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Here we go again. Somewhere along the way, someone got it in their head that Samsung Galaxy Nexus has Gorilla Glass. Only it doesn't. And so far as we can tell, there's never been an official spec listing that said it did. And today, Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, tweeted that, in fact, the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have Gorilla Glass.

Repeat: The Galaxy Nexus doesn't have Gorilla Glass. Oh noes.

Any you know what? That's too bad. We like Gorilla Glass. But don't write off a phone you haven't yet seen in person over a spec that it never had in the first place. That makes as much sense as writing it off for having a PenTile display that you've yet to see in person. See where we're going here? Let's everybody take a breath and actually check out the phone before damning it for not having something.

Source: @Corning; via Phandroid
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taarkan says:


Colin says:

Come on people. All we know is that Corning Brand Name Gorilla Glass® is not on this phone. And the original source of that information *IS* Corning, whose vested interest is to make everyone think that Gorilla Glass is the only good glass out there. Just because it's not Gorilla Glass doesn't mean it's using discarded Corona bottles for the screen, it just means some competing brand of high-durability glass is being used instead. Some competitor probably undercut Corning's bid to build curved screens, and what you're getting is something similarly durable but with a slightly different formulation.

Chill pill.

TallyHo says:

That's monkey business.

engineer2001 says:

This sounds reasonable, but I want my phone to have a trendy name brand for all components. This has "wishes it was Gorilla glass but was cheaper guerrilla glass" glass. No thanks. I want an Interstate battery too. None of those junk OEM batteries. LOL

dabaum says:

I second you on the Interstate Battery, only the best.

grundyman says:

your right , my samsung droid charge doesnt have it either . but i have no problems . ive had this phone since launch date

BobbyPhoenix says:

Sure why not? Nexus: No Gorilla Glass, Pentile, No SD card, etc. Looking more and more like a no win for a phone that hasn't come out yet. When will they learn to finally put out a phone with future specs. Not leave features out, and use stuff they know people will complain about?

dazweeja says:

Perhaps they hoped that people would wait to see the actual phone before rushing to judgment? Maybe the glass they've used is stronger than Corning's? Maybe it's impossible to see the PenTile effect at that pixel density so you've just got a sharp, bright, high-contrast display with better battery life? It seems that hope was futile though.

cenkaetaya says:

i miss the day when Dell Axim x51v had 2 card slots

why cant they make an awesome phone with 2 micro sd card slots side by side?

is it that hard?

joebob2000 says:

Why you mad?

n0obpr0 says:

this sucks monkey balls

ReaganDee says:

I have had my Evo since the day it hit stores with no screen protector and not a scratch on it

I hear that... day 1 HTC DInc here -- no screen protector, no scratches.

Really? I scratched my Dinc pretty majorly the first week I had it by putting it and my keys in the same pocket of my jeans. I must have some pretty badass keys I guess

jelly roll says:

2 shattered screens on my Dinc. one with screen protector, no case other with case no screen protector. Damn rocks.

grundyman says:

ive had that phone also , and had no prolems

cbpagent72 says:

The HTC EVO has Gorilla Glass per Corning's website.

DavidJ726 says:

Same here, Unless of course, I use my phone as a hockey puck on a gravel driveway... Other than that it stands up well to normal everyday use.

myester says:

Eh, haven't been too impressed with Gorilla Glass. I've had my Fascinate and Droid Charge get scratches in them. No matter what the glass type is, it will be covered with a screen protector next time.

cenkaetaya says:

every phone I have had has been scratched if i didnt put a screen protector on it within 3 days.

BrandoHD says:

Well said

Jordan jones says:

Can they make curved gorilla glass.

Not curved nearly the same way as the Galaxy Nexus is.

cenkaetaya says:

check out the GSM arena n9 review its like 100x better.

j.bergthold says:

I have only had the Droid X, and love the fact that I do not need a screen protector on it due to Gorilla Glass. As nice as it would have been to have it on the Nexus, this is in no way going to stop me from getting one when they are released. My only question is to all the folks who own phones without Gorilla Glass, do they actually scratch that easy? Should I get a screen protector right off the bat?

romma says:

Apparently the ones that do not have Gorilla Glass do scratch easily.

(sent from my scratched Dinc 2 with shitty glass that I am not sure where said scratch came from)

Edit- Apparently it has GG.. I have no idea where the scratch came from.

engineer2001 says:

Are you sure the DInc2 has Gorilla glass? Check out Corning's website:

Maybe they haven't updated it? But I see the Thunderbolt on there... hmm. Didn't it launch after the DInc2?

