Notion Ink -- the company many felt was never going to be able to produce that tablet that it had been promising for a a year now -- has seemingly laid some of the rumors to rest. Having now received blessing from the FCC, Notion Ink is ready to ship their first batch of Adam tablets and they have posted up the pictures of their fully stocked warehouse to prove it. As noted on their blog, Notion Ink previously advised February simply because they were unsure of how long the FCC would take to approve Adam. Having made its way through the process quickly, Adam will now ship at the end of January. [Notion Ink]


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Notion Ink Adam will ship, they have the pictures to prove it


How heavy is it? In the videos it looks a bit think and heavy... The UI seems really well thought out but me personally? I want a 7inch tablet... something I would have no issues carrying around

I was originally interested in this tablet, but with Honeycomb basically around the corner (and those sexy ASUS tablets) I really feel like I should wait

Honeycomb was a game changer IMO. Tablets seems more tablets, is all about the bells and whistles that come with the new OS that cant be ignored.

It's android....I can do anything to it I want. I don't have to wait for developers to push honeycomb to me if I don't want to. I can put vanilla Honeycomb android on it almost as soon as it is released if I desire. The Adam's UI looks slick though. And they have said that Honeycomb will be ported as soon as it is available to do so.

Because I can change it as I see fit, I feel that all I should worry about when buying a tablet is the hardware and this thing has got it in spades.

2 USB, Micro USB, full HDMI 1080p out and Tegra 2. The 8 gig doesn't bother me either. I don't feel like getting charged more for memory that I can add with an sd card for 1 to 3 dollars a gig. Oh and the battery can be user replaced...I know, novel idea huh.

I think I'm sold on this one.