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NVIDIA has released a bunch of information about the upcoming Kepler mobile GPU project. As a component on the Logan SoC, the Kepler will bring performance in gaming, multimedia and computational power that nobody would have thought possible just a year or so ago. They're calling it as big of a milestone as the GeForce GPU was on the desktop 14 years ago. Those are some big shoes to fill, and from what we've seen so far they just might be right.

The Kepler GPU will bring PC class performance and power to mobile, including full support of traditional desktop-only features like OpenGL 4.4, Tessellation, and DirectX11. The addition of full CUDA 5.0 support for raw computational power makes the Kepler a real piece of future tech, and the first of the next generation's mobile hardware. And it does it all using just two watts of power. Compare this to the current NVIDIA GeForce Titan desktop graphics card -- which supports the same feature-set and needs 450 250 watts of power to do it.

It all sounds really great, but if you really want it to rock your socks off, you'll need to see the demos. We've got them both embedded after the break, but you need to be aware of what you're seeing. Both the demos are digital renders, with no live action involved. Everything was drawn and rendered by the mobile Kepler GPU, and the effects are astounding. The "Ira" demo in particular, which has support for full tone mapping, bloom, FXAA 3.0, and full HDR. These are features that have previously only been available on PCs.

There are still plenty of other features about the Logan chips that we don't yet know -- including a street date. but what we're seeing from the GPU, which has always been NVIDIA's forte, get us excited for the future. Be sure to keep reading for some slides and the above-mentioned videos, you'll not want to miss this.




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NVIDIA bringing Kepler GPU to mobile, will provide a single architecture across their product line


Finally getting Nvidia's desktop GPU power over to their Tegra mobile line. Its what everyone in the PC world was hoping for way back during even the Tegra 2 days and it looks to be finally here.

Titan has a max. power consumption of around 250W, not 450W.
Nevertheless Kepler-design on a 2W-package would be nice.

I'll never own a device with a NVIDIA chipset, so guess I'll never know.

Before I get flamed, I have nothing against these SoCs, just doubt Samsung (or HTC for that matter) will be using anything but their own chips, or Qualcomm.

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As good as Sammy is, and as HTC is still trying to be, they're not the only vendors of good devices. Asus makes killer tablets that use the Tegra 3. My suspicion is that Kepler will be part of the T4 or T5 SoC. When that happens, I may just have to trade in my Transformer Prime for a Transformer using the new chipset.

Tetra 4 is already out and does not include Kepler. Also, thanks to an official roadmap for the next couple years we know the tetra 5 will have Kepler and new released early next year. Road maps are a nice change of pace compared to Google and apple.


Just another thing to add. People going on about what manufacturer has had what in the past, it dosnt matter all vendors of smart phones and tablets ect will always go with the most popular,most powerful yet affordable chip that's available to them so if this new tech fits the bill expect to see it in a lot of flagship devices.

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