10-pin Shuffle

I'm a sucker for bowling games. Always have been. (It's part of the reason I've kept the Zune HD around for so long.) This week I've been playing 10-Pin Shuffle, which as the name implies is a shuffle-bowling game. The app itself is free, but it's limited to just one poker-style game until you cough up a few bucks via an in-app purchase.

Game play is simple enough -- flick the puck forward. It's also plenty smooth, and the graphics are decent. Not great, but good enough for some quick play. Give the free version a shot before paying, though, and see if this one's up your ally.

Also available on Amazon and Nook.


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What I've not been able to find is a first person golf game that's a real game in the vein on Mario Golf or Hot Shots Golf. I have Flick Golf, but it's limited to it's time-trial mode etc. I'd love that mechanic applied to "real golf" Any ideas?

I'll give this a try as bowling games are a similar feel. I'm always interested in games that can be played one-handed in portrait for quick fun on the go (or when you're going ewww sorry).

I've had this game on my iPad for a few months and it's great. Now that I know I can get it on my Galaxy Nexus just means I found another way to pass the time at work. For $2.99 the in-app purchase is worth it

I still miss the bowling app from the ZuneHD. (I still have the zune hd but the battery stopped charging).