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Are you ready for another great contest from Nvidia and Android Central?  One that gives you a chance to win a Tegra 2 device each day for a full six days?  We hope so, because we're about to kick off our 6 days of Tegra madness mega-contest and make it happen.  We've got a big red sack filled with Android phones and tablets, and one of them just might have your name written on it.

Here's how it's all going to work.  Starting in a few hours, midnight EDT to be precise, we're going to open a contest thread in the Android Central contest forums.  You'll have 24 hours to enter, which is as easy as posting in the thread letting us know you want in on the action.  The next night at midnight, we'll close that thread and open a new one, starting a new drawing.  You can only enter each contest once (we're going to check), and if you win one you're ineligible to enter the next.  The winner will be picked at random, and next Sunday (Sept. 18) we'll announce the winners and get in touch with them all using the address used to sign up for the forums. 

The prizes are:

Tegra 2 devices totally blew us away when they first came out, bringing a level of graphics performance to mobile devices that we hadn't seen before.  12 months later, newer chips have come that throw out mind-boggling numbers, but there's something missing -- software optimization.  We poke plenty of fun at our iOS loving friends, but Apple shows us that raw hardware numbers don't always equal the best performers, especially when it comes to mobile gaming.  That's where Nvidia steps in, working with developers to make games and apps that utilize the full power of the Tegra 2's GeForce GPU.  It's just plain awesome, and I've darn near worn through the glass on my G2X playing Fruit Ninja THD, and Riptide GP on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or via HDMI out to a television redefines mobile gaming.

Nvidia takes things a step further, offering a complete experience with the Tegra Zone.  Available as an app for your Android device or via the web, they keep us up to date with news and articles about Tegra powered apps, offer community discussion, make it easy to share links to the latest games and news through Twitter and Facebook, and have a full set of tools and resources for developers in the Developer Zone.  It shows that Nvidia is in for the long haul, and their dedication to Android is a deep as yours and ours is.  You can find some screenshots, and a link to the Tegra Zone app for Android after the break, and to keep up with everything as it happens, you can follow @nvidiategra on Twitter.

We'll be sure to announce each contest to remind everyone as they happen, you guys just get ready to enter.  Good luck to all!

Tegra Zone

Tegra Zone

Tegra Zone

There are 323 comments

I want in!! (after going back to read ALL the words, I 'll wait until 12.......)

Elite1085 says:

I want in.

kingtz says:

Me too!

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Daughain says:

Um...Now you can install ICS on the TouchPad, and could for months. And I want in. :-)

Sniper1087 says:

me too!!!

googol says:

Is this open to people outside the US?

Do want. Sprint Optimus s right now is what I run.

HalizDad says:

Thank You, for the 9/11 banner on the top of your website. You will never know how much it means to me. You couldn't possibly as I will never discuss here, how my life was turned upside-down on that day.

chin36 says:

Gimme gimme gimme.

Vorpal_Droid says:

Eeeeeeeee!!! count me in...

Kingmunkey says:


rawdigga says:

i need some tegra 2 in my life.

ro1224 says:

Yes! I'm pretty sure I want the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GRAND PRIZE pack for Day 6, mostly for the tablet itself. I've played with one of these beauties at the local Sprint store and... THEY. ARE. SWEET. OK, that's it for now, will wait like a good boy for the contest thread to open. Of course, I'll be counting sheep at midnight. I mean, really? what do you think we are ANDROIDS? lol.

krnsushiman says:

I want to enter please!

beentheir says:

Count me in.

ktan23 says:

I'm in too!

j510 says:


PieSkizzle says:

Any of these prizes would be awesome to have!

Timelessblur says:

well I am so in for it. I would love any of those prizes minus the Atrix one as I already own an atrix. If I won that one I would up sell the my atrix and take a new one :)

I hope you guys don't plan on picking the winners the same way you do on the podcast, cause I totally would have won like 3 different times when Phil failed at searching in Gmail, lol.

UndaCuva says:

I would love to get my hands on a Galaxy Tab.. which sadly is not even available here (AUS). :(

Go Android! says:

This is awesome. This is like the contest they had for Phandroid in a way.

Here I am

Artster4 says:

Totally awsome! I'm in!

dannychaos says:

I'm down for another contest(s)!!!

thanks for letting me win.... gotta think positive. ""

tigerfire25 says:

I will be the WINNER! HAHAHAHAHAHA. --- Well one of the winners ;)

tewdogs says:

Hells yes I'd like an opportunity to win, so I'm going to post after Midnight EST like the article said. Hehe. I Need something to play with outside of a crappy HeroC. I mean sure it's got the latest CM7 nightly but MAN it sucks.

