"Growing buzz" moves up pre-order date for gaming handheld

NVIDIA has announced that it's moved up the pre-order date for its Shield handheld gaming device, due to "growing buzz" from partners in recent days. That means you can now pre-order NVIDIA Shield right now, either directly from NVIDIA or through one of its retailer partners -- Newegg, Gamestop or Canada Computers. Pre-orders are live three days ahead of the planned May 20 date.

As was announced a few days back, Shield sells for $349.99, and devices pre-ordered today should be arriving "by the end of June." Alongside the console itself, NVIDIA's also offering pre-orders on the carrying case, which costs $39.99, and carbon fiber and glossy black replacement lids, which go for $19.99 each.

NVIDIA Shield has changed a bit since we first saw it under the "Project Shield" moniker at CES back in January. Check out all our recent Shield coverage, including our hands-on preview, to see what's new.

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Reader comments

NVIDIA Shield up for pre-order ahead of schedule


For $350 it will fail hard. Sony proved that when you overprice a handheld gaming console, very few people will buy it.

The only way NVIDIA would have stood a chance against Nintendo is if they priced it at the same price as the 3DS.

Indeed, I thought "how much??!!"

The hand-held gaming market is awash with devices that either sell well or hardly sell at all.

Oh and most are cheaper than this.

Nvidia has zero brand recognition outside of a few thousand PC enthusiasts in comparison to a household brand like Sony or Nintendo.

Not quite Gizmondo level of fail but it could be quite close.

Wednesday Modern Family show product place the Shield Unit on the show, the boy was playing this at the beginning of the Winnebago scene on the show, I had to stop and rewind it when I saw it.

I would rather save the money for the new xbox or Playstation then put that much money for this. I'd rather get the Archos TV connect with a controller/ keyboard that allows me to use the play market and use all my purchases than have to buy mor games for this. Plus most people have a PC console and a phone/ tablet to play protable games. Cheaper to get sixaxis, playstation controller and game clip that holds your device to controller.

I really don't think Nvidia has any illusions of competing with Sony or Nintendo. I don't think they intend to sell this to "normal" people. This is absolutely an enthusiast device. It looks like an enthusiast device, it's priced like an enthusiasts device, and it's biggest trick (streaming PC games) is mostly an enthusiast feature. I'm sure they won't sell very many (relative to other consumer gadgets) and I'm sure they aren't expecting to.

So why are they even bothering then? Who knows. I think it's partially an experiment, but I also think they see the strength and influence of Steam and want another way to take advantage of that.

I'm pretty meh about this device. Yet I want to try it and I know once I try it, I will want to keep it. Turns out I have an unused gift card at Gamestop since a year and I don't know what to do with it (since I buy everything online now) ... Mmmmm ...

I sense a fail.
Pick up a $50 android bluetooth controller (MOGA Pro anyone?), attach it to your phone, and you have a better handheld console, with the invaluable added benefit of evolution when you upgrade your phone. Who would want to spend $350 in something that will be grossly outdated in 6 months?

Rich Kids Toy..
Very few will want to shell out over $400.00 ( Unit + Tax + Case ) for this.. That's Console Money.. Hell, You might as well throw another $200.00 bucks out on that limb and just get an Unlocked Google S4 Special Edition that has a better 5 inch screen and can do so much more...

And.. That's REALLY Portable.

I call bs. Saying there's "growing buzz" to make people think there is growing buzz. way to create your own fanfare.

This will go in the same museum cabinet as the Game Gear.

We should open a book on who predicts the final units sold total.

I say around 80000.

Though quite a few might pick one up when they are stock clearance for $99 in BestBuy I suppose.

The mobile market isn't mature enough to support it at that price. Who's going to pay 350.00 for something that plays free and cheap games made by someone you have never heard of? The cell phone is what people are used to playing those kind of games on, and we all already have one of those.