Opera Mobile for Android

Opera Mobile for Android has been in beta for what seems like forever -- we first got a look at it at Mobile World Congress way back in February. But it's nearing completion, and the popular mobile browser should be released within a month, Opera announced on its blog this morning. It's trumpeting full hardware acceleration and pinch-to-zoom at the low levels. Will it take over as our daily browser? We'll find out in a month when it's available at Opera.com and in the Android Market. [Opera]


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Opera Mobile for Android coming out of beta within a month


If it can run the BBC page (as it is on the above pic) then it is one up on my Desire after T-Mobile's German Froyo update!

I've been using opera since it came out. didn't know it was beta. wrks great. way faster than stock browser. Motorola Droid

i have to agree. been using opera for quite awhile and its way faster than the standard browser. was unaware that this was a beta though.

You're talking about Opera Mini, not Opera Mobile. There's a difference, trust me. :)

Also, I'm not really too impressed with the stock browser. It has issues with taking half a second to respond to clicks sometimes and it's not too quick despite me being on 6 Mbit/s. I think this'll be good.

If the Android version is the same as WM on HD2, Opera Mobile will automatically rewrap the text as you pinch zoom, a serious deficiency with mobile Safari. Since Safari does not rewrap the text, you are required to horizontally scroll to read each line of wide, or single column pages after pinch zooming which gets old after about two lines, or use a reliable bookmarklet. Those same pages with Opera Mobile on HD2 rewrap automatically to prevent the dreaded horizontally scrolling. Hopefully, the Android version will include the automatic text rewrap feature at least as a user selectable option.

Opera Mini is a lite version of Opera. It compresses and loads pages on Opera's servers, then sends them to your phone. It isn't a full browser at all. Opera Mobile is a full browser that works great. Those of us that used Windows Mobile know how great it is. IE was awful. I just hope Opera stays the same and does not make a watered-down webkit version for Android as Skyfire did. I love webkit, but for a new browser, we need something different, not the same as every other Android browser.

Mini is coming out of beta, as well as Opera Mobile being released for Android within a month. They are not the same. Huge difference.

Opera Mobile loads pages on your phone. Mini is compressed version rendered on their server. Opera Mobile has a ton more options, like password manager. You will see the difference. Opera Mini is basically just an app. Opera Mobile is a full browser, with a lot more capabilities than Mini. Just hope they give Android the same version as windows. We have enough webkit choices.

What benefits do I get with a "non-webkit" version of internet browser? I just got my EVO, but it seems to load all websites super fast and accurately. I came from a BB, and everyone wanted webkit browsing. Now we need an alternative? Maybe I just don't know the benefits...

Ok...where can I get Opera Mobile for Android Beta?
I can't find it anywhere. The only one which is available is Opera Mini.

The beta is not available. That is what is being released within the next month. Opera Mini Beta has become just Opera Mini. Opera Mobile Beta will be released within a month.