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Nvidia released their Q3 earnings today and while boasting record numbers, the full story is more than just how much cash they made. The recent numbers saw 30 percent of the company's earnings come from mobile, a leap of 27 percent in three years. 

In the post earnings conference call, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, said that "consumers realize a great tablet is better than a cheap PC." Intriguing words considering the larger share of Nvidia's income still comes from the PC market, but perhaps relates to the ever changing times we find ourselves in. Huang also said that demand for the Tegra 3 chipset for both Android devices, as well as the new Microsoft Surface tablet, is helping to offset the slump in demand for PC's. 

Source: Venture Beat


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Nvidia Q3 earnings see 30 percent of revenue come from mobile

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"consumers realize a great tablet is better than a cheap PC."<---I disagree with this statement.

"Consumers realize that they are better off buying a good tablet than spending more money to buy multiple PCs or laptops."<---is a much more accurate statement.

Consumers are realizing they really don't often need the full capabilities of a PC. If they can buy a tablet for much less and do everything they would be using that PC for (web browsing, Facebook, Instagram, email, casual gaming) AND easily take it with them everywhere they go....why spend more money? I will soon be able to buy 2 Nexus 7s with mobile data connections for less money than a mid-range laptop. Why would I need more PCs?