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We're going to let our pals at CrackBerry do the legwork on this one, but it's a number that needs to be noted here: RIM just announced in its Q2 earnings call that it's shipped just 200,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets -- and that's shipped, not sold -- in three months. We care, of course, because RIM's hacked a sort of Android emulator (they call it an "Android Player") onto the thing. But at this point, we're not even sure the might and muscle of Android can salvage things.

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Not even Android can save the BlackBerry PlayBook, has shipped just 200,000 units


Do you ever spell check? yikes..anyways, its expected as the PlayBook hasn't really had any features added since it was released so obviously the numbers will reflect that. I think its not fair to revisit this until the big update is pushed out. A little confused as to why you're posting to rip on BlackBerry when the Android Player isn't even available yet, or even rip on them at all?..

I do like BlackBerry as well as all good technology so save the fanboy argument. Thanks in advance

It's "it's," not "its" when it's a contraction of "it is," as opposed to "its" which is its possessive counterpart, where "it" serves as the the possessive pronoun. :)

"It's "it's," not "its" when it's a contraction of "it is," as opposed to "its" which is its possessive counterpart, where "it" serves as the the possessive pronoun. :)"

Let us evaluate...

"...where "it" serves as the the possessive pronoun...."

"...serves as the the possessive..."

" the the..."


Class dismissed.

I think RIM might understand the mobile space better than the head of HP does/did.
I'm still disgusted with the "firesale" that HP did and the scuttling of WebOS as a platform. They were poised to have something great and BLEW it.

This is a huge shame. I bought one on opening day and was really impressed by the build quality and overall performance, but the features just weren't there yet, so I returned it with the intention of picking one up after they'd pushed the first major update. With numbers like this, it looks like that may not even happen.

That's not too surprising. For the price you could get an android tablet with full email support vs having to tether to a blackberry that only enterprise users have. That right there was a gigantic red flag to me (surprisingly it wasn't to the guys at RIM). I have\had mad respect for rim as a previous blackberry owner but this playbook seemed doomed from the start even more so than the touchpad. Long live android and webOS.

Sent from my fire sale TouchPad

Not even. I'm rooting for BB but please that tablet was terrible. The HP WebOS was better. BB just rehashes the same phone with a different number. Why would I care to buy a tablet with even an 'android' emulator when I can just buy an Android tablet! Say what you will about Samsung but the 10.1 is pretty darn solid device and with the 8.8 coming out not a chance.

As previously mentioned it's time for a firesale ala the TouchPad. I picked up a TouchPad in the firesale and would happily do the same for a PlayBook.

Only 200,000 total? That's horrible. I didn't think it was selling that poorly. I'd probably pick up a 32GB one if it was $200.

So RIM came to my job yesterday. The representative had a playbook and was trying to explain how great it was. Me and several co-workers took turns going up and asking her when will it cost the same as the touch pad. She started to get irritated. She told me everyone is buying them.

Blackberry has been my only smartphone experience... and even then it was "only" the old Pearl 8130. It was ok, nothing stellar. Just a step above a regular cellyphone of the day which is what I needed. Now that I'm about to venture back into the world of smartphones it looks like Android will be the way I go. As for the Playbook? Well if I wanted/needed a tablet (In addition to a smartphone and a desktop) I highly doubt I'd go with the Playbook. Too limited and to pricey in comparison to the completion. (esp if you do a "bang for the buck" comparo).

Too Bad. I like BB. I was hoping the PlayBook would help them get out of the rut they seemed stuck in. I fear that they won't....

Playbook: someone need to fire the coach, because his plays suck.

seriously, i give rim credit for trying, physical buttons, okay, it DOES have buttons, but a guy like me with big fingers would need a stylus just to freaking activate them, they are so damn tiny.

The idiot decision to not have a built in Mail client when that is BB's claim to fame, was a big fail. This thing is a joke. Do you know anyone who has one? I don't, but some of my co-workers have iPads.

I don't know a lot of people who have Porsches, but they are a far better automobile than the much better selling Ford Escort that several of my friends owned.

The PlayBook is a very capable tablet while the iPad is a toy. It is a little overpriced, but for the same money as an iPad, I can do much more. RIM should not have released it before adding the upcoming mail client, but I get my mail on my phone so I really don't care about that.

I do, however, get a great laugh when I'm in meetings or classes and the guy next to me with an iPad can't view a website used by the teacher and has to look at it on my PlayBook. Same thing when they can't copy a file off the network. Then I slip it in my pocket and can actually use my hands for something other than holding my gargantuan tablet.

