Company's 'next steps' outlined at tonight's press event

Android Central @ CES

Nvidia tonight in their CES press event made no bones about what's next on their roadmap, and is ready to push Android to consoles and the auto industry. 

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says that these areas are a natural progression after televisions. Putting Android on a console makes perfect sense, because all your digital assets are already there, and the open platform allows anyone and everyone to build something that follows their vision. For Nvidia, this is the reason they built the Shield.

As for your car, Jen says it plainly. You car is the most expensive, most intricate, and most important mobile computer you'll have one day. Android is a perfect fit, because you can have the same data and applications on your mobile device that you do in your vehicle.

While there was no word just when to expect any of this new tech, but Nvidia seems bullish on it. 


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NVIDIA dedicated to pushing Android on consoles and the auto industry


So,will we be able to take selfies or crush candy while driving? XD

I'm interested to see where it'll go next. As I own a PC with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, I'm obviously excited about this.

And yes. I'm a PC gamer.

(Seriously, I hope it won't prove to be another major distraction.)

It's not the in car displays that make this great, it's the "knowing that everything will work well together" feeling that gets me excited.

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