MikeDroid says:

im gonna be a winrar

Your ask a bunch of greedy bastid's... LOL
I would be happy to win anything.. I am not picky.. & yes thank you foot that 9/11 banner.. Its a of remembrance for all who lost their lives on that tragic day, happy you all at android central didn't forget.. Also tomorrow is my birthday so could you pick me as a nice birthday gift..

Snowkitty says:

I am so ready to win. Yes yes yes I want it!

When do they post winners for that bionic scavenger hunt that we all did? And can I finally delete that app now?


I'm in

spectre1006 says:

I will take 5 please... thanks

dnalevelc says:

I want in on this one.

joedb says:

I want in on this since i never won anything this would be sweet and also a nice gift for the wife .

corydunbar says:

I could go for a tegra 2 device, as i can not afford one otherwise.

brewmage says:

I'm in. Thanks!

brandonm928 says:


wynand32 says:

Would love any of these.

mrscorp10 says:

I want in!!! Good luck to everyone.

skyboxer says:

I believe it is time for me to enter now. Good luck everyone!

zambalis says:

Come on luck daddy needs a new pair of shoes.... Err tablet

Fenn says:

I am in too!

Hello! I'm here!

themikeyan says:


carsonx says:

Please count me in...looking to tear it up with a little tegra2

shdowman says:

Can I haz in??

The Fonz says:

Gimmie!! I wantz!

pengwin#AC says:

Count me in, please.

tigris67 says:

This sounds AMAZING! mluckh@gmail.com

oggy059 says:

I like this...I would love to win any Tegra-2 devices....

madskaae says:

Im in a tablet is just what i need.

jcairns says:

Count me in!!! How could you overlook someone as interested as me?

lapk78 says:

I want in on the action... Please.

Laxidasical says:

Just what a budding developer needs, a top of the line test device!!!

Pick me. Pick me. Please.

DrAndroid says:

Show me the money! I would like a tablet!

I would love to win one of these tegra2 devices specially a table.It will help me so much in college.I would be able to take notes, do research and log in to black board and post assignments.So i am hoping I can win one of this baby.hopefully i am lucky.

Dave_RN says:

Sign me up!

Looking to upgrade from my Nook Color. I would very much enjoy a Tegra Tablet... so would my kiddos.

AlinG says:

I want in.

Hey little piggies let me in or I'll huff and puff...

ant86 says:

I want in!

garc1002 says:

Who wouldn't wasn't in!!!

Captain-J says:

I want in

offyello says:

sign me up...plz

Zookeeper63 says:

I'd like to be considered, please.

luddeb says:

I would really lika a tegra 2 devise so sign me up!!

asif ali says:

I am a tegra lover but currently unemployed, unfortunately. This contest might be my only chance to enjoy tegra zone.

abendugo says:

Poor Iraq Veteran would love a new TEGRA! iLL GIVE MY 3 1/2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER MY HTC Evo IF i WIN :p

I currently have a Notion Ink Adam and it has nearly put me off of Android all together. If I win one of these I will give Android the ole college try, and see if a genuine Honeycomb tablet can win me over to Android from WP7, and my new laptop.

palomosan says:

Well, I'm in, I want that Galaxy Tab, thanks guys.

alcto says:

New Tab would be great

psycho2097 says:

Pls pls me too. ...would love an iconia. ..! Or a galaxy tab!or an atrix! Anything.... Love the new tegra2 devices!

Yogimax says:

Please include me!!

Love my current Vega Tegra2 tablet, if I could retrieve it from my family.

the gator says:


odivad#AC says:

I want in.

daddybdog says:

6 Days of giveaways, the only thing that would be better is if I won one. :D

shadao shai says:

I want a tegra device so bad. Hope I win one.

bergeman says:

My wife needs this soooo bad! She is a stay home mom with our twin 2 year olds and she wants to start a blog, this would help her so much. Thanks Android Central

ladyodin says:

I would to win the Atrix or the Galaxy tab.
This will help with school schedules.

kevins09 says:

This is awesome!

droidman2177 says:

I want In! WOOT!

BlueGoldAce says:

Man got to love Android Central. Count me in!

BlueGoldAce says:

Man got to love Android Central. Count me in!

craigbell says:

I sure want to win one!

mosignose says:

This would be great to win!