There's like nearly every phone/tablet I can think of except BlackBerry phones (plastic screens - not even glass) on there. LOL

Viper says:

Incredible S is on there. Same thing.

mekrob says:

I have had an eris for the past 2 years, no portector and no scratches

rufflez says:

The hero supposedly had gorilla glass... maybe the eris did, too?

ghost010 says:

almost have my nexus s for 6 months. no scratch on the screen!
and it uses the same glass as the galaxy nexus.

in my eyes.
your an ideot if you can get a scratch on your glas. wtf do you do with the phone if its gona scratch?

if you do heavy work or w/e than a smarth phone isnt something for you.

you should take care of your 700$ piece of electronics.

wraith404 says:

Blame the user for a design issue, nice.

not having a specific type of trademarked screen technology isn't a 'design issue'.

If you think that Gorilla Glass is required for your phone and your phone use-case, then don't buy the phone. Sorry you feel that way, and there's options out there if you think you need it.

ScottJ says:

People don't like scratches on their screen. They look at it all the time. Additionally, nothing hurts the resale value of a fully-functioning device more than a scratched or broken screen. All it might take to get a scratch on a normal screen is for you to put your keys in the pocket where your phone resides. That's it.

That being said, I don't see lack of Gorilla Glass being a deal-breaker for the Nexus. Just because Corning came up with a clever marketing plan for their reinforced glass (I've seen TVs advertised with case you let go of your Wiimote mid-bowl?) doesn't mean that they are the only vendor that can provide a decent glass product. I would simply put on a screen protector until I was sure it was scratch-resistant.

Personally, I have an HTC phone with Gorilla screen protector and not a single scratch after seven months of use.

Philip600rr says:

I also have a droid x. I'm a mechanic by profession. I have a screen protector and a seidio active case. I have been through 2 cases on my 3rd, all seidio products. I'm 'easy' on my phone and stuff still happens to it. I would never not buy a case and screen protector for any phone I own. Just saying.

rizzay1 says:

I'm not happy it doesn't have gorrilla glass but its not enough to change my decision of getting the galaxy nexus.

No I wrote it off because it doesn't have a keyboard.
I like to actually be able to type faster then 10 words per minute. And be able to spell more then 90% of my words correctly. Oh and turn off the auto correct that is for crap on any handset because I use so many words not found in the dictionary that by the time I have most in the custom list I'm upgrading to a new ROM.

estebancam says:

10 words per minute? I type incredibly fast on an on-screen touch keyboard. Much faster than the awful travel time it takes to go from letter to letter on a landscape hardware keyboard.

jaykingofgay says:

Do you cover your phone with crisco?

I never got into the slidey keystroke keyboards because I like to keep my phone nice and clean, and if you want to be sliding around to do that you have to keep your phone oiled up. I don't want to walk around with a phone covered in lube.

engineer2001 says:

I keep my DInc screen clean, and I use Swype. I can "type" really fast with it. Faster than I can with a full-size keyboard on a desktop computer.

The screen is glass - a normal human finger on glass has a really low coefficient of friction. You don't need lube or grease to slide a finger across glass.

Tyndall says:

You must be a hard core Words with Friends playa!

I kid......I kid......!

bdragon says:

I don't know which phone you're using or if you even own an Android device. There are so many keyboards available on the market with a whole lot of features and options. I've used physical keyboards and the buttons hurt after excessive typing.

jaykingofgay says:

Dude, you are pressing, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, too hard if you experience pain. Seriously, you're going to get a repetative stress injury if you're typing that much and that hard on anything.

xarophti says:

I'll never have a hard keyboard. Arthritis sucks.

Have you even tried any of the third party keyboards out there? I personally love SwiftKey X. It is fantastic how it learns what I type and it's at the point now there it is predicting almost every other word that I am going to say. Give it a try before you poo poo the lack of a keyboard. Not to mention that you are going to have fewer handsets to choose from if you limit yourself to physical keyboards.

NerveBag says:

+1 to SwiftKey X. It's almost creepy sometimes how it knows what I want to say. Some sentences, I don't type a single letter... just press on the next suggested word ten times in a row. Cool.

I'm sorry you feel that way about on-screen keyboards but you're in the severe minority here. Most people have no problem typing on a software keyboard, and prefer to have a thinner/lighter device.

+1. My wife bought an Evo3D because it was faster than my Epic but she regrets not having the keyboard. I noticed the difference in the quality of her texts :). I tried it and I absolutely hated it. With the Otterbox on it, it's actually thicker and heavier than mine (but better protected).

This phone may be a Nexus but without a keyboard, it sucks. Gorilla glass wouldn't make it suck any less.

ScottJ says:

"This phone may be a Nexus but without a keyboard, it sucks. Gorilla glass wouldn't make it suck any less."

..for you. The rest of us (the majority) are fine with software keyboards.


wyldemf says:


wyldemf says:

"And be able to spell more then 90% of my words correctly."

It's "than" not "then".

voghan says:

Until I see a release date... I don't care what this phone has or doesn't have.

aaCharley says:

Until it can be purchased and taken with you,
This phone has NOTHING but surprisess.
Screen Resolution?
SD Card?
Durable Glass?
What next - Verizon Lockup?
People can create "features" faster than Samsung can create phones.

