Sad pandas all-round for Xperia X10 series owners today. Sony Ericsson UK has revealed in a tweet that the X10 series won't be getting any further Android updates beyond the current 2.1 Eclair release.

Sony Ericsson reasons that "the features included in the Android 2.1 phone are on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of 2.2". While that may be true of functionality, X10 owners will miss out on the performance improvements brought about by Froyo's JIT compiler and V8 Javascript engine. 

Sony Ericsson has incurred the wrath of customers in the past over the slow pace of OS upgrades for their Android devices. Xperia X10 devices have only just been updated to Eclair, having previously languished on the positively Jurassic Android 1.6.

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Dark_Blu says:

This news should make everyone wary of purchasing any Sony Ericsson Xperia phone. But then, the new Xperias come with Gingerbread, which is ahead of Froyo. That's likely why they're doing this. They figure- "They'll just buy a new Xperia to get Ginergerbread". Maybe so. maybe not.

Chris3D says:

Agreed on your first point. I would never even consider a SE phone after this.

HTCSense says:

Thats a pretty stupid reason

lokesh534 says:

They have just given us a better reason to stay away from any SE devices. IF anyone buys ARC he has to be the stupidest person coz when SE releases a new model they will ditch there existing users and give lame excuses for that.

Ronindan says:

Ouch that hurt. It does not make any sense for Sony/Ericsoon not to work on Froyo. Sony owns it to thewir customer to update the Xperia 10 to Froyo. Since it's specs are more than capable of running it.

stopsign002 says:

Lame, just lame

trying to figure out who worse samsung or sony, now that a hard decision.

iridium#AC says:

Well, now I know never to buy a Sony Ericsson phone then...

paulus says:

Well there's a great reason to NOT buy another SE phone.
Those poor SOBs.

ben dover says:

at this point in time I will never buy a SE or Samsung phone.
Even though I root and run CM on my evo and any other phone I buy, I won't support companies who can't update their crap!

Davest says:

Aren't these phones rootable? There's no reason for anyone to miss out on anything.

iridium#AC says:

Plus void any warranty!

Just avoid Sony Ericsson and Samsung Android phones.

SenenCito says:

Another reason why I won't buy sony crap

Next round im definitly staying with HTC, they've really outdone themselves with support for the EVO

BoNg420 says:

HTC is the best. I am waiting for the Thunderbolt to drop. I paid full price for my Dinc, so I am up got an upgrade now. HTC <3 forever

Motorola even seems slow on updates. HTC seems to get updates out here fastest.

BoNg420 says:

I fixed their tweet to what it should really say:

"We believe that our employees are to lazy to work on making Android 2.2 for the X10. While we know our customers would love to get up to par with the latest 2.2 software, we feel that consumers are dumb enough to go out and buy a new phone with the latest OS, so we will just laugh our asses off all the way to the bank. #X10"

Roshizzle731 says:

well if you want customers to continue to give you money, you might want to forget about what you believe and start listening to customers. i really hope people are not stupid enough to continue to buy from them and samsung.

SeeK says:

So a resource-hogging UI is better than JIT and A2SD? Right...

Glenn says:

Wait, so does Bluetooth voice dialing work with the X10? Does it have tethering? Flash?

Adding Sony Ericsson to my list of manufacturers to NOT recommend.

Dragon546 says:

Nice of SE do to do that to their loyal fan base obviously they believe Current SE owners will buy the Xperia Play.

Sony Ericsson make*believe you still buy our product after we treat you like this....

Fire your marketing customer relations team now lol