OnePlus One

While many are still waiting for OnePlus to hand out enough invitations for its debut Android flagship, the One, Oppomart has confirmed on its website the retailer has units in stock for purchase. We recently reviewed the "flagship killer", which sports impressive hardware at an affordable price, something other manufacturers fail to do for consumers. Oppomart has the 16GB OnePlus One listed for $389.

There is a catch, however.

This isn't the full CyanogenMod version folks are waiting for. From the Oppomart site:

Because of CyanogenMod is not ready for Oneplus One yet, so all phones installed Color OS now. You can update your phone with CyanogenMod ROM from Oneplus official site or CyanogenMod community a few days later.

Head over to Oppomart (which, to be clear, is not affiliated with OnePlus) today and order your own OnePlus One if you're willing to pay a bit extra and deal with the potential differences between this device and the one OnePlus intends to sell in the U.S. Be sure to check out our previous coverage of the Android smartphone for more images, details and our impressions of the device. It's not a bad deal for an unlocked flagship killer, that's for sure. Let us know in the comments if you're considering to make a purchase.

Source: Oppomart; thanks, Adrian, for the tip!


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Skip waiting for invites and purchase the OnePlus One at Oppomart for $389


Hi i was wondering, i have already ordered the oneplus one from oppomart. how bad is it like are the phones fake or what gives them a bad reputation?

This is a joke compared to note 3...

Bar the snapdragon 801 which the note 3 doesn't have, what more can this phone do? Nothing.

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Yeah, it doesn't.
Edit, unless you buy from this one retailer, this one time, for just the next few days, and then you can update.

Guess which version we are talking about? That's right, this version with ColorOS installed, which is crap.

The CM 11 Version is not available for crap (invite my butt, they do not have the supply chain in place for any real volume) so we are not talking about it...

Sure..budDyboy..sure...Reminder: what did they say about availability/shipping at the announcement?
... ( 0ppo F5) ...

That it would ship with cm11? It doesn't yet.

That it would be ready in q2? Missed that.

We are in what, 30+ weeks of this BS AND THEY STILL CANNOT GET IT RIGHT

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Come on, now you are big enough on their forums to know better. Look at the update marked may 6th, which is AFTER they knew they had production problems.

In the announcement I directed you to it says Q2 and wasn't it a week or so ago that they announced they were going to miss that for a variety of reasons?

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Well i still recommend you to go back to reading a little newer news..because the reason to the delay was fixed the 12th of ..what day is it

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

Guess you're not so good with math. We are still in Q2.
It's still going to ship with CM11 and already has.
30 weeks? from their announcement, or what? they are still at release window. You make it sound like we're in 2015 still waiting.. Stop whining about nothing.

They said they were going to miss that q2 deadline. It has been thirty plus weeks of hollow hype, as per their announcement section on their own forums. That isn't my number but theirs
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No, dude. You can buy the OnePlus from a lot of places right now. They all have ColorOS on them. It's been that way for weeks, and will be that way for several more weeks.

They are all in one market. Kinda makes it hard to use Chinese bands in the us

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There is no appreciable increase in any of the specs over the Note 3. None. For a phone that has really yet to be release (though it was supposedly coming 4 months ago) I would have thought that they could easily beat a 6 month old phone.

Not to mention Touchwiz still beats ColorOS, and is more feature packed than CM (lets not even mention that neither CM nor ColorOS can get their crap together on this phone).

Add in the fact that Samsung is a well established company with a good reputation (unlike the shadiness of OPPO) and the One Plus is not a phone that should really be considered.

Maybe in a few years when they get their crap together, but right now it is one shady thing after another. The only thing alluring is the price tag, but you get what you pay for...

It's funny but year after year after year Samsung puts everyone to shame in terms of sales numbers. Sure some of it is marketing, but guess what? A lot is that it is a good quality phone that has features included that people want.

If it was such a cramps product, word would get around and sales numbers would suffer. The exact opposite is true. Sales have increased.

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85% marketing. they spend more than everyone else combined in the android camp.. Once again, Beats headphones, ipads, guess, prada etc.. Idiots flock to well known (advertised) brands.

Selling the most certainly doesn't mean you're the best.

"Idiots flock to well known (advertised) brands."

So, what does that make you? You're smarter than 100s of millions of people, simply because you prefer a different brand? What the fuck kinda logic is that?

Well hundreds of millions of people are idiots, but mostly it just means I actually research what I buy, and others don't. Some simply don't care, and get whatever they heard about as being good (marketing), others care and really believe the hype, and more still just get it cause their friends have it. Some people probably genuinely like it completely on their own even after trying alternatives, but I'll wager that's a small minority of buyers.

