We've spent some time with the Nokia N900, and we can tell you that it's simply a beast of a device. Big, powerful, and made strictly for landscape usage--the N900 oozes power. Maemo (the OS behind the N900) is also interesting but a little undercooked right now and since we're obviously much more familiar to the UI and philosophies of Android than Maemo, we silently wished for an N900-type device running Android. Looks like we're not alone. The video below captures a Nokia N900 actually running Android.

Yep, a very smart N900 user got their N900 to dual-boot both Maemo and Android. There's not much to it right now, in fact, the user says it's more proof-of-concept than anything else. But oh the implications--in the right hands this will be awesome. And how we hope it'll get in the right hands.

Check out the video of Android running on the Nokia N900 after the jump!



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Nokia N900 Shown Dual-Booting Android & Maemo


That resistive screen on a OS written for Capacitive devices has to be less enjoyable. but cool to see that he put a partition in and is able to choose which OS to run. Its probably the same steps as dual booting windows and Leopard.

Resistive screen is not bad all because it makes possible to use stylus as well (no greasy fingers and more precise). Works perfectly well without it also. The device is dam good, fast and intuitive to use.... Perhaps too good. My daughter started to play Club Penguin on it and did not gave back