ScottJ says:

The screen resolution will make it the highest resolution cell phone on the market and with nearly the highest PPI. So, that's not a negative. The pentile controversy is just ginned up.

MedioGringo says:

Phil's patience dwindles...

Never owned a phone with Gorilla Glass, never used a screen protector, never scratched my screen. Not a big deal.

svinyard says:

I hope Samsung really does go all out here. The last Nexus was OK, but nothing crazy. Now that the SGS2 is out, I'd like to see the Nexus Prime smoke it with the "next thing". I feel like the mobile market went a little stagnant this year. It'd be neat to see another leap besides just fancy hardware and a nice screen.

Tyndall says:

2011 was the year of the Galaxy S 2. A benchmark and watermark device. I do not see things as stagnant, these phones will be cutting edge for a long while.

jaykingofgay says:

Watershed, not watermark. I doubt the phone is made of paper.

El Jefe says:


I don't normally like grammar correction comments, but that's pretty good.

Tyndall says:

totally agree lol

GQ50 says:

LOL, aww damn..sorry that was funny.

svinyard says:

Galaxy S2 is just nice hardware and benchmarks which are crap. Its not very sexy other than the screen. I've spent a LOT of time with Att's and its nice but FAR from Sense 3.0 from a business perspective. Exchange Integration for GAL etc is just INSANELY nice OOTB with Sense. SGS2 software...meh.

Never the less, SGS2 is a FANTASTIC phone, we all know that. I'm just hoping that we get more gadgetry (word?).

The Galaxy Nexus IS the leap past fancy hardware and nice screen... Its the launch platform for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The software is the "next thing" here.

You're completely contradicting yourself. You say the GN is lackluster, but then you say you want something more than just a nice hardware and screen....

svinyard says:

Glad to hear the GN is the next leap, the more I read the more I hope it is. I didn't contradict myself at all. Your reading comprehension failed you. I said the last Nexus was weak for 2011. Not a bad phone, just nothing kickass about it.

Centro85#AC says:

I think its mostly people that have had gorilla glass. Not to mention its relatively standard for a high end phone. I was excited for the GN, even with the *unexciting* specs some are complaining about. I think it would be a killer phone. No gorilla glass on the other hand, is a deal breaker for me. I work outside all day, bent upside down, answer calls/emails all day for work etc. Im rough on everything I have, especially my phones. Gorilla glass has saved my arse on more than 1 occasion. Heck, the same day I got my D2 warranty replacement, an hour after I put a screen protector on it, I had a pointless dent repair tool (think 1 foot section of leaf spring for a truck with a rounded/sharpened point) stab the screen of the phone while putting it back into a milk crate. Screen protector destroyed, screen doesn't have any scratches. That was months ago. My phone has been dropped, spilled on, rode in my pocket etc not 1 scratch. No phone I have with gorilla glass has been scratched. No gorilla glass is a deal breaker for me. At least on launch day until I have video proof the screen is just as tough. With most careers not doing yearly upgrades and off contract prices at 500-600+, im not buying something prone to serious damage easily.

kra2y says:

just because It has
gorilla glass does not mean it cannot be scratched. too many people think gorilla glass is scratch proof. I use to be 1 of them until I started noticing scratches on my screen

aggiejon04 says:

You are correct, my screen has GG and it got a horrible scratch. More importantly than the glass or the pentile screen is the Nexus factor. ICS today, jellybean(?) tomorrow without the 'will my phone get it' stress... this will be my next phone.

Exactly. Gorilla Glass is "damage resistant".

onsoku says:

My 22mo daughter owns my phone [Fascinate] when I get home from work. A year later, and with dozens of drops, throwdowns and outright smackdowns to the carpet, travertine, sidewalks and pavers...the battery cover has popped off plenty of times; but not a scratch on the glass or a broken phone. GG is good stuff and Samsung makes sturdy phones. ...I'm surprised & disappointed that they didn't make this a truely flagship phone, with the latest and greatest features available at the time of production...

I have a DInc, with no screen protector. I don't have to worry about scratches with it at all.

estebancam says:

Weird, as HTC doesn't use gorilla glass on most of their phones. Many people around me have Dinc, and all of them have substantial scratches.

vxaxv17 says:

I also have had my dinc for 16 months without ever having a protector and the glass is spotless. I seriously wonder what people do to their phones to get such horrible scratches in the glass.

day 1 Dinc... no protector, no visible scratches. go htc?

demontooth says:

Even if it has gorilla glass I am slapping on an xtremeguard screen protector. It helps with the smudges and grease from my fingers and face.

wdfalco says:

I'm going to get it no matter what

jjrudey says:

My phones take quite a beating so this is making the decision pretty tough.

put a case on it.

SpaceDroid says:

It makes perfect sense for tech savy individuals on a tech site to complain about features that a particular product has or doesnt have. I wonder why a writer for the tech site is surprised by this..isnt this "outrage" expected.

but if the individuals here actually understood the technology and were actually "savvy" they'd understand that it doesn't matter if it has a Gorilla Glass trademarked name or not, its all about the actual durability of the screen.