Same with politics, some people really just do what the tv and radio tell them without actually coming to a conclusion logically. It's amazing and sad, but it's true.

100's of millions are idiots, but your the smart one....gotcha...

Go shill somewhere else. You are tiresome with this.

OPPO and its shell company OnePlus are turning out to be the biggest scams since Enron

Don't forget Xiaomi's flash sales in certain countries.

Sold out in 2 minutes and you can only buy them once per week.

Bigger scam?

There is no " the best" that's through the consumers eyes and their opinion and those all vary and from that logic a lot of ppl like Samsung

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Sure, most of it is marketing, but what good does it do if the phone is a steaming pile of crap?

Samsung makes great phones. Not the best in the business, but they give what the consumer wants.....most of the time.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I still think TouchWiz, even though it's bloated and it's a performance mess, looks better than ColorOS and Lenovo's UI, which is actually a train-wreck.

I've also used CyanogenMod on my One M7. It's nice but it's pretty barebones. Sure, there are extra features, but they don't really hook me into it. Reverted to Sense after a few months (a Sense 6 custom ROM, to be exact.)

Millions of people who probably don't know any better. It's the same bubble that iPhone users live in, just a different brand. Samsung is the apple of Android phones, very good at hooking people. That doesn't mean their laggy software is good, just that their marketing team is quite good, and I won't deny that. I'll take performance over gimmicks any day.

No..the difference is that you have a choice what to the vEgetable companys case they tell you what to buy

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

No. It isn't about knowing better. I bought what I liked. I hope you like your phone too. I am sorry it perplexes you that I bought it but it isn't your concern.
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I always say this. Nice to know other people think it. All advertising, less and less innovation. And the bloat......

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Yeah definitely . Fuck samsung and their crappy build materials as well as their shit filled OS touchwiz. 16gb on Samsung really mean 9gb load of crap filled with gimmicks from top to bottom

Cyanogenmod less features than touchwiz? lol!
Just because they don't cram in a bunch of useless clones of other apps doesn't make them less featured. With a phone running CM you can do EVERYTHING a touchwiz phone can do, and then much much more.

The phone that Samsung sells you for $700-800 cost them $150 to make.. The Oneplus One is in all likelihood a better crafted device. But hey, idiots still buy Beats headphones, so I know marketing works on some people.

Its not always a huge spec difference, but the One is better in almost every box. Ram: much faster, Cpu: Faster, Main Camera:better, Screen: Better (touch on lens tech, Higher pixel density, better color reproduction), FF Camera: vastly better.

There's not a single phone out that can just demolish any 6 month old flagship.. But this one can best them all, for less than half the price. That's definitely an achievement, and hopefully will spark competition to try the same. The only phone I would actually consider even with it right now is the Xperia Z2, but in a $ for horsepower type comparison, nothing stands a chance.

Also, Oppo didn't make this phone, and I'm not sure where you get the idea that Samsung is more reputable. What has Oneplus done that was shady?

I'm sure the vast majority of Samsung device owners never use many/most of those so-called features after the initial "what does this do?" test. They aren't features that people were clamoring for, or that even work properly.

As for your claim that Samsung is a well established company with a good reputation, that's hardly true. They have made their entire fortune stealing everyone else's ideas going back 20 years or more. They are constantly being fined by their government for various offenses and generally engaging in shady behavior. If you think they have a good reputation, you have strange standards.

Everything? bar the stylus.
Better stats overall, optional capacitive or onscreen keys.. 3 microphones, stereo speakers, get much much much faster updates, more customization, swappable back plates, costs less than half the price, looks better (imo), better build quality, better cameras (front and back), custom gestures from lock screen, no touchwiz.

You mean besides an OS that blows the note 3 out of the water (And has no bloatware), a rear camera with 6 optical lenses ( With the same megapixel density as the note 3), a 5 megapixel front camera with better viewing angles, Bluetooth 4.1, Better pixel density, and is lighter and slimmer than the note 3? If your going to fanboy post, have some background knowledge. Atleast that way you will be voicing your side of the argument, instead of yelling like a little kid (And expecting to be treated otherwise)

The touchwiz slams are getting old.. Its not the best but to call it worse than color os? Arrrgh
Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

I know. The sad part is that most of the hate is brought on because people think they are edgy or whatever rooting against the #1 OEM. Sure Samsung has made some mistakes, sure the coding could be better, but the time for all this scorn is done.