Clymber says:

Please sign me up!!

mperkinsky says:

Count me in.

senorburro says:

Please sign me up. Thanks.

Count me in!

Skyeclad says:

I'll take what you're giving.

drkcloud#AC says:

Sign me up please.

drkcloud#AC says:

Sign me up please.

rsaint67 says:

All these people posting replies here as if this is where we're supposed to enter to win. I guess a lot of you can't read haha. Good luck to you though :)

melboogz says:

sign me up as much as i would love a samsung galaxy tablet any tablet would do fine need one for school I feel like a kid again carrying so many book my CEH class is 5 books plus make studying on the go

cnote56 says:

SIGN. ME. UP. I would love to give one of these a new home!!!!

ufspaceman says:

Count me in!

jojomoulder says:

My wife said she would sex me up every day for a year if I won one of these for her. Please help a brother out.

Classic husband request. I feel your pain bro...LOL.

D0minoid says:

Count me in, the kid need a good Christmas present. Wait, what am i saying, i need a good Present also.

I definitely want in. Tired of sharing a laptop with my wife!

martyang says:

I want in!

putertech says:

although I never win anything I always keep trying...here's to me :-)

mlee112 says:

I want in! Toss my name in that big ol' hat!

Devlyn16 says:

Add me to the list of those who want to win!

Roni1188 says:

I would love to win one! It would make my birthday awesome!

jwhiting7 says:

I'm in : )

IPGH says:

I want in.!!!

Crystalyne says:

I want, I want!

rhamblet says:

I want in please!

And the winner is.... mr smith 119!!!!!! Thank you.... thank you very much.

tabocaw says:

Me also would love to win something

tejalp says:

tejalp wants in....... Make it so

69Eliminator says:

I want in - Pick me!!

klgreen1979 says:

Great Giveaway!!! Count me in.

fugmulch says:

I wanna tablet bad....

Unclekeg#AC says:

Im all in please!

lnx4tw says:

I would love to enter this random giveaway. Lets do this!

AndroidJDG says:

I would love to take one of those off your hands. And thanks for a great website.

I gotta win this. Nvidia and Android Central....hook me up!!!

josdiiri says:

Me too!!! I'm in to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Reathen says:

I totally want in on this action!!

superaj says:

I want in!!!!!!!!!!!

I want in! HOOK ME UP!!!!!!


repat says:

I will participate, please.

ramurphyjr says:

In it to win it!

Ronnie2 says:

Hell ya! Sign me up!

Reathen says:

I want in on the action!!!

caddy197 says:

Pick me!! Pick Me!!!

DavidJ726 says:

Consider this entry as my digital placeholder :-)

hola! i need this for my son (he is 1.5 years of age)
he has made my galaxy tab (7 inch) his own!

Fletchand says:

Count me in. eternally hopeful

BionicDroid says:

I want in plz!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE! I would love to have a device!

rsl38 says:

i would love to win a tablet for my girlfriend who's a teacher

Jack in NC says:

>> You can only enter each contest once
>> we're going to check), and if you win
>> one you're ineligible to enter the next.

You mean "ineligible to WIN the next," right? If you're not announcing the winners until next Sunday, there's a good chance your Monday winner will enter on Tuesday not realizing that he/she has won on Monday. And, certainly, that wouldn't then disqualify someone from their Monday winnings, right?

R_Leslie says:

Put my name in the hat!

R_Leslie says:


kosekjm says:

I want to play too.

jevan555 says:

I would very much like to play too.

airchecknews says:

I'm in. Shall I just save you time and give you my address now...?

slickjames says:

Let me in! I wanna win too :-)

DSn0wMan says:

I am in it to win it.

cltatenza says:

I want in, I'd be more than happy winning any of the 6 devices!

drummerj80 says:

I like free toys!! Count me in.

Hand_O_Death says:

Damn my morale compass for telling me not to enter. Already won a TB but REALLY want a tablet. Oh well good luck all.

MamaH says:

I would LOVE in on this action!

MamaH says:

I would LOVE in on this action!

peleke says:

I'd have no qualms about having this to play with.

rpsunny79 says:

I would do anything for this due to the tegra processor, better than the snapdragon single core i have.

MamaH says:

I would LOVE in on this action!

fraserrules says:

Would love to win one with birthdays and Christmas coming up.

eioous says:

How about you just give me all the prize's. Just Kidding. Not Really, I want them!!!

huntsbrook says:

Oh, I would live to win a tablet!!!

projecteddy says:

Whoop whoop yay yay for Nvidia and Android Central!!!

jjayr41 says:

I want to win!!

babynyc88 says:

I want to be in it.