This is just people blowing things out of proportion.

I'll admit I'm disappointed. I too incorrectly *assumed* the Nexus would have Gorilla Glass. As screens get larger, doing everything possible to prevent damage makes sense.

I had already made the decision to purchase this phone when it became available - I'm not sure if the lack of Gorilla Glass will cause me to rethink my decision.

Corning isn't the only company that can make reinforced damage resistant glass for smartphone screens...

Tyndall says:

More and more it is becoming apparent that this, like all prior Nexus devices, is really a Developer phone, vs a hard-core Consumer device.

Super Amoled Plus Displays and amenities like Gorilla Glass and Kevlar backs are desired in consumer products, whereas on a developer phone those types of things are not necessary.

I am sure it will be a good phone just based on the OS. Whether it will be a "great" phone won't be known until lots of people have it in hand and after a few months use we see how it has held up.

Things like "kevlar" backs and "Gorilla Glass" are what we call marketing speak and gimmicks.

guruffl says:

My OG EVO that 15 months old has no scratches and rides in my front pocket everyday. Nothing else goes in there with it, but without gorilla glass there would be loads of light scratches and there is none! Gorilla glass does make a difference and I don't like screen protectors. I really hope they came up with some alternative that is similar. Is it the curved screen that made them eliminate gorilla glass. Did the nexus S have gorilla?

decke003 says:

I am pretty sure (99.99%)the OG EVO does not have gorilla glass. If it does, then I am not impressed based on the scratches mine acquired over the year that I had it.

jaykingofgay says:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad with Gorilla glass, definitely a very different feeling than the Evo.

engineer2001 says:

Read that link again... nowhere is the original Evo listed. Evo 3D, Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, but no Evo (original).

lrn2swim says:

the Evo 4g is the original Evo. sorry to burst your bubble.

Evo 4G is the original Evo....

decke003 says:

well color me unimpressed. I had an evo that I was wildly careful with until one day I accidentally put my keys in the same pocket as my phone. They were in there together for maybe 10 minutes. When I took my phone out, it had three distinct scratches (the most prominent of which i could feel with my fingernail).

Far from impressive stuff, and certainly not the end all, be all.

cbpagent72 says:

The EVO 4G (OG EVO) does have Gorilla Glass.

moosc says:

So true its a devolper phone bent to stay on a desk and flash tons and kernals.nit bent for every day use. Just another crap move by Sammy and every one says they'll come around yea BS. No gorilla no SD SF

ghost010 says:

my nexus S beats most dual core phones out there.

and peole where whyning it didnt had quadcore.

my nexus s has no scratches but a contour glass.

peopel where whyning it didnt had gorrillaglass!

do you get my point?

svargas05 says:

Believe it or not, with the way it's written, yes.......

ghost010 says:

lol.seeing some spelling errors in my post x3 was a bit to fast with the typin.

Then don't buy the phone...

youareme7 says:

Lets wait until we see a torture test before we damn the glass on this phone. A Samsung rep has already said it is "fortified" glass, just not "Gorilla Glass". I have a feeling gorilla glass can't curve which is why they aren't using it. Who knows, maybe this will be just as strong or stronger. Just because it doesn't have a catchy name and doesn't have tv commercials and billboards doesn't mean it won't be good.

Csdaytona says:

Well that's disappointing..... Other than scratches, Gorilla Glass also is much more shatter resistant and actually adds overall strength to the phone (such as sitting on your phone while it's in your back pocket).
I will still probably get it but definitely something to think about.

ghost010 says:

gorrilla glash is flat.tus making the weakest point the middle.
and the sides(the side side,not end of the screen)

contour display is curved tuss not having a flast space.making it pshycally thikker than gorrila glas.(see for example the leopart tank armor thats angeled at 45C so its thikker to penetrate.)
thus also making the change of scratching ro braking when its dropped.minimal.

face down drop gorrila glass. 100% contact.
face down drop contour glass. 10% contact.

get it?

ScottJ says:

If I drop my phone face down I have 0% contact because my phone has a recessed glass digitizer (people say screen, but it's not actually a screen).

ghost010 says:

didnt use the word screen with the drop down part ;)

ScottJ says:

I didn't say you did. I was just taking the opportunity to bring some clarity. The screen is actually behind the digitizer glass.

why are you sitting down with your phone in your back pocket?

kandiman1224 says:

So, I still think im gonna move to either epic touch 4g or the next thing that at least has a screen that is actually bigger than 4.3 and isnt a step back (no gorilla glass)

Wesley1 says:

No Gorilla Glass, no microSD card slot and a pentile display :(

Google you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd rather get a Galaxy S II or a Motorola Razr.

