You complained and you moaned, but unlike your boss, Barnes and Noble listened to your gripes. B&N announced today that they will be updating their Nook for Android app later this week. Some of these "new" features listed on their blog don't seem to be, well, let's say -- new. They are some pretty fundamental elements we would expect to have included from the get-go. No matter, they will soon be here.

Version 2.3 will include:

  • “Go To” a specific page number
  • Search within a book
  • View highlights and notes
  • Delete books from the library
  • Updated home screen and enhancements to make reading and managing side-loaded content easier

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Reader comments

Nook for Android to receive update later this week


It would be great if they made the app available here in Canada. I have the desktop version, but apparently the mobile app is a no go for Canada....scratches head.....

Pop to airplane mode and then turn wifi on (or remove your sim) and you can usually get the app.

But the problem is that B&N is only licensed to sell a very few books in Canada. Its not even a copyright issue (US and Canada honor each other's copyrights) its a Publisher issue.

The current version is a huge pig of an app, totally out of character with what it actually does. Purchases are still via the web browser anyway, so I just don't get it.

Side loaded content is broken right at the moment, so the update will be a huge plus if it fixes that.

That's good news! I'm an avid user of both the Nook software on my Evo, and the Nook hardware. It's been great to read a little during breaks at work on my phone, and then continue on my e-reader at home.

Thank you for letting us know about the upcoming update. Sounds like there are some e-book fans at Android Central, too, yay. :)

And the Nook (Hardware version) gets an update in late November that allow syncing location in the books you are reading across all your platforms. This was promised from the get-go, but been AWOL for almost an entire year.

Thanks for letting me know about that, icebike! That will be a handy feature to have. (I've only had my Nook hardware since mid-September, so I didn't know that the feature had been promised at the beginning).

Much appreciated, and have a good day. :)