Darodiho#AC says:

Currently using a photon 4g powered by tegra chip. Loving the phone and would love to win a tablet to add to my tech toys.count me in the contest

chetan.belur says:

I'm in to win this. Please count me in

I was told if I asked nicely, and said please... that I could have the Acer A100 tablet.

Adocus says:

Wow I could so use any of these. :) purtey please

Sure, count me in.

Erandarr says:

Love me some Tegra power devices

RagManX says:

I'll be here every day to post in hopes of winning. Please count me in. I needs (for values of "needs" equal to "really want") a new Tegra 2 tablet.

I'm all in!

turboman93 says:

I'm in for the A100!

jglwy123 says:


rhodetpm says:

Count me in!

dickmo69 says:

Count me IN!!

Ades1980 says:

I just love tegra 2 devices. The speed.simply amazes me:-)

KC8UTQ says:

Heck Yeah! Count me in on this ACTION please!!!

Emiskowi says:

I would love this device.

pbolton says:

I am ready for Tegra2 love!

moonhunter says:

me wants one !!!

swtoombs#AC says:

Looks sick. I'm totally in.

carp717 says:

Count me in. I'm tired of hearing from my coworkers how awesome their Ipads are.

KJH says:

Thanks for the contest!

joedb says:

definitely want some of that goodness Action .

Jimmy M says:

Please enter me in this awesome contest!

Thanks even if i don't win.

sherwoodhere says:

Please let me have one, i'm dying to have those tablet in the market but no bucks .Im a tech gadget enthusiast but honestly i have none.. Any of those device will do.. but i think i'll go for Transformer tablet and keyboard.. lol

Goodluck folks..

Pootytrick says:

Pick me! Ooh, ooh! I will take any of those.

brimanp says:

please I need a positive

Paradox says:

Sweetness, I would love to finally have a little Tegra action in my household. Please select my post! Thanks guys!

PS: Jerry, you da man..

trsteve1 says:

I hope I'm a winner.. always a loser, wish to be a winner =)

smith1386 says:

Would be so happy if I won any of these great devices. Especially the grand prize.

piratemedix says:

Not won anything. Would like to.

amallah says:

Count me in!

hdnoejr1 says:

Please let me in on this action!

cmackg says:

Sorry, don't have a ferrari.... But I'd love a droid pad....

unwiredmedic says:

I'm in. Thanks for the contest!

slyfox says:

Count me in PLEASE!!!

curthibbs says:

Count me in!

Rob62652 says:

Would be sweet to win!!!!!!!

aneukbaru says:

i want in

Today is September 13 th.. So we can post our 2nd.. "Please Pick Me" am I correct? You guys have to hook up the regular working guy who just loves gadgets but knows nothing about them, just how to use them.. So again pleeeeeease pick the Only Electric Lineman on the android central forums..

yeeeeeeeeeeeah baby, go Lakers

cbbartley says:

yup...i want in

melboogz says:

sign me up please

CoryBantic says:

I Want in! ME WANTY!

count me in please for day 2!

jlgroves1 says:

I spent a good 45 minutes in Best Buy this last weekend just standing beside the tablets looking sad so that maybe my wife would let me buy one, but to no avail. After playing with both, I would say the transformer and the Tab 10.1 are hands down the best android tabs so I would definitely like to be counted in for day two please.

captain_dl says:

Tegra = Want!!!!!

LOL ... I would love to win. Thanks for the chance Android Central.

mosignose says:

One of these would be great.

tcook711 says:

I want in on the action please!!

AndroidJDG says:

Please count me in for Day 2. Love this website.

P-p-p-please sir! can I have an Asus Eee Pad Tablet with matching keyboard dock. T-t-t-thank you!

beyorj says:

I want in

I want in!!!!I need one of the tablets so my wife can take it to the beach, so I can hit the waves!!

MrJazz says:

Count me in!

cjlosh says:

Please pick me!!! Please pick me!!

Snowkitty says:

Pick me! Jiggles the girls lol

rsrwnab says:

I would love one!!

Oooh, I definitely want one!

vicw926a4 says:

I need that.

"Pick me! Jiggles the girls lol" - Snowkitty

I pick her... now you pick me

offyello says:

love me some tegra action

droidbeat says:

Great products given away on a super site, what's not to love?

tomcatguy74 says:

Please enter me into the contest!

steveynet says:

I'm on board! :D

bllackkman says:

Pleeeeeaase me

Paradox says:

Sweetness, I would love to finally have a little Tegra action in my household. Please select my post! Thanks guys!