Even better will be the LG Optimus LTE (aka Eye) with its 4.5" HD IPS screen (already released in Korea and soon in Canada, rest of world to follow) and I reckon Samsung will soon release a Galaxy S device with an HD screen worldwide, seeing as they have on in Korea too.

No Gorilla Glass, no microSD card slot and a pentile display :(

Google you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd rather get a Galaxy S II or a Motorola Razr.

Use them all side by side, then come back and chat.

oomatter says:

I'm pretty sure the Moto Razr has PenTile too.

Have fun running 2.3 till mid 2012.

triangle8 says:

Phil, thank you for posting what essentially is a PSA for the android crowd. It's just better to head off some of the irrational negative comments before it just gets out of control. This is just one of the many reasons that I love this site.

Yadao says:

You'd think for how much people spend on phones they'd be more careful with them. Even if it did have GG, I would still be very gentle with it. I guess it just depends on how you think, I suppose. My original Droid Incredible looks as new as the day it was delivered to my door. No screen protector, just an Innocase Surface from Seidio.

I don't know why it's such a big deal to some people... If you were careful with your phone, you wouldn't need Gorilla Glass, or a screen protector, or a case, or any other "protective" crap! I guess for me, after paying $500+ for a device, I think I would be a little careful with it, regardless if it was made of glass, plastic, or titanium!

Had my Nexus S since day one of its release. Have only minor scratches, on the battery cover! Nothing on the screen!

Treat your phone like your baby: don't throw it, don't hit it, don't cut it, or shoot it, keep it in a safe place, and be gentile with it.

Yadao says:

I totally agree. If you have the mind set to spend a ton of cash on a phone and then beat the crap out of it, you deserve your scratches. Don't go whining about it.


RETG says:

Gorilla glass can be very important to some of us, but not nessarily a killer. However, add this to Samsung's reputation for having a weak radio, it's in a plastic body, and it makes the Razr look better everyday.

EeZeEpEe says:

I've got two very fine scratches on my Epic 4G Touch screen which is surprising to me. My EVO 4G handled the same way (pocketed by itself) never got one scratch. No Gorilla glass is not a deal breaker.

Chris_Droid says:

I have got a Nexus S WITHOUT Gorilla glass and my sister has a Motorola Defy WITH Gorilla glass and I have no scratches and she does have a few very small scratches on her screen, and we both have our phones for about 8 months. So I think Gorilla glass is just a nice advertised brand that doesn't hold all it stands for..

ghost010 says:

the nexus s doesnt even exist for 8 months. 6months yes. 7 maybe x3

huh? The Nexus S has been out since December 2010.

ghost010 says:

not in my country (A)

BlackHawkA4 says:

I'm disappointed that it doesn't but glad at the same time. One more reason the hold onto my nexus for one more year. Lol.

oversight says:

Hey, the chicken little's have to have something to whine about otherwise they wouldn't have anything to do.

decke003 says:

The iPhone doesn't have "Gorilla Glass" either it appears. Just because it isn't Corning's hardened glass doesn't mean it is without hardened glass...

Goatzilla says:

Gorilla Glass is just a brand name of hardened glass (see

The Nexus S 4G doesn't have "Gorilla Glass" either, but I got mine on the first day and it doesn't have a scratch on it, despite dropping it face first directly on the concrete when I first bought it (I think the curved screen helps too...)

Payne78 says:

No iPhones dont have Gorilla glass, and it's the brand I see with the most cracked screens.

wraith404 says:

Have you seen the drop test video of the iPhone 4s smashing to bits compared to the Galaxy S2? I'm not making any final judgement until the Galaxy Nexus is out and some real life tests are done, but I seriously thing Samsung planned from the beginning to ensure it did not upstage the S2.

HankiesDroid says:

The phone dosnt need gorilla glass, all it needs a screen protector:-)

On2Vegas says:

Rumor is Dragontrail glass. Also fortified.

Masheen says:

Lol that stuff looks stronger than "Gorilla glass"

No Gorilla, No 4g. No Super Amoled Plus. N

ghost010 says:

ehmm.. it does have 4G you moron...

It does have 4G. Either LTE or HSPA+.

And it doesnt have SAMOLED+ because its freakin' 1280x720... Cry me a river.

Bishounen says:

Honestly, I care about one thing, and one thing only.


As long as it's on a "flagship" class phone, nothing else matters.

If the Galaxy Nexus isn't coming out on Sprint in a reasonable time frame, I'll get a GS2, root it and install Vanilla ICS on it. (I can do that, can't I?) I will lose out on the barometer, NFC and the HD camera, but can wait for my next phone for that.

I want ICS because the UI was lead-developed by Mathias Duarte, the guy responsible for much of the AWESOME WebOS UI. While I don't expect a complete copy, I fully expect Android to become more "WebOS-ey" under his tenure. ICS already has some of those WebOS touches that WebOS fanboys like me love so much.

