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OneLouder Apps, makers of the extremely popular Twitter client TweetCaster, have released a new client that takes a different approach, called Slices. This new app is focused on better managing the stream of information into proper lists, and enabling better discovery of new content. Here are the headline features:

  • Twitter Directory, with 21 browsable, searchable categories to discover users and content.
  • Live Event Streams to aggregate tweets surrounding an event.
  • Timeline Slicer, which helps organize timelines into smaller digestible ones.
  • Mobile-to-Web synchronizing between the app and web interface.

If Slices sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can find it in the Google Play Store for free with ads or $4.99 without. You can also see the web interface in Beta form at

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DJBigBenVA says:

Waiting on Carbon

jdhas says:

Don't hold your breath.

naviwilliams says:

I have to say it, do we really need another Twitter app? I'm surprised with the sheer volume of apps already out there for Twitter, people are still making more...

Because most of them are crap. Some have great features but look like crap and I haven't really found one that looks amazing. I'm hoping Carbon gets released.

Tweetlanes. Its beautiful, smooth, and Holo'd out

Simon Sage says:

Review is forthcoming. So far, I can't see what a slice does that a list doesn't. Am I missing something?

sensory says:

Sounds great, if it works.

ReggieTee says:

How long before this replaces Tweetcaster?

Mobius360 says:

Why not just build this into Tweetcaster? The app seems nice and all but really onelouder do you need 2 twitter clients?

erwiensatrya says:

Agree, the difference is they replace list with slice. It is better to combine both features into one single twitter client

I've been using this for most of the day. Its pretty good and the slices are great for seeing a select group. Its one of the better twitter clients out there. Still waiting on Carbon.

commonplace says:

I like it... but have already put in some feature requests and one possible bug/glitch. Still using TweetTopics Pro for now, and will see how Tweet Lanes and Slices progress.


Acelx says:

Still waiting on Carbon.. but i see as if they hit a rough patch..

commonplace says:

I just noticed that you can't actually use the web interface; I had to sign up to be notified when it's ready. So much for that touted feature. Why not just wait a little longer until it's ready? Argh.


LOL two Twitter clients from one organisation?