Preorders also will see the $50 discount

NVIDIA dropped a serious stunner about the Shield this morning, announcing a new $299 price tag and general availability starting June 27. According to a post on their official blog, they got great feedback from everyone who has used the device, but there was one common sentiment amongst the early testers -- if the Shield were priced at $299 it would be even more amazing. So that's what they did.

Everyone who has already preordered will be charged the new lower price when their device ships, saving $50 off the originally advertised price of $349. That's a lot of great Tegra-optimized games from Google Play, or maybe a nice dinner to make it easier to tell the wife you just spend $300. Any way you slice it, everyone loves saving $50.

Source: NVIDIA

They also told a little bit more about the development process, and why they were so keen to let everyone have a go with the Shield at places like E3 or Google I/O. The great feedback they got from developers, media experts and regular gamers helped them get the controls right. Things like the throw length of the joysticks or the travel of the buttons when pressed is based on what thousands of folks like you and me think feels "right". 

If you're a gamer, today's news is great!


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NVIDIA Shield price dropped to $299, availability date set at June 27


This is great news. If it were $249 I'd have a hard deciding between this and the new Nexus 7.

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I'm sorry this is crap. For another $100 get a ps4 and play good games. Or under $200 geta 3ds. Just put a moga controller on your phone

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Sounds like Crap, but buying 10 great games for android will cost around 20 bucks. Ps4 and 3ds that will cost you $400 plus. Can you see why its a better deal?

Can you explain how you are not gonna get dizzy by doing this, and ultimately never doing it again after you threw up half way and the bus driver asked you to get out, and no taxi would let you in afterwards because you were puking stinking, so you had to walk home and change and arrive an 3 hours late, and then got fired because your boss was just looking for an excuse to fire you, and then all you do is stay home wishing you had bought a freaking PS4 for only $100 more instead of the NVIDIA shield and none of this would have ever happened?

I've played handheld video games in moving vehicles my entire life without throwing up. What are you talking about?

Certainly, some people are very prone to motion sickness doing things like playing a handheld game or reading a book while in a moving vehicle. But many, many others are completely unaffected by it. This might not be a good fit for people who experience this motion sickness, but that does not make it a bad device for others who do not.

If you don't like the device, or feel that you would be unable to use it in its intended manner, it is certainly your prerogative to express that and state that you will not be buying one. But please do not attempt to project your own opinions as being valid for the whole of the population.

There's also the ability to play your PC games over your home network. I suppose that your Vita could do something similar, but then you're just talking even MORE outlay. Please tell me if I'm wrong in assuming that you already have a PC at home...

The big thing for me is streaming PC games so I can sit on my couch and play the games I have on my gaming machine in the computer room. PS4, Vita, and DS won't let me do that. I prefer gaming on a computer to a console, so this added option is pretty neat.

I'd definitely wait for reviews if that's your goal. For some reason I just don't see that function working very well.

I don't understand the hate, it's an android device with a Tegra 4! If it was marketed as a tablet with those specs for that price people would love it, and it's got a whole lot of other awesomeness inside as well.

Another stupid console controller is the biggest drawback. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people are going to buy this and before long a whole lot of them will become nothing more than expensive dust collectors. You'd have to be crazy to spend that kind of money before reading a lot of reviews first.

If they can afford to drop the price $50, how much extra fluff is in there? Although they pretty much didn't have a choice in the matter after the PS4 $399 announcement. $349 shield vs PS4 is a no-brainer for the PS4.

Not really as they are two completely different devices with very different uses. I can't play a PS4 on the bus or stream my PC games to the PS4.

The other possibility is that they're looking at establishing a different revenue stream that just profit from the device itself. Most modern game consoles, (the Xbox, Xbox360 and PS3, that I know of) were actually sold at a loss.

That is, they cost more to manufacture than what Microsoft/Sony charge for them, in the hopes of getting them in living rooms where they could make money off the game licensing.

Sounds like a great deal to me nvidia has made it almost impossible for me to pass this up as a second device to complement my phone

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It still seems very gimmicky to me, but I'm glad it will fit the bill for some. Lets just hope they support their product and it doesn't fall behind.

Me personally, I would rather just game on my phone if I'm going to be out and about. I mean seriously carrying this behemoth around would be bit much.

The other side of it is the whole pc gaming on it. Interesting, but 1080p ultra graphics on my pc or this small screened device with what looks like a very uncomfortable controller...

Haters gonna hate. Sure, it would be more awesome, if the Shield were priced cheaper than the current $299. However, IMHO, you get your money's worth, for $299.

As Android gets more games, so will the Shield. Not to mention, the Shield may have an exclusive games library, in the future.

You can't, objectively, compare a handheld gaming system to a traditional console (i.e. PS4, ONE, etc.). It's purely subjective, as to which one is a better purchase, or if the Shield is worth the money at all.

aight. sometimes ppl here think anything that runs android isn't a luxury item. android isn't food or oxygen. if you can't afford it, someone will and you will live just fine.

I sort of want to buy this. And that is weird for me. The last portable gaming system I bought was a kiwi green Gameboy Color and there hasn't been one I wanted to buy since, until now.

I would use this only for playing emulators. It is very tempting. Would make a good replacement for my Xperia Play.

If great games come, this can easily be the future of mobile gaming. My sons DSi XL games cost between $10 to $25 bucks typically. I'm sure the 3DS and Vita games are even more. This is a powerful handheld, with a traditional controller & nice screen. Just needs good games, bring on an Uncharted type game or Halo and these things will do great. Especially when the games are from $1 - $6 range (basing off most current paid Android games). As a parent I hate buying games for handhelds or consoles that are up to $60 when I can buy a new game for $1 load it up on the tablet and everyone is happy. The biggest problem IMO is the tablet is big & hard to control. The shield addresses that although it's a bit expensive.

Time will tell.

As for the argument buy a PS4 or Xbox One, that's really a no brainer to me too as I would get much more use out of a home console compared to a handheld.