My Palm Pre is dying, so if I can get ICS on ANY flagship Sprint device, I'll take it.

fed123 says:

me too!

vinny jr says:

I think that Google should have used their power and brains to make better hardware for their go to device. Everyone is looking at the new Nexus as the Android phone of the future. They failed on the hardware end IMO. No one is a bigger Nexus fan then I. No sd card, no gorilla glass, camera ?, and in my opinion the phone is just too big. There are so many great features in other phones that are so much more superior then what the new Nexus has. Samsung has better specked phones in their collection right now better then the Nexus has, that really sucks. Why didn't they throw all their great hardware that they currently have at Android's newest phone? The Razr has far superior hardware IMO, Google dropped the ball on this phone. Nexus is suppose to point Android to the future, the software has it for sure but they forgot to ad the great hardware.Maybe Motorola or HTC will have the next Nexus, we can only hope.

font1975 says:

Yep. Rinse and repeat comments from last year. :)

The GN is a highend phone that. Not sure where people started thinking the Nexus phones had to be some mythical device with unmatched specs. That was never their intent.

The N1 set the bar for what a super phone should be, and because it was the only one at the time, it stood out. Now-a-days, you're just not going to see that.

But really, all a Nexus is, is a highend phone that debuts the newest Android release and maybe a few new features, like NFC or "Beaming".

My questions:

1) have you physically touched the device?

2) will you please hold judgement till you actually do?

No Gorilla glass. No 4g. No Super Amoled Plus. This is not quite the super phone I was expecting. Gonna have to pass and keep my old Epic 4g for a while. Hopefully the Epic 2 will be out before Christmas...

Goatzilla says:


Gorilla Glass is not the only maker of hardened glass.

The Galaxy Nexus has 4G (LTE & HSPA+).

Super Amoled < Super Amoled Plus < HD Super Amoled

Quigs427 says:

While we are complaining about a phone features that don't exist like superamoled hd+ I'm angry the phone doesn't turn coal into gold

fascinatej says:

pisses me off to no end that verizon passed on the galaxy s II thats all I wanted and although this phone sounds good it just doesn't do it for me

trixnrice says:

some of the comments i read on here....are so stupid. no 4g? really?? As other have suggested, we dont know what glass samsung is using, its just not the branded gorilla glass. Second guessing the quality of the screen because its a pentile matrix? wow, with the exception of a few blog techs ( who can all attest to the beauty of the screen) and ppl at samsung and google, nobody's actually seen the galaxy nexus in person or used one. Getting ahead of ourselves are we?

BrianTufo says:

Gorilla Glass scratches too people. Chill out already!


Gorilla Glass or not, RAZR for me as of now. Just not a fan of Samsung hardware, the Nexus name is the main reason most want this, Vanilla Android and 4.0. That's reason I do too, but not enough to pass on the beauty of what the RAZR offers. Thats my opinion of coarse. Samsung Nexus S is too plastic looking and feeling, too simple looking of a design and the Galaxy Nexus looks like a bigger brother. Of coarse I will consider this if RAZR doesn't satisfy me.

3rdpig says:

It's unfortunate that Google and Samsung didn't go all out with this phone. Turns out the only thing really high end about it is ICS and LTE, everything else isn't that special. Processor, GPU, battery, screen, glass, case, etc, etc, all seem to be somewhat less than a regular Galaxy S2. I was going to preorder, but now I'm not even sure I'll get it at all, and if I do I'll wait for the price to drop or I'll wait till the ICS update for the RAZR hits and get that. I trust Moto's hardware build quality. I guess I'll sit on that upgrade a little longer.


Agree 100%, like I said its just a bigger Nexus S with ICS and a few other things. Now the RAZR, that just stands out hardware wise to me. 7.1MM and lightweight with Stainless and Kevlar construction, and to me that screen looks sweet on some videos! The curved screen on Nexus would be a plus if RAZR had it.

whthotg8 says:

Do the original Galaxy S phones have GG? Im not too worried about not having it. Im pretty careful with $300 pieces of electronics.

wraith404 says:

The S2 does, don't know about the original.

rufflez says:

the originals did... just not the nexus s

ctleng76 says:

Yes they do! I have a Captivate (AT&T's galaxy S phone) and I have never had a screen protector. After 18 months now of constant abuse, I can honestly say that the display still looks like new!

whthotg8 says:

Reason I ask is because my wife has the fascinate and her screen has quite a few scratches on it. Granted, she prob isnt very careful with it. My iphone 4 screen is flawless however. I think ill be ok with whatever glass they use on the Galaxy Nexus. I just cant wait to see it finally!

ghost010 says:

its around 700$ even on contract. the electronic self is stil the 700$ worth.

aapold says:

Gorilla Glass is a trademarked brand name product.

Isn't it possible someday that someone else will make glass as good as or better than Corning?

ghost010 says:

allready happend. look a few posts up.

