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The blurry-cam photo above is doing the rounds today, claiming to show Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note successor. The image comes from Know Your Mobile, which was given the image anonymously. It supplies the shot along with a familiar spec sheet -- a 5.5-inch screen, quad-core CPU, etc., etc.

As much as we hate to burst anyone's bubble, there's a problem with that photo. The problem is we’ve seen it before -- Samsung fan artist Daniel UY published an almost identical looking creation yesterday on Twitter, with the same front panel configuration and silver trim. Daniel’s image wasn’t leaked from Samsung, but instead an original creation of his own. It's this which a third party has manipulated into the image above, and sent out to the blogs.

For his part, original artist Daniel UY has today released the full-sized original version of his "Note 2" mock-up. Check 'em out below.

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They're mighty impressive, but they're just fan-made images rather than the real deal. Repeat: This is not the Galaxy Note 2. So hold your horses, Internet -- we’ll see the real Galaxy Note 2 in a couple of weeks in Berlin, Germany.


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This is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Funny thing is, it will probably end up looking just like this anyways with a little more bezel on each side of the screen. It looks just like a larger S3, and that's what I would expect it to look like.

This looks too much like the international Galaxy S2, and not following the round design of the new Galaxy S3. I think we will be getting a 5.5" S3, same shape and rounded corners and all. That is what I like, not this blocky square design.

So the guy took the mock up, replaced the screen image with a fake reflection and turned it 45 degrees and called it real. What a dumbass

I rather believe this --> looks more like what it may look like once it comes out. Seems that the site took the digitizer image posted earlier this week and did a side by side compare with the original Note. Looks awesome if you ask me.

As for the image above (that is circling the web), the original poster/maker should have should have done a disclaimer that it was a mock up, instead of not saying anything and trying to fool folks.


I think the phone will have no buttons at the bottom fo the screen,which I think that's what Google wants! I also think that's the why bumped up the screen size!

I do like the design of the fake device.

I just hope they announce a Canadian release date for this phone when shortly after that expo. I got an upgrade on bell and a hankering to use it on this.

im surprised no one noticed that this looks exactly like the galaxy tab 2 7.0. same bezel and everything. they guy just shopped a pic of that and made it the note 2.