Let's face it, these days not everyone has the time -- or desire to sit down in front of the TV and catch up on all the latest news. National Public Radio, or NPR if you prefer, has recently updated the Android version of its services, which allows you to listen and read news more, catered to your interests on the go. Some great changes took place within the app to make it easier than ever to take in the information you prefer most. They've updated the UI, added a new audio player and improved the whole user experience and now you can:

  • Read, listen, or create a playlist of your favorite NPR stories and share with friends.
  • Hear live streams from hundreds of NPR stations: search by location (GPS)
    or zip code / call letters
  • Listen to programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the
    Nation, Fresh Air, and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me More

The updated version is available now in the Android Market. If you frequent listening to NPR or have tried the app in the past and weren't impressed -- try the new improved version. Download can be found after the break for you all.

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stewdaddy says:

NPR? - News?
Now that's funny.

TBolt says:

didn't take long for the conservative douche to drop in with a lame comment.

And it didn't take long for a liberal to personally attack someone for their opinion...I mean the guy has a point. Practically their whole corporate staff just got fired for attacking conservatives on hidden camera, while in public proclaiming to be non-partisan.

jerbear says:

Oh jeez knock it off. If you think that is what happened you are proving this guy's point. That hack of a journalist who should be in jail for illegal wiretapping got some exec to agree with a guy saying the tea party has a lot of racists in it. Go figure. One exec's opinion does not a partisan bias make.

I'm not a democrat or a republican but NPR is still the closest thing to news I can find on broadcast radio. Everything else is freaking tabloid and moronic.

Good app even if people continue to rehash the same old annoying arguments.

Just because people with brains like NPR doesn't make it satan's tool of the liberal elite :)

bjs188 says:

"Just because people with brains like NPR doesn't make it satan's tool of the liberal elite :)"

Hilarious and true!

iloveflynn says:

The ceo wasn't attacking conservatives. The video that everyone has seen is incredibly heavily edited. Even Glenn Beck rightfully denounced it. But anyways, this is a place for Android, not our ideological beliefs.

joebob2000 says:

You mean two people resigned, one of whom already had his resignation in place? Yeah, that is practically their whole corporate staff getting fired... If you want to listen to the Fox News version of the story. Clearly this app is not for you, so why even bother posting a comment? Don't you have better things to be doing?

storm14k says:

Funny how when it was Juan Williams he was supposed to be able to say whatever biased stuff he wanted. Personally I don't think anybody should have been fired over either thing. People do have a right to their own personal opinions.

cea1203 says:

Same can be said about the socialist/Communist left but who is counting ? Nazi Public radio , NO Thanks

TBolt says:

forgot the download link or code. thanks, though.

I supposed this is the one:

Robbzilla says:

Does this stream Drudge Report? If not, I seriously doubt it'll give me my favorite programs. :)

cea1203 says:

high quality ??? NOT

dwhitman says:

Love this app. High quality reporting, nicely designed app to deliver it.

magost says:

Okay, totatly not the place for it, but like everything that guy does, the whole thing was taken out of context, by the time the full recording was released, the damage was done. And the mainstream media did a poor job reporting on it.

That said, love this app, much improved.

IamJAd says:

"Wait Wait... " makes NPR worth it.

NEmickeyfan says:

Glad to get this app...I love NPR. There are so many great programs: Wait, wait and Car Guys are great! If you don't care to download an app, move on.... this is no place to air your politcal differences! Geez!

dcviper says:

Car Talk FTW!


NPR is great. Looking forward to trying out this update.

cea1203 says:

Nazi Public Radio ?? No Thanks !!

storm14k says:

FOX has a public radio station?

dougau says:

NPR is a great app for the liberal who hates black people

P8TRIOT says:


Couldn't agree more, give me Drudge and Free Republic or even WND.

storm14k says:

Hope it works out better this time. I really just want some streaming live news like a CNN.