Daedalus says:

Well rumor has it the Vibrant had Gorilla Glass but I did manage to scratch that screen, now knowing the EVO3D does not have it I try me make sure it is in my pocket face inwards and alone

whthotg8 says:

Why face forwards? Because of those little buttons on your jeans?

Daedalus says:

I also carry equipment and climb under desks and what not so having the screen towards the thigh it is a level of protection from items I bump into (which happens a lot in a Hospital environment)

Bwild says:

i've always faced in all my phones anyway, it just seems more natural. and when i got my captivate i decided to ditch cases cause they just kill the overall asthetics of a phone imo and made sure there was nothing else in that pocket.

anyway, i'm pretty sure i still want the GN but i will suspend judgement till i can touch one. or we'll see whats up with the Galaxy Note whenever that actually makes it to market.

engineer2001 says:

wraith404 says:

Honestly, it's really starting to look to me as if Samsung crippled this thing to be inferior to the Galaxy S2. The S2 has gorilla glass, a higher density camera (front AND back), and a better screen. I'm honestly not sure the higher pixel density makes up for the pentile display. I'm pretty sure the S2 has a better graphics chip as well, and they both have the same CPU. Now that the S2 has root I'm not sure I see much of a draw for the Nexus. What gives?

ghost010 says:

the SGS2 will never ever have stock ICS nor gingerbread.
only modded roms.
nothing pure.
only pure SDK ports or cyenogen roms.

not 100% pure google.

and thats why there is nexus.
for the 100% pure google.

wraith404 says:

Well, my N1 is on Cyanogen anyway, so again I'm not seeing a draw. There's always stock AOSP ROMs for the purist.

The only little thing that stands out is that someone who wanted a pure interface on the S2 would have to root, and the one downside of that is not being able to play movies from the Google Market.

ghost010 says:

stock AOSP ROM

there are none.
only for the nexus line.

samsung,moto,HTC dont release stock.
so the stock rom from the nexus line needs to be edited.
making it not 100% pure stock rom.

ctleng76 says:

I don't care how amazing a phone it is. If I have to deal with a cheesy screen protector then it is definitely a deal breaker for me. No high end phone should ever come without it in my opinion! Since owning a galaxy S phone, I will never own a phone without now.

uansari1 says:

I've had three Android phones (G1, N1, and NS) in three years.. And I've never gotten a single scratch on the screen.. Ever.

ghess517 says:

Have had a Dinc since day 1, no scratches at all after almost 2 years.

Viper says:

2 years? try 1 year 5 months there bud.

hmmm says:

Pentile, no gorilla, no sd card...the list goes on and on...

Bwild says:

I want it all; RGB stripe,
LTE, SD and G Glass
Shit, is that to much to ask? ~ Warren B

xAGx#AC says:

I love the pre-emptive hate for the GN. Pretty much no one outside the companies and the press has even seen one in person let alone used it.

I have an Incredible 1, and I have no scratches on the screen at all thanks to a simple screen protector. You can barely even tell its there unless you look for it edges, which lie somewhat under the case anyway. It feels the same as the bare screen as well. I only had to replace it once too. Dont know what the big deal is about using them.

TBolt says:

Gorilla Glass is over-hyped bullshit.

(looking at my Gorilla Glass'ed phone with permanently chipped glass)

sremick says:

No, it's not over-hyped. It's stronger than regular glass. No one said it was indestructible.

Gorilla Glass is what kept that chipped screen from being totally shattered.

oomatter says:

People keep saying they think phone X has Gorilla Glass but they're not sure. There's a complete list on Corning's website.

keilflex says:

hdang,,had the nexus one for years of abuse with a steinheil. And I mean abuse. Not one scratch. Sucks no gg.

Lol at all the love for Gorilla Glass. Twice already, I've had to have my Atrix screen replaced after dropping it one time. My old 3gs though is going strong after dozens of falls.

kinster02 says:

Bottom line, if your clumsy and accident prone, get a screen protector. I personally hate the things and never scratched a screen (cross my fingers).

sremick says:

Gorilla Glass didn't cause the phone to be crossed off my list. Lack of a Micro SD card slot did it.

All the other lame compromises Samsung did just solidified that decision. It's like this is truly just meant to be a "developer" phone, and not used in the real world.

engineer2001 says:

+1 to the "no SD killed it for me" comment.

I don't care if it has Gorilla Glass or some other similar-quality glass. But I do care that it doesn't have micro SD.

What is crazy is people look at all this marketing hype and think if it doesn't have x, y, and z, that the phone will suck. I have a D'Inc and you want to know how many times I removed the Micro SD times. I put in a 16gb card and that's it. This phone comes with 32gb. What's the problem? You can do anything with the data on your phone without having to remove a memory card.

Gorilla glass? Sure, that would be nice, but with everything else on this phone (bigger display, higher resolution, etc.) there is a price point this phone must hit or no one will buy it. It is always about balancing price and features.

For all of you saying you think the Razr is the bomb, there are real disadvantages with it as well. No Ice Cream Sandwich, lower resolution, and a non-amoled screen. All of which are significant issues in their own right.