The thing is, though yes there are people who will always vote against the top dog in the market, a majority of people who don't like Touchwiz are of the opinion that it is a bloated, somewhat off-putting skin that could really use some uniformity. I'm not too much a fan of OEM-skins (like many around here), but Sense doesn't give me the creeps like touchwiz. I'm moderately more impressed with the S5, but as the top OEM, many of us would just like to see Samsung lend an ear to what customers want out of the software.

I can give you that, it is a bit disjointed.

My theory on that is this, and I am a software developer (not android) so I have seen it before.

They have different teams of developers working on different aspects. One team for the camera, one team for the "smart" features, one for this, one for that, and so on. Each one does a decent job of getting the software to run correctly and do what it is supposed to do. The fail point is when it is time to put everything together in one big package. One aspect does things slightly different than another. This menu is not quite uniform with that menu.

I guess what I am saying is all the pieces just do not quite fit together. They need someone with a strong hand and a rigid design language to say "move this to make it consistent with that"

Sense was like that in the old days but your right they got their crap together and Sense is one of, if not the, best skins around. The Google AOSP skin is a close second but has nowhere near the feature set, but the consistency is there.

Because touchwiz is lazy, very eerily similar to Apple, and bloated as heck. It's just a combination of ripoffs stolen from others. my magazine? really?

Yes iOS and Touchwiz are exactly the same.

We get it, your one of the 300 people in love with the OPPO OnePlus. Thats great. Lets not pretend though that it is better than what it actually is. Right now it is a company that cannot deliver for crap. In the future they could be the best in the world. Shadier companies have made it big...

Because that's what I said , right? I'm just not a rabid blind fan defending bad decisions. I like many companies and devices, I call it like I see it.

It's pretty obvious Samsung (and LG for a while) framed many design choices to look similar to ios. I dislike ios, and therefore for the same reasons dislike much of Samsung's design. Just look at a side by side of their stock icons.

You've yet to give any reasons we should have distrust for Oneplus. You just say they can't get it together without giving any examples.

Tell us how your one plus one running cyanogenmod is when you get it. Please, I'm so eager to hear. It must be so much better than anything lg, Samsung, or Apple manufactures.

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

Well I already run Cyanogen on my phones, and yeah it is software wise. Hardware, the iPhone is the only one with a solid device in that line-up.. But I don't care for their design.

Talking strictly about phones here though, Samsung actually has made some decent hardware in their other lines. Their SSDs are nicer than their phones lol, and nobody even sees that. I have a Windows 7 slate by Samsung and it's nice. Home appliances, tv's, laptops, etc.. alright, but they are very sloppy when it comes to phones.

One plus hid that they are OPPO, that they could not meet deadlines, that they would ship with cm, which they are not, that they would have it widely available in q2, which they said they won't, that they have cutting edge specs... The list goes on. The only thing they came in on was the cheapest price.. But that doesn't matter if they cannot deliver

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Wow you are sad.. did you lose your invite and now just want revenge?

Nothing you have faulted them for is legitimate.
1. They are not Oppo, oppo owns a stake in their company, and sone of their employees cane from oppo, but they never tried to hide any of that.
2. The deadline is yet to pass, come back in a month.
3. They are still going to ship, and have shipped with cyanogenmod 11S.
4. Again, check your calendar.
5. Name a phone out today that makes these specs look weak. Go on, I'll wait.

I would imagine it is due to the seller. When you buy a Nexus 5 from anyone other than Google, you pay more than the $350 that Google charges. These phones that are sold at or near cost are usually only priced that low when you buy direct from the OEM.

OnePlus One is a big failure, because too many misleading on the phone. Delivery date, stupid invite, jacking up the price and now they said didn't have enough in inventory to sell, but Oppomart have it for $389 16gb there is another marketing practice again. OnePlus One is too much gimmick advertisement on their product, but to me is big joke phone. I'll pass on this there are better phone coming out this month and next month.

Oppomart is not Oneplus. The same thing happens with the Nexus 5. If you buy a Nexus 5 from a third party retailer (Best Buy, Negri Electronics, etc.), you pay $50-$100 over what it costs to buy it from Google directly. This is what is happening here. Oppomart has some that are loaded with pre-production software that they purchased from Oneplus (likely for nearly the $299 that Oneplus will sell them to consumers for). Oppomart then adds their mark up to generate profit. It is still $299 if you order directly from Oneplus.

If you have an invite, you can order from OnePlus for $299. Eventually it will go on general sale from OnePlus as well, and all indications are that it will be $299. So their profit plus early access premium are the exact reasons Oppomart is charging $389. I'm not saying Oppomart is a good deal or even that anyone should buy from Oppomart (they shouldn't), but Oppomart selling it for $389 has nothing to do with OnePlus (which is what the post I was responding to was implying).

