Sprint Hero 2.1 RUU leak

I'll spare everyone the drama and back story, but I will start off saying I know XDA user damageless and it's a shame a good developer may have been run off. Damageless, you know how to get in touch with me.  Now that we're past that bit of dirty business, we can get to the important part -- we now have a copy of the Sprint Hero 2.1 latest test candidate.  Follow the break to learn a bit more about it.

Custom ROM cookers have been putting out work based on this as well as similiar leaks for a while now, but it's nice to have access to something that's semi official.  Having said that, there are a few things you need to know before you go flash happy with this.

  • This will replace everything on your phone. 
  • This will overwrite any custom recovery image you may be using.
  • While this is rooted, it's not functional the same way custom ROMs are.
  • Like any unofficial update, expect problems in the Market.

That enough bold type for ya? Now that you're warned -


Keep an eye on our Hero hacking forums for complete instructions to create your own fully functional rooted 2.1 ROM using this.  I don't recommend just anyone downloading and running this just yet, give us a day or two for a full blown how-to.

Thanks Damageless


Reader comments

Official test release candidate for the Sprint Hero 2.1 leaked


Just curious...
Please tell us how clean the release canadidate is.
Any update on the actual release date?
Any idea if the release will be OTA or not?

I think these leaks are done on purpose to help test for Sprint. I think the last version of damages build was fairly close. Small problem losing audio on phone calls lead to a new build. I'm guessing a final ota release is still a couple weeks out.

Amen. Keith (@darthpooh79) said it best on twitter - shame the CDMA XDA community always eats itself in the end.

If this doesn't work as well as one would like, can you reflash the stock 1.5 back on the phone?

U P D A T E:

Couldn't wait. I just flashed it and so far, it seems close to perfect. All my apps from the market showed up in the downloads section and I just had to click to reinstall. So far, so good!!!

Oh boy, none of the apps work properly...force close constantly appears. All calls are mute, meaning I can't hear no one and they can't hear me when the call connects. This probably was a big mistake on my part. Any way at all to go back to 1.5? Might have to make something happen to it so that I can get a new one from Best Buy.

Does anyone know if the live wallpapers will work. I installed 2.1 and downloaded some live wallpapers , but I cant find a way to install them . Anybody have any feed back or how to set them .

I was wondering if I update when the official update comes through. Will I still get the notification. Or be able to update.

Sorry I don't think my last post made much sense. I was wondering if I do use this leaked version of the Sprint update. When the official update is released Will I be able to update my phone officially I know I'm not rooting my phone, but I don't want to take a chance on messing up my phone I don't have a spare $500 sitting around to replace it if anything happens to it. And if I do do this update will I be able to downgrade to 1.5 if there are to many bugs in it???

I downloaded and flashed this ROM and am not experiencing any issues. Works quite nice as a matter of fact.

So I flashed the ROM with reckless abandon yesterday. Eclair is working great. Much more responsive and having the ability for multiple gmail accounts was needed. All of my apps showed up in Market except for MLB AtBat 2010. I have contacted their support/customer service this morning to see if this can be resolved. I will post an update if I get one.

I can live without games for a few days or a week or two. Now that opening week is done.