Notification Weather pro beta with Google Now theme

Google Now styled theme for Notification Weather Pro beta

Yesterday we unveiled a new feature here at AC, where we're going to have a look and test beta programs for some of the great apps Android developers are making. It's a curated list, which means only the best of the best will make the cut. The best part about having such a list is that developers will let us know when they have cool stuff going on so we can take a look. 

That leads me to the new addition I'll be adding to our list — Notification Weather Pro. You may have seen the wee weather icon in the status bar of some of my pictures, and that's what this app does. It puts a persistent notification that tells you the weather (and a forecast if you expand it) in your notifications so you have quick access without having it on your home screen all the time. If you're fan of the minimal look, it's a great app that I highly recommend.

The new beta, which is for the "Pro" version only, adds theme support. Out of the box the app looks good, but this is Android — THEME ALL THE THINGS. It's pretty straight forward, with themes on Google Play you can install and make available to the app. But it also comes with another little perk that often gets overlooked — a ready-to-use theme template kit.

Very often the best artists aren't the best programmers, and having everything someone needs to build a theme that's ready to upload to Google Play is awesome. It's a sure-fire way to get the community involved, and it lets artists and tinkerers alike have a lot of fun.

The beta seems to be stable and does everything it's supposed to do, and I'm adding it to our list. I just wanted to give all you themers and would-be themers a heads-up.

More: Notification Weather Pro beta community; Theme resources at GitHub


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Notification Weather Pro beta brings themes and an easy template for budding developers


Love this app. Minimalistic design, unobtrusive, fast. Might not have all the bells and whistles but it has great glance functionality.

Posted via Android Central App

been using this for a long time. Looks even better with these themes!

Posted via Android Central App

Similar feature set to the persistent Beautiful Widgets notification, right? That's what I've been using for quite some time now.

Nice, but I think I still prefer Yahoo Weather app. Same features......nicer graphics without the theming

Nice app but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles I've come to rely on. I like to tap on the hour and get to my alarms or tap on the days and get my calendar.

Via my Nexus 4.

I use the Sense V2 flip clock and weather by Droid27 on my S3 cause I do like the look of the HTC Sense clock. It runs flawless and has many skins available also allows you to set click options for alarm and other apps on the hour and minute display and other areas of the widget can display sys info, battery, and other stuff. Supports multiple locations too.

Posted from my rooted S3 via the awesome new Android Central App