Less than two days after Barnes & Noble's 1.1 update to the stock ROM went live, there's already a rooted version of it ready to be flashed.

Developer Decad3nce managed to create the pre-rooted zip file, which is installed via a simple Clockwork Recovery flash.  To those rooted NC users concerned about receiving the root-breaking update over the air from B&N, this is a surefire way to get the features of the newest update (including improved Wifi and pinch-to-zoom in the stock browser) and to maintain root.

Nook owners should take notice that this doesn't root those Nooks that have already received the update; rather, it provides a rooted installation of the update for those still on the previous firmware update.

After backing up your current ROM, grab the zip here, flash via Clockwork, and then tell us all about in the Nook Color forums!  [xda-developers]


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Nook Color 1.1.0 update already pre-rooted

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I am trying to root my Nook Color 1.1 from my Mac. I follow the instructions on YouTube from huskermania.
The problem I have is that at the step where I try to get the files on my micro SD (the step: dd if=Users/Username/Desktop/root.img of=/dev/disk#). My username is "First Last". The space between First and Last creates a problem. The part of the instruction beginning with last is not recognized.
Am I supposed to make First and Last into 'one' Username. If so, how?