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Google has updated the official Google Reader app to version 0.9.2, adding two new homescreen widgets, a "mark previous as read" button and Russian translations.

The new button on the reading list allows you to mark anything above the current screen as read, saving precious time, energy and finger strain. The "news ticker" widget allows you to bring a selection of items to your home screen in a similar way to the stock News and Weather app, while the "unread items" widget creates a shortcut to a particular feed, label or person with the number of unread items shown next to it.

Market links and a QR code can be found after the jump. [Google Mobile blog]


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Official Google Reader app updated, adds widgets


Thanks for the post...I'd forgotten about the reader app as I've only been on android for a week and a half; i'm slowing building up my collection of apps. Google reader was one that I had seen researching android and thought to myself, Got to get that when I get an android phone!

Edit: Catpcha? you've got to be kidding me. What's the point of signing in with my account then?

I was wondering why the Widgets were available on my Aria and Streak, but not on my Nook Color. GAY.

I was wondering why I didn't get this update.

Then I realized I always use the web version, avoiding yet another 3meg application. I had tried it in the past, and had deleted it.

So I downloaded it and tried it out.

Slower than the web.
Much less economical use of screen space, fonts too big.
Less efficient stepping from story to story rather than just scrolling.

Widgets, (yawn)
Off line reading (not a problem for me)
Slightly easier to send stories to friends.

Now I remember why I deleted it the first time.
Deleted again.

I have to say, even with this update it is still way to feature anemic for me. NewsRob still takes the cake for full a featured RSS reader that can sync to google reader

Settings->Network Settings->Synchronise Feeds

"Download frequently viewed feeds every hour for offline access"

Voila! ;)

I hope that's what it does anyway, because it's something I've been waiting for.

Now it just needs a dark skin...

I totally agree that it needs a dark theme option. While we're at it, all the Google Apps (& their widgets!) need a dark theme option as well. I'm looking at you Official Twitter & Gmail!!!

Why is offline so important?
Unless you spend four hours of every single day on a plane i just can't see this being important.

I commute on the subway where there is no signal. I was skiing in VT last weekend where signal was spotty and offline reader was nice to have. My camp in mountains has spotty signal as well. It is a -very- important feature to those who see it as such.

This app also saves battery over the browser version in my experience.

I wish the New: All Items unread folder could use the standard icon rather than that terrible folder thing. Otherwise, it'll be helpful.