"Eventually it will go on general sale"


Been hearing that for awhile now, Still have yet to really believe it. At any rate, the "great specs" will be old news if they actually release it.

They didn't just miss their window of opportunity, they broke the window, boarded it up from the outside and bricked it from the inside.

How so, it is still better than phones like the G3 from LG that just got revealed.. lol. if it's out in 3 months, it'll still be the best on the block.

It is in no way better than the G3 and guess what? I am pretty sure that the G3 will, you know, actually be available when LG said they are gonna release it.

In addition, 3 months from now, the Note 4, "Prime/Plus" models, the Z3, Moto X+1 and a whole host of other phones will be announced/available. The OPPO 1+ will be a footnote in obscurity, where they belong after this fiasco.

What was that supposed to prove? that the G3 has a better screen, worse ram, inferior sound, a smaller battery, will get slower updates, and a much worse FF camera?

color me impressed.

It is on par with the g3 but the difference is that they actually deliver a device, OPPO cannot. You said the plus none beats it. Big difference c
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The OnePlus has a killer price, but let's not go crazy. It may be on-par with the G3 (depending on what you value in a smartphone), but it does not "destroy" the G3. That's just silly. The screen and battery tech in the G3 is industry-leading, especially since LG engineers both in-house.

That's because Oppomart is a scammy website that tends to lie to make quick profit. Their reputation is pretty damn bad and OnePlus hasn't censored the name "Oppomart" all over its forum for nothing (try it, you'll get ********).

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This is the chinese version running Color OS - it is not compatible with any international LTE bands, and also has limited access to Google Play. Buy it but you run the risk of having a phone you can't use in your own country!

From their own website it says it does not currently have CyanogenMod:

"The OnePlus One has 2 version software: CyanogenMod and Color OS version, they are same phones with same hardware, same bands, but different on software. Because of CyanogenMod is not ready for Oneplus One yet, so all phones installed Color OS now. You can update your phone with CyanogenMod ROM from Oneplus official site or CyanogenMod community a few days later. Thanks for your understanding."

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It's bullshit. The LTE bands are different in any case. That has been confirmed by Northern American buyers who're left with a phone they cannot fully use.
Don't trust that site!

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This whole thing is a joke now. Come strong or don't come at all. They need to take this half baked idea back to the lab, get their s#it together and come back out when they can serve the general public. I'm Keeping my S5 until the galaxy f or note 4 comes out..
Posted via Android Central App/GS5

Find 7a costs 499. It is the 1080p resolution. Find 7 with 2k costs 599. What is the problem? What is your complaint? Smh.

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Whoa, wtf AndroidCentral! Oppomart is a scam! You should remove this post! Don't send your readers there, the website has a horrible reputation! And the Chinese version doesn't have Google Play or US LTE bands. Wow, this is just irresponsible.

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You need to read the source link and stop posting until you do. This comes with ColorOS and then you can covert it later.

If all the negative comments are true, and this website is a known scam, SHAME on Android Central for posting this.... This alone could be a reason to never read anything from this site again.

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It's definitely a scam. I came across this website a couple of weeks ago, did some research, and found absolutely nothing good about it. If you do manage to get a phone from them, it's usually broken in an unusual way. Missing volume rockers, for example.

Lol everyone knows this site is a scam why are they posting this?

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

And the bullshit begins as expected. OPPO never intended to sell the 16GB version for $299 or with CM pre installed. This is the same phone as the Find 7A with a different back cover.

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Yeah, minus VOOC charging and the ability to take 50 MP photos and MaxxAudio

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S5/Galaxy Note 3

I think the OnePlus One actually does have the 50MP "SuperZoom" feature. It's been seen in some of the hands-on reviews as an option in the camera app.

This is not an official OnePlus retailer. They've admitted to buying the OnePlus on the street and re-selling it. Doesn't matter though, since the whole site is a scam.

And oppo said the SSL error had been fixed not to mention official builds direct from CM.

Now you can buy one faster than the invites system, those guys going to be pissed.

The hole gets bigger and deeper week after week

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Thanks but I will wait for an invite or general availability. I am still excited about this phone, but I am not willing to risk losing $389 to a shady vendor for a device that may or may not work here.

I'd rather wait a few weeks or a month and pay $90 less. This price is even $40 more than a 64 GB.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S5/Galaxy Note 3

I picked up an Oppo Find 7a a few weeks ago, apart from a few differences essentially the same device as the OnePlus (they have the same motherboards, just different memory and storage capacities, amongst other input and output differences). The real killer is the OS and I can't stress this enough: Be certain the areas where you will use this device support the bands this phone supports, and vice Versa. I had ZERO data sitting next to my wife and her HTC One M7 which had 5 bars LTE on AT&T at the city park.