I have an iPad, an android phone and a Playbook. I barely touch the iPad, my phone is with me permanently and I do a lot of stuff on it but my Playbook is starting to get the majority of usage. My phone sits in one pocket and the BB in another and I find myself pulling the Playbook out more.

The Playbook is a very nice piece of equipment, the OS seems more stable than any other I use, the display is stunning, multitasking is a breeze, the camera takes good photos and video but it does lack features. If they bring in the Android Player, which would open up a whole new world to Playbook users, it would be a very strong combination which I would recommend to anyone.

I have an iPad -- currently has a dead battery, Android Phone, two Android tablets(Transformer and Nook Color), and my PlayBook -- which is my favorite.

My Nexus One is the first smart phone I've owned that did everything I wanted of it out of the gate and it's since then gotten better. My PlayBook is all around my favorite tablet, even with some of its missing features/apps. I refer to it as my companion tablet and bring it almost everywhere. I absolutely love its GUI and how it uses the bevel for touch gestures. The camera on it is great for what I need -- better than the iPad 2 -- and the size is just right. The web browsing and video playback are fantastic, wether it's on the device or via HDMI out, and I appreciate its calculator and basic productivity apps.

I do use my Asus Transformer quite a bit and with Honeycomb 3.2 it runs great, but more so for entertainment and kind of like a netbook since I bought the keyboard attachment. But I'm still on my PlayBook more.

Anyways, lots of things to ramble on this, but I hope that by this time next year, RIM's tablet is doing well. It has so much potential and I'll gladly support it along with my Android Tablets, where as I'm not buying another iOS device.

This is why I love trying different technology and not restrict myself to one thing. It's always kind of sad to see people running things down without actually trying them.

My android device is a Dell Streak which sold terribly, has already reached EOL status but is a really good device (if I can figure out how to flash a ROM it would be even better). As I said, though, when I reach into my pocket it is usually the Playbook I pull out and the Playbook has replaced my laptop when I head off to bed.

I can't see myself going back to iOS anytime soon. I'd love a Macbook Air to go alongside my other computer, laptop and netbook but it will depend on what else comes out in the future.

I've got the feeling RIM is just trying to hold on for dear life until the qnx phones come out. Problem is the way things are going, they are going to have to be incredible and the launch perfect to save RIM.

If I was a RIM shareholder, I'd be begging them to look into licensing some of their patents to generate cash flow to hold them over.

They need to get rid of the two "Co-CEO's" behind this bad idea. Few people are going to buy a $500 tablet that isn't an iPad. Clearly, the market has spoken and people just aren't going to pay $500 for anything but an iPad and yet these idiotic companies keep releasing Tablets for sale at $500 and wondering they aren't selling well.

Why are they surprised?? First of all the Playbook should not be that expensive!!! From what I see its just an extension of the Blackberry itself, $200-$250 and they would have been flying off the shelves. I am tired of saying UNTIL THE TABLET CAN REPLACE A LAPTOP THERE SHOULDN'T BE A TABLET PRICED OVER $300!!! ESPECIALLY ANDROID TABLETS

That's right Android tablets are too expensive plus their marketing sucks.They tease you with leaks, then withhold data re specs ( wifi or 3G)and surprise everyone with the steep prices. STOP THINKING OF KILLING THE IPAD (you can't).The saying "Be yourself" holds true here.

There are probably a lot of folks like me who have mixed technology. I swapped my BB for an Android Incredible2 because the last few years the BB hardware has lagged behind. I have the PlayBook so I'm still on the CrackBerry site a lot. I will probably go back to a BB phone when the new QNX models come out, but will still be here for info since the PlayBook will run Android apps soon.

The title of this post as is completely off base and misleading. The PlayBook does not run Android apps yet. That feature comes in about a month. I've used the leaked player, but only a few techies have done that and it's a very early version so very few apps work with it. That, and the last PlayBook OS update made it stop working so now nobody can use it until it's released in October.

I don't know why so many people knock the Android player on the PlayBook. It's going to be awesome to be able to use BlackBerry and Android apps on my PlayBook. RIM screwed up by announcing it will be able to run Android apps in the future then taking 6 months to finally get it out to PlayBook owners. No Android developer is going to spend time recreating their apps for the QNX OS. Instead they will wait and just port the Android app over in a few minutes when that works so there are very few apps for the PlayBook until the Android player is finally released. Consumers will hold off too until they see it actually working or buy something else in the mean time.

In my opinion, the PlayBook runs rings around any of the Android tablets I've worked with. The size is perfect, it's blazing fast and it is so intuitive and much easier to use than the Androids.

Sounds like a lot of "woulda shoulda coulda" but not much "does."

Great tablet in theory, not so awesome in execution.