigger one", which is stupid.