Besides, I'd love to know how many critics in this comment section plan on actually buying a new phone anyway. My guess is most are just blowing a bunch of smoke.

The Galaxy Nexus is a huge step forward...just because it doesn't have every new bell and whistle doesn't negate that fact.

onsoku says:

What you say may be true...but why call it the Nexus? A flagship phone should have best of what's available at the time of production...period.

ghost010 says:

the whole idea of the nexus line is to introduce new technolagy's!

hfm says:

I've had my Nexus S since March , no screen protector or case, keep it in my front pocket by itself. I love the display, I love the feel of the glass on it. Not sure if that's due to the oleophobic coating.

Gorrilla Glass == not necessary

swpeddler says:

I am on my second phone with Gorilla glass. Until then, I always had scratches on the face of my phones, now none!

That said, the greatest benefit of Gorilla Glass is that when you drop your phone the screen does not shatter. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask any iPhone4 user who's ever dropped their phone.

dthadamaja says:

Although GG is nice to have, I don't see it as a deal breaker. Both my G1 and G2 don't have any screen protectors on it and have survived all the years without scratches. If it bothers you that much, just get Zaggs or whatevers.

Gorilla Glass is a *trademark*... doesn't mean another company doesn't make a similar product.

Come on, do you think that only Toyota makes cars?

lrn2swim says:

so where exactly does it say that the glass they are using isn't in fact as good or better than gorilla glass?

CeluGeek says:

I wrote this phone off because it doesn't have a keyboard. If I could stand a touchscreen-only phone, I'd be an iPhone user.

But sticking to the topic of Gorilla Glass vs cimpanzee glass or some other money-business glass, that is no reason to write off a phone. I've never used a screen protector on any of my phones (or tablet) and I haven't scratched the screen. I have to clean the screen constantly (touchscreens are disgusting) but not a single scratch. Just don't put anything else in the pocket where you carry your phone, trim your nails and don't try unapproved styli.

pearljam5000 says:

Pretty dissapointing
Is itjust me or the Galaxy Note is a better phone?
bigger screen,better processor,gorilla glass,8 Mp camera!

Bigger screen, with the exact same resolution as the Nexus...

Still running 2.3 with TouchWiz.

8MP camera that presumably has slower shutter and no discernibly higher quality.

Day one dinc, no screen protection just a case an I drives frozen food truck. Not one scratch. Plus I drop the hell out it.

Hand_O_Death says:

What kind of case?

Hand_O_Death says:

Well I KNOW Gorilla Glass is very strong, so that stinks, but I hope that whatever type of glass they DO put on there is just as durable. Like the article says, just wait and see.

kra2y says:

all the people on here that think people have to be rough on there phones to scratch them are sorely mistaken. all it takes is a little spec of sand on your finger to put a scratch on the screen. i was never rough on any of my phones before using screen protectors and they had tiny scratches that you almost cant see unless you hold it right. i bet most of the people on here bashing on people for having scratches have scratches on there phone too, just tiny and hard to see. take a closer look and you might be surprised.

Everytime people use words like Gorilla Glass™, Super Amoled™ Plus etc. (get the drift?) ... We in the marketing business can't help but smile.

Toughened Glass is Toughened Glass whether Gorilla™, Elephant™ or Grizzly Bear™.

kuroneko007 says:

You guys need to search for "Dragontrail"glass from Asahi Glass. Gorilla Glass is not the only, and not the best, scratch-resistant glass out there (plenty of scratches on my HTC Desire witness to that)

kuroneko007 says:

And @swpeddler, Gorilla Glass shatterproof? Since when? I dropped my first Desire, the screen smashed. I know plenty of iPhone 4 users whose screens smashed. A quick Google search will confirm to you that an iPhone 4 screens shatters just like any other. That is NOT what Gorilla Glass is for.

sproketz says:

I can just see next week's headline.... "Samsung releases screen info for galaxy nexus. Stronger than gorilla glass" and then everyone freaks out and hates their current phone which has no scratches on it.

Jelli_Roll2 says:

Gorilla Glass, No Gorilla Glass
SD Card Slot, No SD Card Slot
Get the phone that works best for you! The best phone is not the one that you build yourself; but the one that you enjoy using the most (tweaking allowed).

Marketing will often make promises that the engineers and hardware folks will have a very difficult time keeping; given the following constrains: being on time, under budget, making it good, and all for a reasonable price.

When selecting a phone, list your must haves, your nice to have, your bonus features, and the determining factor, $$ BUDGET $$. Then select the phone that meets the need.

McLovin2 says:

I've got to have a phone that has a physical keyboard also. 1st Phone: T-Mobile G1, 2nd Phone: T-Mobile G2 HTC Vision. I'd love to have a fully supported phone by Google but not without a keyboard. Thank you Cyanogenmod!

jacksonbravo says:

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