Additionally, certain apps can be a dealbreaker. For example: FITBIT DOES NOT WORK ON COLOROS. Much to my disappointment, it works fine on the LG G2, HTC One (M7) etc. So guess what? I sold the Oppo 2 days after I bought it. To it's credit, the hardware feels nice in hand, decent design, no complaints there. Daylight readability was minimum (can barely read it), and nothing like my G2, or my Lumia. So between a device that "may" work, at any price, and a device that DOES work. I'm going with the one that does work from now on. I run Aviate on all my devices so manufacturer skins are not relevant to me. If someone asked me "OnePlus or Note 3?", these would be the things I suggest they consider heavily.

I order a one plus from their website and ask them to cancel the order later because i didn't think I was compatible on tmobile network that was on the 10th still waiting for a reply from them , hopefully I get my money back finger cross

Do what gavspurs said, hit them with a chargeback. Not only will you get your money back, the scammers will get hit with a $25-50 fee. They deserve it.

"Complain, complain, complain, grumble grumble.. stupid Oneplus..."

Meanwhile, Oneplus is giving 100 invites a day away on social media.

I wouldn't buy a OnePlus if they paid me. I Was a fan and very interested from the get go. Yet slowly but surely their dog and pony show of delays crappy contests , and purposely deceptive and misleading information and communications soured me completely on this company. I work in the music business and the One thing you never ever do is alienate core fans. OnePlus has done that very thing. I have never seen a forum or a Facebook page with more negative comments and anger ever!

True, true I have been waiting almost 12 hours now for that invite....and thats too long....moving on. But wanted to add my thought that consumers should not encourage this kind of marketing....less other companies follow suit. Would hate to be debating which phone to buy based on first company to invite or allow pre-order. And then deal with the inevitable delays in production and shipment of the pre-order. guaranteed there is no guarantee on the preorder delivery date. at least it created some interesting debate.

By the time the OnePlus One is actually released, it'll be old news and irrelevant. All the new flagships would have probably been announced by then.

Posted via my Nexus 7 2013 :)

I'm going to call my bank tomorrow, maybe I should open a case on PayPal since that is what I use for the purchase . Hopefully it work out because that's a lot of money to loose I guess I learn my lesson

I really can't believe that AC posted this here.
I don't buy it that this is probably NOT a OPO international version. Even though they claim so. Just check the LTE bands.

International OPO LTE Bands: LTE: Bands: 1/3/4/7/17/38/40 (source:

The LTE bands on Oppomart: LTE FDD: Bands: 2100/1800/2600MHz ( "specifications")

Yes, I know that the "descriptions" reads "" but the three FDD LTE Bands 2100, 1800, 2600 are the three bands that the Chinese model supports (, "only when used for International Roaming: "WCDMA和 FDD-LTE两种网络制式需国际漫游状态时才能使用")

Again, don't, and again I can't believe AC has posted this controversial site information...

By the time the majority of the people who want the one plus one actually get their hands on it then the phone will be outdated so I'm calling this phone an epic fail IMO, but hey that's just my opinion. If indeed a new Nexus will be brought out soon then you might as well wait for it as it will have leading specs for the most part like it always does when released (which will be ahead of the one plus one for sure) and you'll have one in your hands within the month of release.

Waiting for the LG G3. Same processor, more storage, removable battery, sd card, wireless charging built in. Trading my Note 3 in for one. Not happy with it. Connectivity sucks and no it isn't the network. No data in many places where my GS2 worked fine. Also loses data when switching from LTE to HSPA+

Posted via Android Central App

Flagship Killer? Their operational incompetence and marketing shenanigans already killed their own "Flagship".

Will absolutely not recommend this phone to anyone I know. Sad consider how much I had wanted it just a few weeks ago.

Why in the he$$ would you suggest this? The version oppmart is selling does not have the bands to support US 4G and most 3G.

Such a bad article!

"Because of CyanogenMod is not ready for Oneplus One yet"

Really? That just completely murders it for me then.

Lots of One Plus fanboys on here with too much time on their hands, guess it's getting boring waiting by the mailbox for their lame phone to arrive.

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NEVER BUY FROM OPPOMART... I ordered a phone case and screen protector for the 1+ and 2 months later still not arrived and they wont refund. First told 15 days, then 30 days, then "oh its 45 days" then 2 months!!!! this was only for $26, imagine if you bought a phone from them and it got lost, kiss goodbye to your money if you are buying something from Oppomart.