Motorola Droid RAZR M

We saw a leak of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Motorola Droid RAZR M just shy of a month ago, and Verizon has just taken off the wraps on the official update today. The official support page is now live, and the update will start rolling out in phases -- as is typical -- starting today. The page also indicates that eager users will be able to manually check in and download the update in the next week.

The update is bringing the whole host of Android 4.1 features including Google Now, smart keyboard predictions and a few Motorola tweaks like an enhanced notification pane thrown in. Love it or hate it, the update is bringing along ISIS mobile payments as well. Surely we would have preferred to see the device launch with Jelly Bean on board, but a hasty update right after launch is the next best thing. It looks like Google kept its promise on this update.

Source: Verizon; More: Motorola Droid RAZR M Forums


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Official Jelly Bean update hitting Motorola Droid RAZR M today


I don't have this phone but every time I see it I really like what they did with it. To me it's the nicest smaller phone I've seen in a long time (besides the iPhone). I really would like to see Motorola release their devices to other carriers.

Glad they came with Jelly Bean fairly quickly to the RAZR M. Would like to hear if there's any positive impact on battery life.

+1 on this. I would probably pick one up if it was available on AT&T or T-Mobile. I hope the speed of this update is a sign of things to come for Motorola

wow. htc is killing themselves. usually the first in US on updates. going to end up being last at this rate

Updates are the reason why I just bought a GSM Galaxy Nexus today. I love my Verizon S3 but I'm so tired of being the last to the update party. The RAZR M is a nice phone though

I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. My son has an SII on Sprint. It has JB already. You can root and install roms on the VZW Gnex, I would not take a step DOWN to a Gnex.

YMMV of course.

Haha I know. I switched for more than one reason. I really only switched so I could go Prepaid with T-Mobile. But, being able to get updates faster is an added bonus. And, I don't really see moving from the S3 to the GSM Gnex as a step down. They both have their perks lol

I was switching back and forth between the Razr M and GS3 until I loaded the Jellybean update leak. This phone is my absolute favorite. It was smooth and quick from the get go, but the added features make it the most solid offering. I have to admit i've been a fanboy for Android for awhile now and I'm about ready for the new Windows 8 offerings to mix it up....but I think it's because this Razr M has morphed into the perfect phone. Everything that I've been wanting, size, quickness, smooth interface, screen, battery life (its pretty good), reliability and even look.

So let me just say, if you're undecided and this phone is in the mix...GET IT! I can use any of VZW's phones and this easily is the most complete package imho.


My RAZR M is fast and does more than my friends SGS3 tho he doesn't ROM. My RAZR M has him jealous! :-)

The Razor M is my company phone and I love this thing. The battery lasts forever, compaired to my personal Galaxy S3 which I returned due to battery life. Might buy a 2nd one to carry as my personal phone.