PS: Jerry, you da man..

rhodetpm says:

Count me in!

Rob62652 says:

I want...I want... Please

I want in on this!!!!

walther1337 says:

I want in!

caddy197 says:

Enter Me!!!

robsterville says:

Count me in too! Awesome Tablet and awesome chip!!

unwiredmedic says:

Please count me in on this one! Thanks for the contest!

littlebone says:

I didn't get picked for jury duty. I figure I'm on a roll and should press my luck.

I want one!!!! :)

ZimLanfire says:

ME ME ME, so much badly!!!!

anderssh43 says:

My wife won't let me buy a tablet right now so I desperately want to win one!!!

Hatshepsut says:

Pick me pick me! I to broke to buy one.

sdhaynesca says:

I want to win so I can brag!!!!!

Joel473 says:

I'm debating whether to join you guys or somehow keep my pre- alive!

nate735#AC says:

Count me in !

elmatatan says:

Please one for me

kerrins says:

Very cool prizes.

This is awesome. I definitely want in on this one.

miked91709 says:

yeah!!!! I need one.

yankeeken says:

Darn, too late.

mosignose says:

Android! Android! Android! Everybody now.

CoryBantic says:

Nvidia, Tegra II - rocks the world.

greniesa says:

I wonder if I can fith them all in my backpack? But since I can't win them all, I will accept one voluntarily!

Nikkgmm says:

Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

daphoenix says:

awesome I love Tegra its great graphics ...and I would like to say great marketing its nice to see Nvidia haling to promote its product in this way...and I would love to win :) !

abgraham says:

Count me in on this!!

devi0124 says:

I never win these things.. But I'll keep trying

gewern says:


pato12k says:

Please! Onegai shimaus! Por favor! S'il vous plaît! Let me enter in this contest! I said "Please" in all languages that i know, so i deserve that tablet xD(i'm kidding a little :P).

lino722 says:

Would love a tablet

Woodie1942 says:

At the age of 69, I like keeping up with today's technology and would love this new tablet - I bought my wife a new Xoom and can,t get it back.

crackedshel says:

Count me in the contest. I want one.

dealicious says:

Add me to the list.

danimal613 says:

I want in!!!!!!!!!!!!

nate13jp says:

Randomly. Select meeeeeee!

sunbenjamin says:

I would love to win!

PConsidineJr says:

You guys and NVidia are awesome for doing this! (Crosses fingers to win!)

ailima says:

Me too. Please. :)

slyfox says:

Pick me pick me :)

Sign me up. Thanks!

caddy197 says:

I Wanna win!

I want in, please...this is my first post...thank you.

Hatshepsut says:

Me me pick me.

deucezulu says:

Man I would love to get a g2x!

dmlangdon says:

I'm in too!

Pick me and I would be forever grateful. Thanks

mobidi says:

Another they...taking my chances!

cgsocmom says:

i would love to get it

MyndMayze says:

I wish i could win... dont know why i try, it never happens

Rob62652 says:

Would love you to win

danimal613 says:

i want in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hook me up! I just love the price of free stuff!

joedb says:

I want I want I want I need I need I need give me give me give me

kate5405 says:

I would love to win. Thanks for offering these great items.

blazeone says:

Sorry guys its mine

jcor says:

i want one =)

I would love to win this one.

elmatatan says:

Please pick me.....

barqers says:

i love tegra 2 devices as well :D I want in!

sdhaynesca says:

Really want a tablet as an NFC treat

abgraham says:

I want in!!!! Pick me!

pastapapa50 says:

Yes, enter me in this contest. I would love a great Tegra 2 processor in my phone - or a phone with a great Tegra 2 processor.

Jazzmackie says:

Yes Please.

Magellan says:

I could use a new Android Device!

fascinatej says:

Me, Me Me!

mobidi says:

9/16 - trying for day 5!

joedb says:

this is it people i need this help a dude out pleaseee

nyzthug#AC says:

Yes I want to enter to win

xb12rr says:

I hope its meeeeeeeee

disdiqqq says:

meee meee meee

IAmTTim says:

My hand is raised really high, can you see it?

Riggs11 says:

Yes Please :-D

tommyv101 says:

I want in on this :)

Irice0486 says:

I want in! I live for new tech toys :)

elslunko says:

Beam me up scotty. I mean, I'm in!